The Woodstock '94 Internet Multimedia Center

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From August 12-14, 1994, The WELL had a tent available on site at the Woodstock '94 concert. As you will see, concert goers could share their experiences with the then-small world of Internet users.

Here is a map of the 1994 Woodstock Site.

While they were at our tent, Woodstock participants posted real-time impressions, stories, and event gossip in their own words in the Woodstock conference hosted virtually by David Gans, Reva Basch, and on the ground by M Normal).

In addition, we created over 300 WWW pages for people at the concert which include pictures, sounds and text! They provide a unique perspective of the concert from the people who were there.

This site was created during Woodstock '94 by onsite participants, WELL users, and the Internet community. What was created here during Woodstock '94 will remain on the Internet as an archive for generations of rock n' roll lovers to savor.

There are also a few sites that have more information about Woodstock '94, including the and The San Francisco Examiner sites.

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EMI deserves special thanks for providing the communications link to the WELL Woodstock tent, including Bob, Clay, Amy and Jeff--thanks a million! Rock solid service and support.

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