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LISTEN PEOPLE!!! Let's do something about shit plastic waste that is killing the earth!!! It does not break down in landfills, yet we shroud our garbage in it before throwing it in the dump. It makes no sense. Use paper bags; use as little of the shit possible. Recycling of it needs to be reformed.
Watch the styrophoam too. Same thing. But this crap contains dioxin, which is proven to be the most cancer-causing agent in the world.
WOODSTOCK IS A NON-STOP PARTY!!! Like the Dead but so much larger, and muddier. 750 people broke their ankles in the mud. The bands are playing great. Metallica was unreal!!! Party on, life is short!!!!! Peace and love to all.

This page created on location at Woodstock '94. 3:25 PM 8/14/94