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Marshall Miller & Meredith Cristiano,Brown Daily Herald

Three months ago it was a letter and a dream. Now we are here at Woodstock, and will be part of the future Woodstock CD ROM. In 25 years, somebody will call for a sequel, unless the CD ROM goes the way of the original woodstock programs, probably many feet under in the local town dump. As responsbile (we never make any spelling errors) reporters, for The Brown Daily Herald (hi Justin), we are here to observe. Officially. Incidentally, we are the fifth oldest collegiate daily newspaper and the second largest morning daily newspaper in the state of Rhode Island.

Yeah yeah yeah . . . (he's here for the story - I'm here for the music!). Nine Inch Nails (hi Roy!), Peter Gabriel, Spin Doctors, who could ask for more? (Even if it is just a spinoff of Lollapalooza, which was a spinoff of the original Woodstock). To leave a cheesy quote (isn't 'cheesy' a cheesy word?) "Live your life filled with joy and wonder" (R.E.M.)
Oh yeah, my internet address (until May '96) is (this is Meredith, by the way - write me! :)

If you are actually reading this I cannot believe you have nothing better to do with your time. As for our time, we have 24 hours to waste it until the concert actually begins. Which is why it is ok to stand here to type, and listen to the promo by the WELL. As for my (Marshall's) e-mail address, Or at least I think that will work. If you do read this, send us a line.

Years from now, I will wake up in virtual reality, turn on my computer, and access the Well to find out what I was doing in August, 1994.

By entering my comments in the WELL Woodstock Conference, I give the Well Permission to use my words in an Internet release, a CD-rom publication, or any future publication.

The views expressed above are our own, and do not necessarily represent those of the Well, the Brown Daily Herald, its editors, Woodstock, its promoters, or you. ;)

This page created on location at Woodstock '94. 6:43 PM 8/11/94