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morgan pileggi

woodstock 94 greed in action yet many beautiful things happened. in the middle of the mosh pit people were slaming and then helping each other out of the mud. then again women were abused and even raped in the pits. people set up t5heir tents in their own sewage, a real microcosm. the depths of human cruelty and kindness, a glimps of the future. as we increase the population density all our strengths and weakness become overwelming. we have to all work to improve the human condition, a homeopathic influence on the world and the universe. think globally act locally. freedom of the mind, free the weed before i'm thirty, please.... .
but after all of this the potential for great and terrible things, my lasting impression is of the piss/mud and the smell of the human animal

This page created on location at Woodstock '94. 8:02 PM 8/14/94