woodstock.15.0: WELL Woodstock Demo #3 (wstock3)  Thu 11 Aug 94 08:51

 Here's where you say what you think about WOODSTOCK II !

woodstock.15.1: Some Folks from the WELL tent (wstock3)  Thu 11 Aug 94 08:59

 Lot's of things happening in "Mind Expansion Village".  There's
 Syn[Dthe Synchro Energize your brain tent, hoops, the CD ROM tent, the
 Jimmy Hendrix tent.
 All-n-all a cool hang.

woodstock.15.2: wayneb (wstock1)  Thu 11 Aug 94 09:02

 lots of contrucrtion people lots of big big eqiupment
 lots of workguys.  cloduly cloduly weather.  cool.  nice weather..
 tons of people working here.  scary to think that these work people are
 needed...this many..how many concertgoers.
 lots of fucking pepsi.  lots of pepsi.  lots of hagendazzz.
 lots of JUNK food.  say hit to PETE fierlinger in SANFRAN from wayneb

woodstock.15.3: ryann reddy  (wstock4)  Thu 11 Aug 94 09:11

 it is one big money making event that i hope  to cash in on sorry for being
 so honest im more of a 90des kind of guy than some fucked up hippy groovee
 s 10

woodstock.15.4: gail williams  (gail)  Thu 11 Aug 94 10:15

 Is there any music yet? you even got a boom box to keep you company?

woodstock.15.5: Jaubert (wstock3)  Thu 11 Aug 94 10:24

 I agree that this is one monstrous money making scheme.  Far from the
 original Woodstock, it reeks of green stuff.  I'm working here at a
 concession stand, and to tell you the truth I'm not to proud to be a
 particpant of this event.  Woodstock these first days remind me more of
 Great Adventure than a gathering of love, peace, and music.  I will say it
 is a travesty of such what Woodstock really means.  Think about it, this is
 the nineties-the generation X era. This is a time of apathy towards society.
  Yo, anyway, I got to go. By , the way even if your not at woodstock or
 never at the real Woodstock, you are here. You are here if the Woodstock
 spirit is in your heart.  Keep the peace.

woodstock.15.6: on the other side of the sun (miga)  Thu 11 Aug 94 10:39

 Last night while we were setting up we could hear Todd Rundgren nearby - he
 played till 10:30 or 11, then we listened to tapes in a boombox brought by
 the people who are painting a cool mural for our tent.
 I got a local paper yesterday... local residents are taking pools on whne
 the fence comes down - some say fryday, some say saturday.  The promoters
 vow the fence will be unbroken!  Others speculate it may be breached from
 the inside by concertgoers who want to go out and bring back alcohol [which
 is neither sold nor permitted inside.]    It also said that part of the
 reason why the people in Saugerties are down with this is because the site
 could become a landfill [I believe this was proposed by the state of NY] and
 many would prefer it becoming an outdoor concert site [permanently] rather
 than a landfill.  I have to say, I'm with them!  This place is beautiful,
 with tall trees and a view of a nearby mountain.  Last night the crescent
 moon and some stars were out...  it's a lovely place.

woodstock.15.7: editorial comment (green)  Thu 11 Aug 94 11:01

 Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. BIG meteor shower the next few nights, too!

woodstock.15.8: gail williams  (gail)  Thu 11 Aug 94 11:10

 The virtual fence is down... heh!  We planned to open this conference to all
 Wellfolks friday, and we just relented.  "it's a public conference from here
 on.."  Very public!!!

woodstock.15.9: wordsmith (wstock3)  Thu 11 Aug 94 11:24

 The big thing is that this is a very enormouisly complicted project and if
 we can all carry it off it means that we -- all of us - can do almost
 anything...shelter all the homeless, for starters, feed the hungry - all
 that stuff..thinking up will do it -- so - think up.

woodstock.15.10: smoogie (wstock4)  Thu 11 Aug 94 11:26

 It's very dusty.

