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Thain, "the Kenster/"K

Hey, hey, hey!!

7 hour drive from Ottawa..Canada...Checkin' out the scenery. Oh, how sweet it is!..Hey to all on the net, 'pecialy to Ottawa Freenet...Keep up the good work!!

Here with homies' from Lees. Ave.!! Scott, Ire and Corporateboy Kevin..( Hey to all the guy and gals in Owen Sound, Ontario...YOu know who you are!! 8>

Woodstock is happening..we spent the first 18 hrs in the GREEN parking lot. Oh my, oh my...the joys of a colourful life.

Well, Im outta here....My feet are ichin!...
Look out world... Comin' attchya
IAI rulz

Kenster/ !!!

This page created on location at Woodstock '94. 11:51 AM 8/13/94