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Jeremiah Overton, William Jellig, and Kurt Weber

If you can find an internet hookup from Woodstock, you can find one anywhere!

Driving up from Long Island, New York, these three net junkies were more then happy to enjoy three full days of music, peace, and mud. No, not MUD, but rivers and fields of nice(?), brown, flowing, clothes-adhering natural mud (800 acres of dirt + a solid day of rain = more mud than you could ever ask for, should you be so inclined to ask for it). But besides mother nature being rude (must have been payback for all the garbage) the weekend was more than we could ask for (Well, we don't remember ever asking to pay $11 for a shrunken one-man rehydrated pizza pie).

Come visit us on BatMUD ( 23) if you want to see a great mud. Talk to Seyler, Surge, or Masivo (in respective order).

Take care, and hope to see you in another 25 years!! :-)

This page created on location at Woodstock '94. 4:09 PM 8/14/94