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Kevin Currie

Just arrived from an all-nighter at the Green Lot parking area.
11:38 am on Saturday.
Looking forward to the bands tonight!!
The Kenster ( just came up beside me....
The freakboy is wired today!!

All the way from Silicon Valley North... Survived the 7 hour trip,
lived through the all night party in the parking lot, had my tent fill up
with water, met alot of wierd, wired, and drunk people (lots here from
our home Ottawa,On,CAN) hot, sweaty, dirty, happy, and ready to go!

A hello to France Grandmont I'm thinking of you and wish you were
here! Hey, know what? People are getting in here for free, beer is
everywhere.... Sorry :-( (I'll tell ya all about it! :-)

Hey Hey, I can be reached at and

Another hi to Glenn to the RaTT...

I've got my good buddy Dave (Ire mon) Matthews from Owen Sound, Ont
by my side, the freakish fiend.

Gotta go...
It all begins....

* Deaf and dumb and blind and born to follow, | Kevin Currie,
* What you need is someone strong to guide you, |
* Like me... Like Me... | Living the life....

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