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Mary Beth Wilusz, Julie and Jason Olszewski

As a hint for the Woodstock '50, alter your physical reality to cope with the _MUD_ and the teeming (sp?) hordes of people, who wear a "save the rainforest" t-shirt, while throwing a plastic Pepsi (the taste of a new generation) on the ground. We were asked to give some words of advice to the next generation (think Pepsi) here it goes:
1) camp on a 45 angle, no one will try to walk past your tent
2) if someone has a sign with "looking for Herb" on it, they are not looking for a friend.
3) bring paper, rolling and toilet, no one brings enough of either
4) Boots are important, and watch out for the "_mud_" people, but thinking about it "WS'50" will probably be a virtual reality event and people will teleport in, thank God.
5) corporate sponsership is a good thing, more of it would reduce the ticket price, and should include alcohol and cigarettes, it is not like this crowd has never used either.
6) In the future, don't ramble
7) ONE

This page created on location at Woodstock '94. 3:55 PM 8/14/94