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Here we are at Woodstock!! All the way from San Luis Obispo, California. This experience is nothing like I expected. All those warnings and rules about not bringing food, beer and drugs were all a lie!! This place is packed and it is hard to enjoy the concerts with a 1/2 mile of the stage because people will just walk over, around and on you and your stuff. But you do get an eye full. Woodstock seems to be an experiment with anarchy, which each generation should get a shot at. There are no rules here!!! People toke up, pop pills, run around naked, jump into mud puddles with out a second thought. Despite all the chaos a sense of order emerges, which as they say is beautiful man. --Brandon
All of my posessions are full of mud from other's muddy feet. It takes an hour to travel from the stage to camp because of the hoards of people, there are signs all over from people asking for Acid, shrooms, and buzz, it seems that some have taken all at once. But even so there is a sense of sharing with all those around us. People will stop and help with anything. People have shared their food, water and space. It is an experience that will not be soon forgotten. The music? It's good but hard to get a decent veiw. That is why we enjoy live music from the comfort of our tent.....Much different than a good CD? I think so! --Tanya

This page created on location at Woodstock '94. 9:58 PM 8/13/94