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James Vincenzo Penza

I came here with the idea of spending alot of time with my close friends hearing some great bands, but it has ended up spending alot of time with new friends and some incredible bands. The show has been phenominal in my point of view, and I have yet to pay for Pepsi. I was really fed up with the constant downplaying and demoralizing press releases, saying this would be a far cry from '69. Well, they were right. This was alot more than a big fucking mud pit mixed with fecal matter. We actually had bathrooms. So to hell with what everyone has to say, we kids are alright.

I only hope they don't keep making new Woodstocks every year, I want to feel special!


"Any way, there is mopre to life than paying for your soda!"

This page created on location at Woodstock '94. 3:33 PM 8/14/94