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Ari & Jeff from Jerzy!!!!!! (The Sapplings!!!)

WE MADE IT!!!!!!!!!! After two whole days of elaborate planning. Ari's (the guy with the bad hair & the car) parents think he's at the beach!! HAHAHA!!!!!! Little will they know...that is, until Pepsi airs that footage they taped of us. Oops. Jeff (me) is a good kid, and told his (my) parents everything!!!

The car trip was a pain in my ass!! (ari typing here) We both completely ignored the directions on the ticket, and decided to take our own improved route....which by the way took us to Albany and the Mass. Turnpike....but, a little agravation and 1/2 a tank of gas later, I am here....not to mention the ridiculous $145 ticket and food that is dramatically overpriced.....$2 for water with a little Pepsi in it???? I think not!!!!!!! But thats a whole different back to the sapp-master himself, Jeff!!!!\

Snoop Sappy Sapp here again!! Tomorrow we get to see Aerosmith & Metallica. We're going to miss Salt n Peppa...I'm so upset. WRONG!!!!! Gee, it's too bad they couldn't sign Barney too. Well, room's a wastin'! Have a kick-ass time.

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