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During 1993-1994 I (along with two other persons) underwent what appears to be a "transformative" experience. I have begun to post extracts from those experiences which I had recorded as e-mail during the period on my web site: in the item I called "in my humble experience".

One of the type of experiences I underwent concerned "instructional dreams". In one "dream" someone who was "oriental like" in appearance would appear and conduct a lecture or teaching of some kind. The information presented would be too fast for me to consciously know or follow. It almost seemed as if the function of the remembering of the "instructional dream" would be just to alert me to it consciously and the real purpose was gotten done at some level of which I was not aware. These teachers seemed to be entities who knew what they were doing. In other "dreams" it appeared as if someone was guiding the dream as to it's information content. I do not have any information as to whether there was any UFO connection with this.

I relate two experiences as attached articles.

initiation dream

15 May 1993

"After I went to bed last night, I meditated saying my usual front end preface about opening myself up to God and allowing catherine and her help to work with me in my spiritual development. I stated that today I had gotten [G]'s reading responses: one response being that if I would change my attitude to align with the universe that I would attract financial security; another response being what decision will [B] make about letting his "ego die" and then he will be off and running into new spiritual realms. I stated that I wanted to pursue running into new spiritual realms but that my ego must co-exist with this as it needs to be here to deal with normal physical reality, that I did not know what my purpose for reincarnating was and would like to be shown or enlightened about it.

"...after saying the above quietly at the front end of the meditation, I soon noticed that it was as if I had started up and was moving forward i.e. there was a sensation of shadows or grey moving passed me. I understood this to mean symbolically that I was moving forward again. Anyway, the rest of the meditation was a good, solid one in terms of being very well into the meditative state. I found myself looking and watching around at whatever was being presented to my inner eyes... of which I remember nothing. The meditation lasted quite a while but finally my body seem to want me to finish with the meditation, so I closed the meditation down. Rolled over and went to sleep.

" the interesting stuff, of which I only remember some at this point: I was someplace, in a room maybe, and there was a little waterfall. I was given something to eat and taste or sip. I remember getting some water from the little waterfall with my hand or spoon and was drinking it... Then there were two men? one on each side of me. I was sitting in a chair. I felt a little intimidated by the two not knowing what they were doing. The one on my right said to me when I looked up at him that they had been working on my knees? [later I realized this was "needs" - [B]] all along. As he said this I saw his face change such that his eyes appeared to both look and focus inwardly on the third eye between his eyebrows... Then there appeared an image of the head and face of a black man. He was very black, shiny black. It wasn't an angelic looking face but it wasn't too ugly either. As I watched the face he was looking at me. I saw his lips move as he was talking to me but I did not hear any words. I may have asked here that the white spiritual light continue to protect me as I wasn't quite sure what was going on, i.e. was I getting into the wrong crowd... Then I then found myself coming up to a door of a trailer. I went in thru the door. There were partitions on the left for little room areas. I looked over the top of the first partition and saw no one there. At first it seemed no one was there. Then I found myself forward just a little into the room sitting at a table. There was a man sitting across from me. He talked to me or more accurately he was telling me things and I was listening. There seemed to be others to the left [actually right - [B]] of the table but I did not see much of them. Behind the man across from me someone would come out from a door and move over to my left as if talking or showing whatever the table- man was discussing with me. One person came out and moved to my left. He had on some kind of coat, hat, gloves of like a military man, a flyer or something. There was chart behind him with pictures and words. The chart changed a couple of times. When I couldn't keep my focus on the picture I asked if I could see some of the picture again and it returned where I could see better. Then the charts and people coming out stopped. I sat at the table with the man across from me. I have still been working on trying to keep the reality in focus and was doing pretty well. Then I noticed that the table seemed to be solid enough as my hands and arms lay upon the table. I moved my hands around on the table in circles and lifted and pounded my hands down on the table a couple of times. And said look at this I'm touching this table. Then my attention was on the man across from me. He reached out his hands and I reached out my hands. My hands touching his hands. He asked me to cup my fingers downward and he cupped his fingers upward. My right hand was in his left hand, my left hand was in his right hand. I could feel the tips of his fingers very strongly! Then I see his face more clearly. He looked like an oriental in his eyes and his face seemed a bit chubby. As he held my fingers his face began to change. First his eyes seemed to turn up and focus inwardly on the third eye area between his eyebrows. Then his face began to change shape as if going from a face to "mantra-like" [mandala-like - [B]] symbols tho round, full face ones. The eye whites were sometimes a part of the face patterns. This lasted for a few seconds. I think I may have asked that God continue protecting me with the white light a time or two, as this seemed to be a strange experience to be undergoing. I wasn't sure who all the people were and what was going on. I wondered several times if I had gotten into the wrong crowd... After this 'initiation' experience, for some time to come in the dream I could focus and see and do things - or that is my impression!

