Tiffany's Experiences with Jesus

My first encounters happened many years ago. Over time, and with the help of my teacher, books, and wonderful people I have met on the net, I have grown in my understanding. For a long time I never really shared any of my encounters. Before my first encounter, I had never seen a vision and up to that point had not really understood what they were. When my first vision happened, I was very shocked! How was it that I could I see someone or something that no one else around me could see?

With my first attempts at telling people about my encounter I met with little understanding. My encounters were rejected as being unreal, even though I knew they were VERY REAL. People made me think I was losing it and this frightened me. Thankfully, through further understanding, and with the research I have done, I now know how truly blessed I was. Each of us has our own unique way in which God leads, guides and blesses us. My personal experiences represent but a few of the ways He chooses to use to awaken us. My experiences have transformed my life and I will never see things the same way again.

My First Vision

Several years ago, I was at church with my boyfriend (now my husband) and we were praising God as we do. Out of the corner of my eye I could see someone walking up to the front of the church. Where this person was walking, I knew there wasn't an aisle. I turned to see who it was and to my total amazement, I knew it was Jesus! I was so excited and overwhelmed! I just stared at him as He walked through the chairs and the people, aisle by aisle, as if there wasn't anything in His way to obstruct Him. I was so shocked I turned away and blinked my eyes and then looked back and He was gone.

I thought I was imagining it and went back to praying. A couple of minutes later I felt someone walking up the aisle next to me, as they walked by me I opened my eyes and looked and it was Jesus again! He didn't turn to look at me, He just kept walking. He had on a long white gown and His hair was shoulder length, wavy and brown with golden highlights. I could feel His magnificence throughout the whole church.

Jesus walked to the front of the church and walked around on the platform. As He did this, he talked to me with thoughts. He told me earth was a school and everyone here is to learn different lessons. Jesus said some people are babies and he feeds them milk. Others are toddlers and He feeds them more advanced foods. He then said there are others here on earth He is able to feed steak to. What He can teach depends on how advanced His children are.

Jesus then disappeared. This was my awakening into the unseen realm.

A Second Vision

Another time Jesus showed up in my living room. I was alone that night reading a Christian book and thinking about what I was reading. Jesus just appeared in front of me. He didn't say anything. He didn't have to! He radiated so much unconditional love I almost cried. He radiated total forgiveness, unlimited understanding and the deepest unconditional love you could ever imagine. Jesus let me know this is how He truly feels about each and everyone of us. I felt elated. I felt such a deep love and understanding of His care and devotion to all of us. I knew then, how truly devoted my soul is to Him. I felt a tremendous love and bonding with Him. I was so happy and still am, any time I think about it. I've seen Jesus many times since. Some things I understand and some things I still don't. I know that someday, we will understand all.

One of My Dreams

Over the years I have had various dreams that I feel are spiritual dreams. I have been told by my teacher to pay attention to my dreams, to record them and learn to understand them.

One dream happened shortly after my first vision, many years ago. In the dream I was sleeping and the Lord came and woke me up. He said "come with me", so I went with Him. Up we flew, through the night sky, until we came to a building high in the sky. We flew right through the side of the structure and ended up in a round room with windows everywhere. As I stood looking out one of the big windows with Him, He showed me how closely He watches over us.

Jesus showed me one of my average days, walking around doing my usual everyday things. He then magnified the picture and I could see the whole world from where we where. He showed me how He can move people into my life and on my path, even from different states or countries if need be, to help me in different ways to learn and accomplish the things I need to. He then showed me how He moves the people out of my path to make room for others to enter and for other opportunities for learning and advancement.

Next, Jesus again magnified the picture of my everyday life and showed me how closely He watches over me. He watches me so closely even down to the sharpness of the rocks that I might step on, so as not to hurt my foot on a sharp rock.

This was an amazing dream. Since this dream I have felt very loved and safe in His care. I believe this is what He meant by being lead by the Spirit.

Out of Body and Death

On another occasion I was taken out of my body and shown that I could survive without it. I was taken high on a mountain that overlooked the ocean and a beach. It was so beautiful, the air was so clean, and I felt so happy and free. My personality, ego, memory, all that I know to be me was with me. I was so happy in this total freedom I wanted to stay all day but I was told I had to go back. With this precious gift, I know when I lay my body down someday I will be free and happy and I will still be me, just freer and happier. I also seen my uncle's spirit right after he passed away, so I have no fear of death, except perhaps the process of dying.

Accompanied by a Teacher

Since these encounters, I have literally been enrolled in the spiritual school! I have a teacher that always walks with me and teaches and enlightens me throughout my day. I feel blessed and I wouldn't want it any other way!

Because of these encounters, I realized the TRUE REALITY of Jesus and this is when my true quest and spiritual journey began.

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