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Herb Freeman - Hard Rock Cafe

Woodstock '94..... What can I say. Rain, song, peace, love, harmony?

A little.... Mostly very commerical. Hats - 25$ ? Shirts even ,more?

The price for posterity has gone up in the past few years... I think I'll

just rely on my memories, thank you. A lot cheaper.

I was invited to this show by one of the sponsors , Pepsi, to be excact...

They were my host. (please remind me not to come to their homes, they don,t

even feed you ). The pass that they issued me was good for a cup of coffee,

 thats about it. Any way, I think I'll stick to COKE!!!

So thats about it for my impression of the event to end all events. (Live

Aid was better by far)

See ya all in Cyberspace!!!!

This page created on location at Woodstock '94. 1:49 PM 8/14/94