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Thomas and Paul Ambrose

SO we're here at the illustrious (sp?) Woodstock festival and it is not what people probably expected. There is vast demonstration of shear stupidity and surprisingly brief moments of humanness. One particular moment of utter discust was this morning during the opening ceremonies two girls decided to remove their shirts in the audience. They were promply surrounded by roughly a hundred lumbering guys taking pictures. Even the film crew made a point of lingering on them for ten minutes as so to get thier jollies. Please, is this what we have arrived at in all these years. Anyways There are definetly some cool things here and the for all the stupidity there is a surprising lack of belligerent and abusive behavior. The crowd is fairly well behaved. The music so far has sounded only reasonable but hopefully as the bigger name acts play it will sound better. For all the complaints that could be made this is definetly something to see and experience.

Nineties culture of sound bite technology at its best, it is mindless. Who ever though that the developement of mass information access wouyld make people even dumber. In this crowd is a huge number of numb and thoughtless people, yet there are some very enthusiastic people. however they are few and far between. THIS IS NOT A CONSCIOUSNESS RAISING EVENT. IT IS A COMMERCIAL EVENT. I do sound like the voice of negativity, but it is early and things could get better. Maybe worse 8\12\94

This page created on location at Woodstock '94. 6:25 PM 8/12/94