Angel Under the Water

I remember this as if it were yesterday, e'en tho' I'm 18 and it happened when I was 2 at the Tonawanda, NY public pool one bright summer's day. Mummy was sunning on the deck aside the deep end whilst I splashed in the shallow, turning circles in the cool water. A little boy came over with his mother, both terribly large people, though the boy was m' age, and his mother struck up conversation with m' mummy as I turned circles. Mummy called me over and told me to go play with the new boy whilst she spoke with his mother, and so, we tottled off to the shallow end to check each other out. We splashed a bit and stood awkwardly and I piped, "Do you want to play?" to which he replied, "Well, I dunno..." And so I turned m' back and ran m' fingers along the smooth edge of the pool wall. After a few minutes, I couldn't stand someone looking at me and I whipped around and told him indignantly to stop. "I want to play now," he announced bluntly and said, as an afterthought, "Let's play sharks!" Now, I had no idea what "sharks" was, and all I could think of was Jaws, and so I moved about the water in a circle, making little ripples in the water and trying m' best to emulate the famous Jaws theme-duh-duh, duh-duh... The boy thought it was all great fun and suddenly lunged at me with all his strength, saying somewhat loudly, "*Mean* sharks!" and he pushed me backward against the pool wall so that I couldn't move forward. Now that would have been all fine and well except that he then pushed me under the water and I was no match for his size. I looked up at him through the water, at his fat, laughing little face, but I was very calm. Somehow I knew that if I "fell asleep", I would never wake up-and that didn't frighten me in the least. It seemed like forever, and then it went black; there was nothing to be seen, but I could still *feel* the wall behind me. And then I heard a voice and saw two perfectly white hands encircle m' chest, as if I were looking down, but the boy and the water were gone and all that remained were these glowing hands and the wall behind me. The voice, which I would hear in later years in the darkness, whispered very firmly, "Katie Rose, you must *not* breathe." And I felt the hands clutch m' chest and then let go. I tried to turn around and see the owner of the beautiful voice, but a great weight was put upon me and I couldn't move. All was still black, and I felt as if I were falling slowly. I next looked down at myself, pale and blue around the mouth, laying on cement with many people hovering over me. And then I opened m' eyes and looked up at them. M' mummy wouldn't speak of it for years, and she thought I'd forgotten about it until I mentioned it when I was 15 and she told me that I'd been underwater for quite a long time and no one thought I was going to make it. But when the medical examiner took a listen to me, they found no water in m' lungs. And so I guess that the angel under the water had some good advice after all.

tah-dah, that was it

slan ugat,

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