My Recollection

A Restrospective Reflection of a Cosmic Consciousness Experience

Although always a seeker of truth and knowledge, I never directly sought what I would later learn was a Cosmic Consciousness experience. In 1975 I was working on my Masters in special education at the state college in Bellingham, WA. September intercession had been a pleasant experience in which I was cognitively open and understood things easily as I read. I don't remember the transition from this active thinking period to the period of my rational mind beginning to close down and my non-verbal side opening up. I was not aware of what was to happen to me. It happened spontaneously. This is my simple, retrospective, rational review of that non-rational experience.

It was All Souls Eve on October 31, 1975 when I noticed that I was having problems thinking and communicating. I remember the feelings and coming to near tears in my evening graduate class as this strange energy would shudder through me. I could not make contact in a verbal way. I felt my mind and self withdraw. I became even more introverted than my normally introverted self. For lack of better words, I felt strange. I remember walking from my classroom to my apartment that evening and feeling my soul from the center of my being ask God for help. The tears streamed down my cheeks; but, I had no sorrow or grief.

My experience began when I reached my apartment. I prostrated myself on the floor and closed my eyes. As I closed my eyes I saw that the end of darkness was light. I understood the interconnectedness of all things in the universe. I remember thinking when I got up from the floor and looking up at the clock that I had lost time. I realize now that I had gone into an altered state. I don't know where I was in this altered state. I would flutter in and out of this state for approximately a week. My energy level fluttered like a cosmic roller coaster ride. In fact, I became aware of the fluctuation of the cosmic energy and its fast cycle. I watched the energy in fellow students change; and, I begin to recognize the spirit of Christ in the faces of various fellow students.

I had a variety of physical symptoms that were unusual during this week. I experienced seizure activity that felt like little electrical waves on my brain. [I was later told by an M.D. when my co-workers took me to the infirmary that I was having seizures.] I had blurred vision and the size of my pupils pulsated in size during this whole time. During this time, I simply could not read and even understand "words". My skin tone changed too. Sometimes I was a pale yellow and other times I was a rich copper brown. It was like riding a fast sine wave. One moment I had this great peace and enlightenment--the next I felt non-verbal and was hyperventilating like someone who was profoundly mentally retarded. One time I actually thought I had experienced the awareness of a dinosaur. [That experience changed my concept of evolution--because I felt like I had been through a fast cycle of evolution --the ontogeny.]

All Saints Day, November 1st, was the day of my most memorable experience. This was the day in which I came to experience the Great Love and to understand that I had lived previously. I came to believe in reincarnation. In the past I have told others about the "awareness" I received from my experience. When the response was "why does everyone who remembers a past incarnation remember one of someone historical," I decided to quit sharing whose spirit was made manifest. I will say that I had an incredible amount of energy flowing through me. In fact, I could feel it move through my fingers. It was during this altered state that I realized that Love was the most powerful thing in the universe. I cannot explain the peace and love I felt. I only wish that the Holy Spirit that filled my heart would fill the heart of every being in our universe now. I might later share more details of this reincarnation experience in a private email with others who share similar experiences with me. I have since realized that explaining a non-rational experience to others who have not had it is not possible. For example, several persons have told me they have had "similar" spiritual experiences when taking drugs. I don't want to discount their experiences; but, I don't think so. Although the chemicals in my brain "may" have changed as in a hallucinogenic experience, the energy and awareness level in my whole being changed.

As I mentioned, my experience lasted for about a week. Not all of it was about enlightenment. Yes, I learned of love, interconnectedness, peace, fearlessness, oneness, and so on. But I must admit that I was "on the other side." This was a transformational experience. I could not live this energy very long because it was such rapid and chaotic in its nature. People who worked with me at the college where I was a teaching assistant began to worry about me because I had changed so dramatically. I simply could not focus. Actually I think I was over-focussed, moving through the pin-head of spiritual time.

Before my experience was over on the end of that week, I went into a altered state one more time. When I came out of this state I received a special "seal" and an awareness that I would return again for more enlightenment later. For years I had thought it would come immediately. For three years after my transformational episode, I had what I call my "evolved" period. My fortune was good. I had this incredible feeling of love for all beings. I did not realize for many years that I needed to walk through the valley of darkness to learn more of what I needed to learn [Evolution is a sine wave not a straight line.]. As we collectively evolve toward the change of energy on our planet, I realize that my third metamorphosis is soon approaching.

I have left so much out--but words will never be able to adequately explain my transformation and period of enlightenment. I share this brief overview in hopes that others who have similar experiences will make contact with me. If you would like to share your experience with me, please email me at

Peace & Love,

Don Richard Paladin
Bellingham, WA

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