Tom's Essence of Reality

I had always questioned, always doubted the stories and explanations I'd been given during childhood. The myths of religion gave way to scientific thinking that appealed to my intellect for a time. Those seemed truthful at the time when I left my engineering job a year and a half out of college.

I was halfway through a year traveling around Europe, 24, free and fascinated with all I had seen. Having started in Ireland, visited distant relatives, I made my way to Munich, where I worked briefly before hitch-hiking to Spain and Morocco, then back up through France and Italy to Greece.

I was on the gorgeous island of Corfu, a three-day stop on the ferry from Brindisi toward mainland Greece, enjoying meeting other young travelers, tasting yogurt and roasted lamb. One morning I wondered from the youth hostel into town, two or three miles, to check on the ferry towards Athens.

On my way back, I peered lazily into the crystal clear waters off the rocky coast, looking toward the ancient hills of Greece and Albania. There and then the feeling and intense perception overcame me, that what I was seeing was not a distant, playout of rocks and water but a Oneness of all things of which I was a part. It was so clear, so obvious, and the feeling so intense and enlightening, that I returned to the hostel with a glow.

While that immediate feeling of ecstasy passed, memory of the clear awareness of that realization never did. I spent years of travel and subsequent intense introspection to regain the undisturbed, immediate consciousness of being the Oneness. Through it all, the perception emerged that all I encounter reflects the inner values I hold.

Now, to express that perception, I have created a site on the Web called The Essence of Reality so I can share, so well as words allow, the clarity of vision of that moment on Corfu, and this now moment of ongoing clarity.

So, I hope you find it of value. Check out EoR, as I think it is a rare treat for someone searching for understanding.

-- Tom Nehrer

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