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John and Savva Savvides, Karen Lea Harris, Tony Nogas

We're having a great time here at Woodstock 94. The damn MUD SUCKS!!! Did go in the mud though to become the MUD MAN! Tony still hasn't gotten laid... Karen and Savva have been the troop leaders, with John doing his own thang... Savva still hasn't shed the, "I'm the Dad listen to me image..." but that's cool though... He's kept us safe... All our hair is a mess... Can't wait to S.S.S. (Shit, Shower and Shave)!!!! The surreal field is GROOVY!
Bye from:
Big Daddy a.k.a Savva
Holly Hobby a.k.a Karen
Antonio a.k.a Tony who still can't get laid....
Mud Man a.k.a John

This page created on location at Woodstock '94. 11:52 AM 8/14/94