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[IMAGE:  Pin-up Thumbnail] Olivia DeBerardinis has published her pin-up art on CD-ROM. Her paintings make nice wallpaper for your home machine. However, leave the CD-ROM at home, since such pictures at work can be considered part of a "hostile work environment."
[IMAGE:  Pocket Knife]

Unilateral civilian disarmament seems to be a universal call for politicians out to "do something" about crime. Right now, the anti-self-defense lobbyists have their hands full trying to demonize the Second Amendment Advocates. It won't be long before those of us collecting sharp tools will feel the wrath of those who only want the government to have weapons.

Of course, when your basic tenet is that weapons are "eeevil" you are bound to get some dumb laws. The laws about knives in California are really strange. If you use a pocket knife on a regular basis, be careful.

  • A. G. Russell makes the Feather Light pocket knife which is my favorite.
  • Spyderco also produces quality knives suited for heavy duty work.
  • Tool Logic makes a credit card utility tool that can be quite useful in place of a pocket knife.

Of course, I can't finish without some really controversial items in the Politically Incorrect section.

Consider this idea: Individuals are endowed with rights by their Creator; rights are not bestowed by the government on social groups.
And this is considered a radical notion: Any government powerful enough to give you everything that you want, is also a government powerful enough to take everything you value.
Finally: Those who are willing to trade some freedom for security deserve neither.

These ideas clash with the current political tide that expects a government program will be the right approach to any problem. But this common political view is open to critical review at the following locations:

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