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Jennifer Oulman and Liv Lindenberg

Jen: It's difficult to think of a way to just start talking to a computer without knowing what to say or who you're saying it to, but I do know that despite the fact that I came here on Friday and by that evening I thought that I was ready to leave I have had a really good experience here - one that could not possibly, in my opinion, be duplicated anywhere else with any other people than the individuals present here today. It's a true glimpse into what kind of people make up our world and how th help all of them " just get along". Well, thats about it, it's still really hard to get the hang of communicating this way but it's great that we have had this opportunity. Thanks.
P.S. Norway rules!!!! Phillipsport, New York

Liv: Oooh , wow , what a speech but ,actually Jen is right . I have lived ulster county {where this festival is being held } for most of my life and my mind just doesn't seem to handle that my backyard is being broadcasted all over the contry , all over the world and at the same time , impressions of well, a united generation are being formed . It is funny , one would almost think that this festival , this Woodstock '94 is what my generation is like but unfortunatly , it's not . I mean ,the majority of my peers don't seem to fathom the idea of tomorrow , of anything besides their tangible desires . I'm hoping that they'll start to understand all of the bullshit that's around and that you really don't have to play " The Game " but they're probably just gonna think that Woodstock is cool because girls flashed thier tits and the whole place smoked up .

P.S. Norway does kick Scandinavia's ass !!!!!
Liv Lindenberg
P.O. Box 336
Cragsmoor , New York

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