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j.t. and Glenn "Mudshark" Walker

jt sez: We must be too silly for this planet, dude. So far, things have
been great. It's the day before the big bang, and the crowds haven't arrived yet. But! Bring 'em on. Let's party!!!!!!!!!!!
In the sisxties they warned you of the brown acid because it was bad.
This time it's the brown Grey Poupon that's bad. How the wold has
changed. Live it up!

Mudshark sez: Moonbeam baby!!!!! Where are you???? Lost you in the
mud at Yazgers in '69. Been trying to find you ever since. Look for
the green tent or ask for mudshark. Schnorkle!!!!!!!!!!!!
Looking for a real happy 39th b-day. August 14th is the day. PARTY!

This page created on location at Woodstock '94. 2:58 PM 8/11/94