My name is David Rauh. Toni C. Holm and I are broadcasters in Olympia, Washington. We own/operate soft-rock station Mixx 96fm KXXO. We are exploring ways to create a presence for ourselves and our business online. When the station's home page (under construction) is ready, I'll activate a link here.You can listen to the station (via streaming audio) at: In the meantime, if you'd like a copy of our station newsletter, drop us a line.

I'm a 1972 grad of Walnut Hills High School in Cincinnati. I graduated from The Evergreen State College (Olympia, WA) in 1979. Besides broadcasting, I'm into comics, sci-fi, animation (check out the  Reboot (Unofficial) Home Page and learn about the coolest cartoon on tv), photography and computers.

I should put in a plug for the best mailing list on the Internet: Phil Agre's Red Rock Eaters list. Check it out.

I'm also into video gaming and gaming culture. I frequently check out sites like and GameFAQs. And of course I love Pokemon (who wouldn't?).

We're bigtime hockey fans. Go Canucks! And check out the NHL Hockey Server for a cool hockey fix. And don't miss CBC's website for Hockey Night in Canada   which includes a great section with audio and video of Don Cherry and Coach's Corner. Don't miss it!

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