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Dawn , Terry & Mitchell

Welcome to the wild and wacky world of Wellstock 94 . This the first time we've been here and fiddled with a computer so this message might
get finished before Aeroschitt go on. Mind you we wonder if the Well
will still exist when Earoscmittle hit the stage,'cos we hear Metalllllica are going to shake this place apart..........!Personally ,being peace and lovin' Brits we don't subscribe to that kind of nonsense ,so we'll be tuning in and turning on to CSN harmonising to Woodstock,Santana's shaky rhythm's and we hope to get stuck in a long Traffic jam. We've hauled up water from a well in France now we're immortalized in another kind of well. The wheels of change turn around ........... "I think I like it fine far"

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