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Jeff Elliot

Woodstock is unbelievable. If you weren't here you don't know what you missed. For those who were here, it is the experience of a lifetime. I wish I could have jbeen at the first one. Last night the violet femmes came on as a special guest act. Candlebox was awesome!! Once again to those who missed this, I feel very very sorry for you. This is the jbest concert that any one could go to. It is a huyndred times better thatn any Lalapolouza concert. Tonight Aerosmith is closing, they are following Metellica who are after NINE INCH NAILS, also earlier in the day Melissa Ethridge is coming to the North Stage,not to mention that Cypress Hill and Joe Cocker and The Rollins Band are going to be on the North stage. On the South stage The cranberies are opening up, with Primus then Salt & Pepa closing. To close off the concert on Sunday the bands are Sisters of Glory, Arrested Developement, Allman Brothers, Traffic, Spin Doctors, Porno for Pyros, Bob Dylan, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and with Peter Gabriel as the closer. I'm hoping that the Stones will show up between Nine Inch nail and metallica tonight because there will be time between these two bands. Playing on the South Stage on the second day is none other than Green Day. I hope I will be able to acces this through my America Online name, Nomoreguns. IF someone reads this can they E-mail me a copy of this at

P.S. I wish Cori could have been here, she would have loved it!

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