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Dan Levy

Hey, folks! It's a bit after noon on Day 1 of the festival. Lots of people, no weird hype, catastrophes or live births yet.

I'm so glad there's a Well presence at Woodstock. The Well has been an ongoing on-line festival of the full range of human relationships since 1985, so it's appropriate that we're here. I've been around since May of 1986.

If you're new to the Internet or a veteran, I recommend the Well as one of the coolest, most hospitable and definitely WEIRDEST cyber-diners on the Info Dirt Road. You can talk about sex, drugs, rock and roll, politics, media, sports, philosophy and all the issues of the day with some of the most articulate and opinionated people on the planet.

I guess I'm most excited to see Bob Dylan (who's definitely on a roll these days), Spin Doctors, and Blues Traveler here at Woodstock.

All of those artists are discussed in the Well. There's a Dylan conference of its own, and the Doctors and Traveler are discussed in the HORDE conference. g dylan or g horde! Check 'em out!

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