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Jesse, Susan, and David Wexler

We are here as VIP's with MCA. This place is HUGE! I have never experienced something like this before. It's the second concert I have ever been to, but by far the biggest. I love this place. I can't wait for the music to start! - DAVE

Far out, man! This is out a sight! I was at the Altamont concert in California in 1969. This is my second. I'm glad my kids are with me (Ellen and David). LONG LIVE ROCK AND ROLL!!!!!!!!!! - JESSE

I love watching the set up, especially of the stage and backstage area. It's very exciting . I feel like I'm at a giant fair. I'm really happy to be here with my kids and our friends. - SUSAN

This page created on location at Woodstock '94. 6:37 PM 8/11/94