Questions and Answers about Gail's Experience

Gail had written me about experiences she says she is having with Kundalini. Here is the text of our email conversation. - Bob

Gail says:
>> I have or am going through what someone tells me, a Kundalini experience, which has lasted 2 weeks now.

Bob asks:
How is this manifesting for you?

I wasn't sure what a Kundalini experience was, until talking to a few psychic friends of mine. In a 'sighted state' I saw burgundy/red fire running up my spine, to the top of myhead, out my eyes, and the palms of my hands, my feet. It seems to cause the 5 senses to become very sensitive, and I break out in sweats, to being very cold, and as well seems to increase sexual aspects of one's life. That I didn't like.

In a previous email, Gail had stated:
> >I am a 'sighted' psychic, and have the abilitiy to see angels, heirarchies of angels, demons/entities, lost souls, apparitions, guides, deceased pets, saints, gateways, and have done for the last 3 years or more, sending souls to the Light, and casting out demons/entities in all manner shapes and forms.

Bob asks:
What does it mean to be a "sighted" psychic?

Gail replies:
-being able to 'see' with ones eyes opened or closed, energies, or beings such as listed above.

Bob asks:
How do these beings appear to you?

Gail replies:
-angels look like white rays of light, to white energy forms, to solid humanoid forms. They come in all sizes and shapes. They look like old victorian type angels, to angels with holographic-type gowns that change color with the light that shines within them. I've seen angels that look gold in color, and have eyes all over their wings. Entities look like dark blobs, or dark formless creatures...all having red eyes. Guides look like people in humanoid form, wearing a gown of different colors, depending on their level of enlightenment. Not all guides are wise, some of them are around to help us, but also to learn from us. In energy form, they look like tongues of fire of different colors. They also can look like candles of different colors, explaining the symbology of being Light Worker. Animal Guides look like animals, and each have a specific task, or message for a person. Souls look like ghosts or apparitions most of the time...otherwise they look like floating glowing eggs of energies, white in color.

Bob asks:
Do you go into a form of trance?

Gail replies:
When 'seeing' I only concentrate on the question(s) given me, and then I 'see' with my eyes opened or closed. I do not go into a trance. the only time I go into a trance state is when I have my director with me, to guide me and to pose questions to the angel(s)/guide(s) or soul(s) who have come to seek help, or give guidance. That is a pre-planned meditation...before I can do this type of channelling.

Bob asks:
Are the visions clear?

Gail replies:
Visions by angels are very clear. Visions by souls or entities are hazy, since their energies are less denser. Visions by Saints are quite clear as well.

Bob asks:
How do you feel when you are seeing these beings?

Gail replies:
As I expand my abilities of sight, through training, I sometimes become overwhelmed by their sudden appearance. I am constantly confronted by something, whether it be angelic or guide or entitiy. I have a 'director' who helps ground me, keeping my feet and self into reality -- knowing that I am in charge and not the things that I see. So as long as I keep this in mind, I can handle the developments. I am not afraid of what I see, just startled because they arrive at the most inopportune times, and are not aware that I am human just like any other psychic. Their needs are important, but I also need time to myself as well. So I am always reminding them of this.

Gail had stated in a past email:
> >As I have continued to do this, seems like my own transformation on a spiritual level increases and my sensivity to the 'other realm' becomes more accute.

Bob asks:
How does your transformation on a spiritual level show up?
How does this affect any other aspects of your life?

Gail replies:
Usually it begins when a 'new' angel shows up -- and they show up durring ahealing that I may be doing. How do I know it's an angel? 'sight' and also angel eyes are a neon blue in color. Entities eyes are neon red in color. My senses become more acute and I suffer from dizziness, or a combination of emotional related extreems...sometimes I sweat, to feeling ice cold...or sexual energies are quite high. I become very flushed. This lasts a few days. I meditate in these times, and try to contact that angel who has showed up to find out what kind of 'upgrade' or transformation the angels are doing to me, and what is the purpose, so that Imay feel more secure in their adjustments to my psychic abilities. In my life, as a whole, I feel more sensitive to the cold and heat, find it difficult to interact in crowds, but I am learning how to be selective in what I choose to 'see'.

Gail had mentioned a seminar she held in Canada. Bob asks about the seminar:
Is this a seminar that you gave personally?
What was the seminar about?

Gail responds:
The seminar was primarily to explain the expansive 'sight' that I had, and what I could do as a psychic, to people. I gave demonstrations on how to send souls to the light, and had done some work on people while in the seminar. It really gave people a new look as to the validity of what I was talking about, in regards to the existence of angels and entities and how the two realms differ, and how souls play a part in our lives and what we can do for them. It was a new way of looking at the energies around us. We are not merely thought forms, or create thought forms, but there are angels and guides and souls and entities alike which also influence our lives for good and bad.
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