Jena's Story

I went to see my grandpa on the day he died. I went to visit him while the doctor unplugged the life support machine. It was so horrible because when doctor unplugged the machine, my grandpa shook alot and I didn't know what caused him to shake so hard. After a while, he stopped shaking and gradually began breathing on his own.

My Cousin and my Aunt and Uncle made me very uncomfortable so I felt that I should go home because I felt my grandpa didn't want me to see him dead there. I went home with my baby Patrick and went to sleep and about 2 hours later woke up to check on Patrick. I wasn't thinking or dreaming about my Grandpa at all. I was so tired that morning from work. Anyway, When I woke up to check on Patrick, I saw Papa's face in front of my face while I was looking at Patrick on his bed. I was confused and blinked my eyes. I looked at Patrick again and saw my Papa's face again. I realized that he gone already. When my husband Danny came home from work, he told me that my Grandpa died. I was shocked because I knew that he died before Danny told me.

I told Danny all about it and He really believes me. Wow! I have never felt anything like this in my life. About three weeks ago before he died, I was working at the Post Office, not really thinking about my Papa at all. I needed to take my mind off the situation because there was nothing I could do. My supervisor gave me my first 30 minutes break and I went to a break room by myself to watch TV. I wasn't so tired at that time. My eyes were just closed and I felt a warm feeling inside me. Next I felt I was floating up the air. I saw my Papa's face again and was very scared. I jumped out of the chair and looked around to see if someone were attacking me but realized this wasn't happening. I looked up and saw Papa's face again.

I ran to see my supervisor and told him that I needed to see my Grandpa at the hospital. He gave his permission, so I went to the hospital and saw the nurse and doctor working on Grandpa. They had switched the life support machine and I asked them what had happened and why they had to change the machine. They told me that the machine was broken and that they had to replace it. Grandpa's lungs were collapsed. I asked them what time switched the machine and they told me that it was around 7 AM to 7:15 AM. I found this to be very funny because that was the time I was on my break and had seen my Papa's face.

I saw my Grandpa there at the hospital but didn't have a chance to talk with him because I was too confused and saw that he was disoriented. I was very confused and scared and went home and told Danny about it. He believed my story because he knew that I was very close to my Grandpa all my life.

About a week before he died I had another dream. MawMaw Mamie came and told me she wanted me to go back and see Papa again and tell him that he didn't have to live to be 100 years old and that I would see him later. During my dream, I felt a pressure on my chest. I knew that I should go over to Grandpa and tell him about it. So I agreed in my dream that I would go over and see him the next morning after work.

That day at work, my chest was full of a pain that I hadn't felt before. I went to see my Grandpa and told him and saw from his chest that he was taking very deep breaths. I guess it was a sign of relief after I told him about my pain. All of sudden my pain disappeared and saw my pain pouring on Papa's chest. After I saw his chest, I felt my pain was gone fast. I was stunned. I have never felt that before. So I went home and told my husband that I felt a lot better...and I felt so ALIVE. Danny was confused so I took the time to explain to him. He was surprised and he believed me.

About a month before my grandpa had a heart attack, I had a dream about my Grandpa. In the dream I saw that he would die soon. In my dream I asked that he wouldn't die too soon. I wanted him to be 100 years old. But my dream told me that he had to go soon, so I told my dream that if I could visit him at the hospital I would accept his death. My dream said okay. I was crying in my dream. When I woke up that time, I didn't really believe that dream. After I found that out my grandpa had a heart attack I was shocked about it and realized that this was a real dream. Wow!!!! Before we found out about my Grandpa, I told my husband about my dream and he was shocked.

I had never had that kind of experience before in my life. I mean it is so weird that I had that feeling. I really believe that I had a vision. I barely remember an experience I had when I was a little girl. My father told me that I fell off a car onto the road and was rushed to the hospital. I really believe I might had a near death experience. I don't know yet for sure but I am planning to ask my father to tell me what happened to me when I fell off the car onto the road. I barely remember it but I just had a flashback when I saw the image of my Grandpa's face.

I am a 31year-old deaf woman. I'd like to hear from others if they have had this kind of experience before or have heard others talk about it. Please e-mail me at


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