woodstock.15.11: David Gans (tnf)  Thu 11 Aug 94 11:26

 Now you're talkin'!

woodstock.15.12: David Gans (tnf)  Thu 11 Aug 94 11:26

 My #11 referred to #9!

woodstock.15.13: otis (nycjag)  Thu 11 Aug 94 11:28

 yeah! good attitude! this is SUCH a rush!
 makes me wish I had a computer at home....

woodstock.15.14: Terry. (wstock3)  Thu 11 Aug 94 11:53

 Im from England . Wots the  big deal? There there's Glastonbury Festival
 every year.  It happens just as this should . ENJOY.

woodstock.15.15: we (justride)  Thu 11 Aug 94 11:56

 Hey Terry, is that you fresh from selling woven bracelets on
 (Dead) tour? If so, I'm wearing the one that you gave me in return for
 a Red Tail at RFK.

woodstock.15.16: You flew to me (jmsommer)  Thu 11 Aug 94 12:58

 Yeah Gail for opening the conference.
 Hey Terry - it's Joe Sommer from UC Irvine, Craig's friend! How have you
 been? send me email!!! :) peace, all
 IJWTS Bababooey! 

woodstock.15.17: The Next Generation (mglito)  Thu 11 Aug 94 13:22

 I live in Colorado, where the Telluride Bluegrass festival has been going on
 for 20+ years.   (And you can go in & out there, too!)
 I think that a Woodstock festival every year would be a cool idea.  Some of
 the things I've heard about this year's though (no ins/outs, no food allowed
 inside except what you can *buy* inside) are really insane on the part of
 the promoters.
 The $$$ part of it doesn't bother me *so* much, since after all, even the
 *first* Woodstock was (at least partly) about money.  The only difference is
 that *those* promoters ended up not making any...

woodstock.15.18: cerise (wstock3)  Thu 11 Aug 94 16:56

 The promoters of the first woodstock did make money but only after the
 release of "Woodstock, the Movie" and "Woodstock" the record.

woodstock.15.19: woodman (wstock5)  Thu 11 Aug 94 17:03

 This is my second Woodstock, and I feel a mixture of nostalgia and
 anticipation. Generally, I feel good about it, and am curious to see how it
 progresses. I have been experiencing flashbacks from the original experience
 (I was 16 in 1969), and am struck by how similar this Woodstock feels to the
 original. The field, the grass, the stage, the weather. It's curious and
 exciting. The similarities and differences in the times and generations.

woodstock.15.20: Eric German (wstock5)  Thu 11 Aug 94 17:29

 I am typing this from the "Well" tent in the Mind Expansion Village at
 Woodstock '94!  I am here working for Denny Dent and His Two Fisted
 Art Attack.  Denny was in the Pepsi / Woodstock Commercial - He paints the
 Woodstock logo on the side of a barn while the music of Aerosmith plays in
 the background.  He will be performing three times daily in The Mind
 Expansion Village and will also be appearing in between acts on the main
 stage.  If you are coming to the Festival, don't miss him.  If you are not -
 make sure to catch him in the movie or on pay - per - view!!!!
 Anyway, this whole event is a lot of fun so far - not really crowded yet!

woodstock.15.21: gail williams  (gail)  Thu 11 Aug 94 17:30

 Denny Dent?!?

woodstock.15.22: jazz (wstock3)  Thu 11 Aug 94 17:32

 This is just one bugged-out, trip through nostalgia to technology.  In my
 opionion it's the greatest thing that could have happened to "generation X"
 but that's only because I'm part of this....peace...
 welll I gotta say I am pretty impressed by this tent and the whole surreal
 field is really about using the tech for art...and to me that is the
 most exciting thing ...when the artists get hold of the tech...watch out

woodstock.15.23: tom p (wstock5)  Thu 11 Aug 94 18:04

 got to woodstock, it was alittle disorganized at first, no one even look at
 our tick
 tickets, but i love the surrealfield, i was also here for the sound check i
 love it.
 it. who cares if it is "sold out", i'm here for some fun.

