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  1. Jerzy K. Keska (PI) and Gregory W. Smith (co-PI). Novel Experimental Techniques for Verification of Gravitational Granular Flow Models. Submitted to the U.S. Department of Energy for $495,534, March 1990.
  2. L. Davis Clements (PI), Gregory W. Smith (co-PI), and Milford A. Hanna (co-PI). Refuse Derived Fuels for Institutional Settings. Submitted to Nebraska Energy Office for $854,160, March 1990. Partial funding of $64,000 was later received for one task in this project.
  3. Gregory W. Smith. Bed Depth Control. Preproposal for $58,200 to the University of Nebraska Engine Technology Center as a part of the Valmont Alternate Fuels for Rural Energy Sources project, March 1989.
  4. Gregory W. Smith. A Dedicated Parallel Processor for Monte Carlo Simulation of Dispersed Phase Chemical Processes. Submitted to the Layman Trust for Support of Faculty research for $5,389, November 1988.
  5. Gregory W. Smith. Attrition and Agglomeration Losses in Fluidized Beds. Submitted to the National Science Foundation for $160,643, June 1988. Submitted concurrently to the Cornell National Supercomputer Facility for 75 service units of supercomputer usage.
  6. D.J. Shlien (PI) and G.W. Smith (co-PI). Mixing Processes in Pulse-Combustion. Submitted to the Office of Energy Research, U.S. Department of Energy for $135,044, December 1986.
  7. Gregory W. Smith. Integration of CAD and Finite Element Methods with Traditional Computational Methods in Chemical Engineering. Submitted to the College of Engineering and Technology Faculty Development Fellowship, April 1986.
  8. D.J. Shlien (PI) and G.W. Smith (co-PI). Mixing Processes in Pulse-Combustion. Submitted to the Gas Research Institute for $376,536 August 1985.

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