Journey of Death personal journey along the path of death is my gift to you.

At the young age of 16 I stood face to face with what could have been my own death, but as it turned out it was the beginning of a journey full of pain, suffering, death and great and of overcoming, growth, angels and miracles!

As I stood facing the end of the shot-gun my father lowered it to my head and pulled the trigger. Waiting for the last sound on earth I thought I would ever hear, the didn't happen! The trigger jammed! Overcome by an incredible force upon my body I felt as if I were being squeezed by hundreds of people in a room. I felt the strange presence of some unexplainable supernatural force. I know and believe now after some 28 years that I had been protected by the very hand of God! Alive for a purpose much greater than I would have ever known at the young age of 16...thus began my spiritual journey along the path of humanity.

Running from the house hoping to escape the years of abuse and misery I ran some 1,000 miles with only the clothes on my back, arriving in Brooklyn, New York with only 25cents in my pocket. In search of freedom from the pain and suffering I ended up in Hell! Living in abandoned buildins and eating what food I could find on the streets to stay alive was more than a young girl could handle. Comparing my life to a candle I struggled every second to keep the flickering flame of my life from going out...going out at my own hands.

Two years passed as I sat on the tiny bed starring into my 2 year old son's room when suddenly the room was filled with a golden pinkish glow that shimmered like a million tiny specks of iridescent light. Like the rush of a gentle wind the specks of light took the large shape of a figure that appeared as a MONK! The apparition stood at the side of my son's crib...what did it all mean? It was only some 48 hours later that my son was dead!

The following year brought the death of another son and my own Near-Death Experience one of the first ever documented in a hospital in 1970. No one could explain all that had happened and could not even begin to explain how I could repeat and describe every detail in the operating room only hours before.

Little would I know that in six months my brother-in-law would leap to his death from a 7 story window. Four months after that brought the murder suicide of my sister-in-law as her estranged husband filled her full of bullets then turning the gun to his head killing himself.

A few years later back in Kentucky the father of my children my husband died suddenly of what was thought to be a heart attack. Then the call came and the words that his death had been a murder. Twenty days later my father died and 10 days after his death his father died my dear grandfather.

Death...does it mean life or is it death for the living? This is only a glimpse of my journey along dark and swirling masses of life. I have endured great loss, pain and suffering. Suffering so great that I vowed many a day not to be found on the face of the earth by mornings light. Then came the trials, sufferings, overcomings, growth and miracles would be of far greater consolation to others than for me to rot in the ground.

This testimony of my life is the strength, courage, love, and compassion I give to you all. I am here to bear you up through your sorrows and trials with motivation, inspiration and knowledge of a greater place. Bringing to you words that will help guide and direct you to the dawning of a new day and the glorious rainbows of the night. The candle of my life I hold high to light your dark path...see it glow...follow it light.

The experience of my near-death allowed me to be touched by angels of love and healing at which time I surrendered my life-my future-to the divine. Through the sights that I beheld I allow you to touch the heart,mind, and spirit and be drawn into the wonder of the infinite realm just beyond our senses...a glimpse into the secrets of our Creator and His universe.

As our loved one's sleep with the Angels I leave you with the knowledge that God's domain exist's for us all and I give to you the real meaning of life. Receive my heart full of joy, love and wonder of heaven itself.

Please be in touch with me to read and experience in greater detail of places I walked of sights I have seen and touched bringing you even closer to the realm of heaven itself and God.

May God's holy angels be with you guiding, directing and protecting your lives and may your hearts be filled with peace and love, Victoria L. Hall

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If the reader wishes she may also write to me at P.O. Box 991056, Louisville, Kentucky, 40269
I am the founder/editor and author of an international newsletter called "Wings."

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