"...When I woke up this morning, I have been worrying about what happened and who these people were. I think I know: ... It was in fact some kind of awakening or initiation process to the spiritual insight for me. The "non- beautiful" entities were presenting themselves in modes that would keep me away if I was not yet developed to deal with this i.e. was presented to be perceived to be a sobering experience! One of [G]'s responses said to trust that which I will receive. My feeling this morning is that I do trust all that happened last night in the initiation dream but will view it with caution and care! ..."

May 1993

Copyright 1993 by William F Bishop

pulsing light, tingling

93/06/12 08:10

...anyway... while laying in bed last night but not going to sleep I came to the realization alluded to above. My spiritual senses seemed to be allowed to open a little more [sort of an "Ataboy! [B]" reward I think]. I "knew" that all I had to do was close my eyes, relax, and I would be allowed to know more. But I really didn't want to do that. Instead I felt like just lying there and soaking up the joyous feeling of what was happening with you. And in that atmosphere I was doing my thinking. Even then I was getting information presented to me [those pulsing blue light fields].

Once I noticed as if a large paged book was being held up to the front left side of my head. I sensed pages being flipped thru and hands turning them. But I could not consciously tell what was being conveyed! Another time I "saw" for a few seconds a woman as if she was getting up from a sitting position. My perspective was from looking down on her from her left side about five or six feet above her and out a ways. As she arose she turned slightly to her right thus not allowing me to see her face. She seemed tall, slender, with soft, flowing brown hair down to her shoulders and there seemed to be a blue or black small ribbon just to the left in her hair above her left ear. The ribbon seemed to give her hair a certain touch of girlishness and bounce. I remember wondering who she might be. about 2:30 a.m. I was laying on the bed facing [P] she asleep facing me. The overhead fan was blowing cool air down upon her and me (A.C. not being used). I drifted off toward sleep... I noticed being in a sort of large lot or yard. Looking off ahead a ways I could make out the image of some animals or forms. I looked over to my right a ways and could also see off in the distance some forms moving about. Then my attention was captured by what appeared to be a small like light starting to appear out in front of my head a couple of feet or so. At first it seemed small but quickly grew to the size of a large thumb. It reminded me of a reddish plastic rounded lens cap shaped like the upper part of a thumb (like on the end of a flashlight). As the light grew in size it flickered with yellow, red, orange mixes of light and it STRONGLY held my attention. I noticed also that I was feeling tingling sensations all over me. I kept getting the feeling that I was trying to be pulled up and away from my body. Not lazily trying to drift up and away BUT being pulled up and taken off to somewhere. As soon as I began to realize what was happening I wanted to let it continue a little but in a safe way. I began to say silently to myself "God be with me! God be with me!, ..." which kept me comfortable with the experience for a while as the light continued to pulsate and the tingling got stronger. The sensation of trying to be pulled up and away grew stronger! Finally I new that this was all I could handle for now and then I "willed" myself to come out of it and awake! As I became conscious I noticed that the light position had been just over [P]'s head above her pillow as viewed from my perspective (if it had a position in 3D real space)... I felt quite excited. [Just before awakening I had gotten to wondering if I was being abducted which kinda is what led me to decide to awake myself.] When I awoke I checked the VCR clock and it said 2:42. ... well, [C], I am reporting a "first time" experience to you and very close to the time when it happened to me. This experience is not unlike other dreams and reveries I have had. see, no damn "guidebook" provided as to what's it all mean!!! ... I guess, as usual, I'm suppose to figure it out myself or ignore it or whatever I choose! I suspect, however, that if my spiritual awakening and development is to continue the choice reduces to work at trying to integrate it into my knowledge and experience base! But, now [grin] maybe I won't be alone on the physical side here in trying to understand it [read "[C] is here for me" at this spot - GGG].

June 1993

Copyright 1993 by William F Bishop

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