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Gwen Cardente and Dan Jones

Gwen:Hey. Woodstock's pretty cool. Lots of tents and a slight overabundance of people. Kinda wishing Weezer was playing (and that the "reasonable" prices were a tad more reasonable). As my friend Dan commented so fluently, there simply aren't enough nude freakies. Perry is playing Sunday, that makes it for me. Dan?
Dan: I wish everyone would either get naked or go home. Face it, Randy, your generation is being marketed!
Gwen: Incidentally, the bands are pretty good, if you dont mind being adhered to 300,000 fucked up bodies. The lines are aweful and it's so hot people are dropping like flies. In fact, the guy next to me just fell over. And the guy behind the counter just got clocked by a free frisbee. And then there's this chick who got half her hair ripped off on one of the rides. Man, you should be here!
Dan: 3 people are dead. 299,997 to go.
Gwen: Too bad for those three, they're gonna miss Primus.
Dan: They'll become part of the legend of Woodstock 94, though. I wonder if
they'll be in the movie.
Gwen: And about those drugs.... Don't blame the guards, I think the dogs were defunct.
Dan: There are too many tents. I don't have a front yard anymore. All these
damn hippies, they think they can camp out wherever they please. But I guess that's the point of all this. Remember, sunset is the dawn of night. Peace, Love, and overcrowding.
Gwen: bye.

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