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Keri Ann DeMayo

Greedstock-- How appropriate, A world together a generation apart, not quite. It is very crazy here. What happened to peace, love and happiness? Now all you see are out of control mud people trying to initiate the rest of us some what sane individuals into their cult. Pushing people down mud slides, rioting and overthrowing vendor's booths; is this what Woodstock is all about-- I think not. Hopefully in 25 years we will not make the same mistake as we have done today. There is only one true Woodstock, we can not relive the past, and we can not be something we never were. There was a purpose to Woodstock '69, to escape the pressures of Vietnam . The only cause that we, generation X are here for today is to be cool -- Be Young , Have Fun, Drink Pepsi -- That's if you can afford it at $8.00 a bottle!!

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