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Michael Edward Evans

Please contact me about changing the world and raising the consciousness of the human race to the next level. Voice phone. (301) 608-9009. Voice phone #2 (804) 266-7906

Hi, to my wonderful girlfriend of three years Cristina and my other Internet
friends Tim Tomlin at Virginia Tech, Ernie at Spacenet, and Miko and "M" (Miga) at WELL.

Woodstock Is awesome and inspiring. It has made me redeicate myself to global activism. Hopefully wherever and whomever you are you can be in someway affected in a positive way by this seminal event.

Thanks for reading and hope to speak and E-mail with you soon to you soon.


Voice (301) 608-9009

8-12-1994 5:00PM Woodstock 1994.

This page created on location at Woodstock '94. 5:24 PM 8/12/94