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Brian Andrew Kuzynski

Woodstock '94. The name that has been driven into my head for the last few months has exploded in Saugerties ,N.Y. I haven't really been here that long but from what I see this is where it's at today. Maybe I'm self centered by saying that this is where the world's party is being held, but damn it seems like it. You figure the last Woodstock had about two months of advertising and a half-million people showed up...This Woodstock has been advertised for the last twenty five many will show up this time? two million? You may say no but I am not the only one who got in without a ticket. This is a perfect atmosphere for philosophy and thought. God Bless America! Only here can I meet two million different cultures in three days.
Peace Brothers and Sisters.

P E A C E.

This page created on location at Woodstock '94. 4:36 PM 8/12/94