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benita crow

politiians are telling us low level radioactive waste is ok to dump in our garbage dumps. I've got news for them...there is no safe level of radioactivity. What can we do? We can urge our town board to refuse to take unknown garbage from other towns. Woodstock, Bless their hearts, passed such an edict. We can write to Gov. Cuoomp and say we don't want any level radioactive waste around. Let it stay the hell where it is. If medical waste is a problem, let the hospitals ship it to the nuclear sites which are already dangerous and toxcicly glowing. Let's not designate virgin land for their crap. And finally, if you consistently use as little electricity as possible--maybe pull the plug---it will send a clear message to utility companies that we don't want or need nuclear energy.

Love and peace,

No nukes is good nukes

This page created on location at Woodstock '94. 5:37 PM 8/12/94