I wanted to share with this group a powerful healing technique that I was trained to use, that assisted me in moving through the personal pain of my life.

It is called the Weiss Transformation Process, and was developed by Jann Weiss of Dallas, TX. She is the director of the Living In Truth Institute, a international human potential institute.

The basic process works likes this: You take a moment and focus on an issue in your life, one that has caused you a great deal of pain. Then you visualize your guardian angel, or a higher being of your choice, coming into your physical body, and becoming one with you. Next go back into the issue of your life and relive the painful experience. As you feel the pain consciously give the pain to your angel, or the being you are working with. Keep working on the issue until you feel you have looked at the whole experience, remembering to release the pain to your angel. At the end of the process ask yourself what the truth in the painful situation is, what is it you were supposed to have learned from the situation, and what was your role or responsibility in that experience. Listen for an intuitive sense, or feeling. When you feel complete with that issue you can come out of the process.

This technique has helped me through some really traumatic experiences. My ex-husband, whom I had been married to for 20 yrs, sat me down one night, without any warning, and asked for a divorce. Three days later I found out he was having an affair with my best friend. I was introduced to this technique 3 weeks later. Even my then 7 year old son learn to use the technique to help him through his issues.

In many ways it works like the "buddy system", if you share your problems with a buddy, you tend to feel better. I genuinely believe that with this process you are able to transmute the pain at the cellular level.

It has been a powerful technique to get through pain, and because you are releasing it to your angel, you really feel different at the end of the process.

Tasha Taylor
University of Washington
Seattle, Washington