woodstock.15.24: open eyes (wstock1)  Thu 11 Aug 94 19:04

 first off, allow me to say that this woodstock situation is extremely
 unorganized. I really hope this place doesn't erupt into a bloody riot, but
 with the national guard here it's hard to say. FUCK THE POLICE AND ALL THEY

woodstock.15.25: Tex (wstock5)  Thu 11 Aug 94 19:09

 So far at Woodstock we've seen:
 Jimi Hendrix Experience: Lame, 2 on a scale of 1 to ten...  very boring.
 Mindblender (Peter Gabriel) Pretty cool, costs 5 bucks lasts 5 mins.  SIT IN
 Vertical Reality: Sports thing... OK 3D video... like Jaws 3 but no 
 shark.. . 10 min, $4.00 5
 Phillips CD thing: Lame commercial, makes you feel like a consumer 
 non-person.  Vid games on opposite end are so-so. Free 2
 	That's all so far....  got in free... everybody get down here!

woodstock.15.26: ian griffith (wstock1)  Thu 11 Aug 94 19:28

 Things here at wood$tock are very lax, no one checked our tickets and that
 goes for about 5000 others . things here are a lot better than any one ever
 thought intense surreal feild try Mind Blender .

woodstock.15.27: otis (nycjag)  Fri 12 Aug 94 06:34

 why weren't the tix cheked? can i go without one?;-) seems awfully

woodstock.15.28: You flew to me (jmsommer)  Fri 12 Aug 94 08:31

 Go Otis Go!  :)

woodstock.15.29: otis (nycjag)  Fri 12 Aug 94 09:03

 heh! i can't go. but i would not crash the gates anyways... i coulda been
 there for nothin!

woodstock.15.30: freebee (wstock2)  Fri 12 Aug 94 09:11

 there not checking for tickets,  WOODSTOCK is open to the public for FREE!
 park in the red or blue dot lot.

woodstock.15.31: otis (nycjag)  Fri 12 Aug 94 09:13

 are you serious? is it really open for free? just for the ppv not to look
 embarassin? I would be very very very very pissed if I paid 135 for my
 ticket and then they did not even check the damn thing

woodstock.15.32: yo dude (wstock1)  Fri 12 Aug 94 09:26

 i don't think to highly of those who crash the gates bucause I ruins it for
 those who paid for tickets

woodstock.15.33: elias (wstock3)  Fri 12 Aug 94 09:50

 MMany poeple are complaining about the 90`s materialism that is going on
 here. Although it is disturbing,  the athmosphere is very safe, friendly,
 peaceful and enriching. The big bands have yet to start and you can feel
 that anything can happen. Peace man.

woodstock.15.34: Johnb (wstock1)  Fri 12 Aug 94 10:26

 Got in free also, fence is down in certain areas and it is real
 disorganized, But I love it. Saw two naked leftover hippies down on the
 concert floor and they really cracked me up. I don,t have the balls or the

woodstock.15.35: fester (wstock1)  Fri 12 Aug 94 10:40

 it would be great if there weren't for all these fucking people.

woodstock.15.36: Chris B (wstock5)  Fri 12 Aug 94 10:41

 Man, I saw one of those naked hippies right in front of my food booth...I
 think its good for him but a bad sight for the rest of us!!

woodstock.15.37: Beekeeper (wstock3)  Fri 12 Aug 94 10:52

 Hi you cyberfolk, Woodstock '94 is actually happening and it's very strange.
  I've been here doing construction observation since early May and seen the
 site go from an almost pristine farm/field to a festival site.  There were
 several points where I didn't think it was going to happen.  It's really
 nice to walk around and see the diverse crowd that has come.
 	Let's all hope it doesn't rain!

