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In recent months however, I have seen a dramatic increase in dreams focusing upon the life assignment of individuals. Images of stripping off clothing that is too small, wise women encouraging the dreamer down a path, weaving magical fabric on an ordinary loom, and stepping up to home plate are just a few of the beautiful dream clues that have acted as road signs for people who are hearing the call of their life assignment.

Because people share so many amazing dreams with me, I have come to believe that there are few pains as relentless as that caused by the destiny we refuse to fulfill. It seems as if part of the psyche remembers why you decided to be born, and will cause you any amount of anguish necessary in order to bring you to the fork in the road where you must choose that path, even if it is in a sense of surrender or resignation because you know nothing will ever give you any peace until you at least try to fulfill your heart's desire.

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