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Justin Davila and Lisa Scanlan

i was pleasantly surprised at what a tasteful job was done creating this event. we feared the worst of corporate exploitation up here and found that the contributions made were not brazen propaganda but port-o-lets and 24 hour food services. bravo. the experience has caused much reflection (partially due to the time spent in our small two man tent thanks to the monsoons) reflection on us, on them, on the world in between...and of what we actually are as reflected by this, woodstock, and the very representative musical acts and interactive displays via the media pushed video world we live in...lisa.

Glad to be a part of social and musical history here in upstate NY. The air is charged with youth and freedom. There's nothing like this place. I'll take a piece of Woodstock '94 with me forever. Be back in 2019.

This page created on location at Woodstock '94. 11:16 AM 8/14/94