Walter and Ethel Lillard, Barbara Lillard, Wilbur Langdon Powers, Walter and Ethel Powers

My grandfather, Walter Huston Lillard. After World War II, he served under the United Nations as Chief of the Resettlement Division of the International Refugee Organization in Austria. In 1909, he was the head coach of the Dartmouth Football Team. For many years, he was headmaster of Tabor Academy.

My grandmother, Ethel Carver Powers. She worked for international relations between France and the USA and received the French Legion of Honor award.

My Mother Barbara Lillard Powers, 1916-2001, Editor of the Winchester Star, Editor of the Somerville Journal, Managing Editor of the Somerville Journal; the Cambridge Chronicle; and the Watertown Press.

Barbara Lillard Powers and Wilbur Langdon Powers

My grandmother Ethel Hazen Lillard, (Smith College, class of 1904) her Mother, Harriet Hurleburt Hazen (wife of John Vose Hazen, a professor of Engineering at Dartmouth), my Mother Barbara Lillard Powers, and me ( Judy Malloy)

My Grandfather Walter Powers. Chairman of the Board of the Massachusetts Bar Examiners, President of the Boston Bar Association, he kayaked over 50,000 miles in his life -- on the Charles River, The Seine and the Thames.

My Father, Wilbur Langdon "Ike" Powers, 1911-1969 He was a trial lawyer as well as Assistant District Attorney, Middlesex County, MA; Assistant District Attorney, Suffolk County, MA; and Chief Assistant U.S. Attorney for Massachusetts. During World War II, he served in the European theater. Before he was wounded, he landed on the beaches of Normandy in the D-Day operation and fought on the European front.

Home from the war.

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