In the book ANGEL LETTERS, Sophie Burnham tells the tale of a navy pilot who, while trying to land his jet on an aircraft carrier, found himself in dire straits over the Pacific. An ensuing storm threatened the landing as the boat tipped and yawed in the raging tides. The pilot tried six times to land his jet. Six times, he was waved away. An attempted land on such a moving target would surely be fatal.

Nervously, the pilot reviewed his options. The mountainous, unforgiving ocean made an emergency bail-out hopeless and fear crept up the pilot's arms as he tried to find an answer. hopeless. When the fuel gauge alarm sounded, the pilot went white-knucked. He was out of fuel.

Out of ideas and in desperation, the pilot reviewed his life and decided that yes, he wanted to live, but Thy Will Be Done, he prayed.

"Suddenly," he wrote, "a feeling of great warmth, love, and indescribable joy overcame me. My anxiety was gone. Although my hands were on the controls, a far better pilot than me was flying the plane." Without fear, the pilot made another turn back to the ship.

He said, "I looked at the ship in utter amazement. It appeared to be floating on top of a huge upwelling of water." When he finally set down on the carrier, his jet was completely out of fuel. The navy pilot had been saved by the loving embrace of his Angel.

This story touched me deeply when I first read it. How could I know that a similar emergency -- and miracle -- would be waiting for me months later? But instead of a near-fatality in the air, mine happened on terra (or terror) firma. And as you can see, I lived to tell my own tale.

I was driving my mini-tracker one day in heavy traffic. The road bore nearly a foot of water from the recent monsoons. Spring rains in the desert are often devastating. The dry, caked desert sands make water absorption a problem. Flash floods are the norm, rather than the exception. When the floods occur, the streets are awash with several feet of standing water which makes driving a hazard.

Though the local drivers have a healthy respect for the water, accidents can and do happen. One almost happened to me. And if it had, more than one life would have surely been lost.

As I drove that fateful day, I was not fearful, but I was watchful. Things seemed to be moving along without incident when, suddenly, that all changed.

In an instant I was catapulted into fear. My little car began to hydroplane, moving sideways. Everything seemed to shift into slow motion. I felt I was losing control. On my left, three lanes of traffic sped in the opposite direction. On my right, bumper to bumper cars and trucks. I was boxed in, vehicles fore and aft. There was no where to turn, no escape. No time to think. All I could do was whisper, "Help."

The next thing I knew there was a Force wrapping around me and steadying the steering wheel. Though I can't explain how, it felt as though the car was lifted up just enough to break the surface tension on the water that held a death grip over my vehicle's wheels. In another moment, I felt the rubber meet the road once again. I was sitting safely at the end of the road, waiting for the stop light to change. Across the intersection, heavy traffic zipped by. The drivers would never know that the scene that they took for granted could well have been the site of death and devastation moments before.

But I had been embraced by my Angel. And in the process, many lives were saved.

The tears well up even now as I write, though this miracle took place nearly two years ago. But the beauty and the awe never cease to amaze me. That I am loved that much by a heavenly Being is a wonder that I may never fully understand.

But I do know that I was helped by a supernatural Force that no logic can explain. I was saved by an Angel. And I will spend the rest of my life trying to express my gratitude and deep longing to know more of the Creator that allows the Angels of Love to step in and aid human beings whether we deserve that help or not. Such is the nature of Love.


Karol Ann Barnett

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