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Michael T. Koolidge

Cheese is good. Damn good.
Do you really want to know how I feel about Woodstock '94? Haven't you heard enough about it already? Instead I would like to talk about cheese. Cheese is good for you, and it makes great organic and edible coasters for you environmentalist wackos.
For those of you that totally have no idea why all these people are aimlessly walking around smoking and licking things and screaming trendy things like "Legalize it!", you are at the harmonic convergence of a sect of our population that believes in taking mass quanties of drugs, drugs and more drugs. Most are for free-sex advocates, and a couple of really warped individuals believe that plastic(!) should be banned. Agree with these people you may, as Yoda would say, but if you eliminate the self-rightous-here-my-opinion-or-die aspect that we all posses at least a tad of, the people here are all here for music, make no rawandas about it.
The organizers didn't screw up the one thing that was the easiest to--the music. The sound system is near perfect.
One more totally-outrageos-break-from-the-norm-radical-statement.
"Dude legalize it!...Hey, wasn't that pretty cool what I just said?
Isn't that, like, cool and stuff, you know, pot?...Dude?.."

This page created on location at Woodstock '94. 11:40 AM 8/14/94