woodstock.15.38: Pink Floyd (wstock4)  Fri 12 Aug 94 11:31

 The worst thing so far: No One Is Selling Cigarettes!!!!!!

woodstock.15.39: otis (nycjag)  Fri 12 Aug 94 11:52

 wow, so people are getting in for free.  sonofabitch. i figured it would
 happen, but by people's design, not the promoters

woodstock.15.40: wasn't there, but was alive (jrc)  Fri 12 Aug 94 12:15

 i think that's very groovy. the free part. I just hoe they're not smuggling
 in tent stakes.

woodstock.15.41: chris beaver (wstock4)  Fri 12 Aug 94 12:41

 Scobby Doo or Shaggy?	Scobby Doo
 Bert or Ernie?		Ernie
 Snoopy or Woodstock?
 Woodstock 1994
 Peace, Bullshit, etc.
 Chris Beaver
 The god of Magic
 Omnipotent Being #1
 Member of The Grope

woodstock.15.42: mitch (wstock2)  Fri 12 Aug 94 12:41

 Hey, it's too damn crowded here...  Can I get out of this place in one day??
 I don't think that we'll geclose to the stages...

woodstock.15.43: Post N. Steiner (rb1229)  Fri 12 Aug 94 12:55

 People are getting in FREE? How are they gonna do the mandatory drug testing

woodstock.15.44: David Gans (tnf)  Fri 12 Aug 94 13:00


woodstock.15.45: kuz (wstock2)  Fri 12 Aug 94 13:13

 This whole place is great, the food isn't that expensive and they didn't
 even stop us with all our food.  They DIDN'T CHECK TICKETS.  And hey I

woodstock.15.46: rick napoli (wstock4)  Fri 12 Aug 94 14:47

 screw pepsi I'M A PEPPER.

woodstock.15.47: lol (wstock5)  Fri 12 Aug 94 14:53

 the largest infomercial of the 20th century

woodstock.15.48: Franklin J. Flocks (fjf)  Fri 12 Aug 94 15:25

                                                           '  /   .
                                                           ' /  .- .
                                                           .  .- .-
                                                         ./    .--...
                                               .-------- 0    .--
                                              /                 .......
                                             '                  ..
                                              '........            ----
                                                       .          --..
                                                        .   .---..   -
                                                        .  '     -.
                                                       /   '
                                                      / ' ' '
                                                     '  ' '  '
                                                     '  '  ' '
                                                     '  '  ' '
                                                     '   ' ' '
                                                     '   '  '
                                                         I   ----------

woodstock.15.49: former UCRRA member (wstock5)  Fri 12 Aug 94 15:55

 I've lived here in Saugerties for seven years and this is the biggest, most
 exciting event that has happened here.  We have waited and waited in
 anticipation for almost a year and here we are.  It is especially gratifying
 for me because it is taking place on the Winston Farm.  As many of you know,
 the UCRRRA wanted to put a dump here--they still want to destroy one of the
 most beautiful places in New York by putting a 100 acre landfill here.  
 But now there is a spirit of 250,000 people living their memories here and that
 spirit will prevent the destruction of this magical place.  The music has
 begun--the event is happening-- it is everything I dreamed it could be and I
 am thankful for the small role I was able to have in saving the Winston

woodstock.15.50:  (wstock2)  Fri 12 Aug 94 17:01

 OK, here's the first big rumor:
 This one we're pretty sure about:  All of the members of Pearl Jam have
 showed up 70 miles south of here at the original Behtel site.  Apparently
 they are camping out in a field with the rest of the folks.  We don't
 know if they're going to be playing.
 This one's a little more far-fetched, the Rolling Stones are showing up
 at that same place (Bethel) to perform Sat night.  They've got a grudge
 against M. Lang & Co. because they weren't invited to the first Woodstock.
 Who knows?
 We heard this from a reporter who came into the WELL tent.  He claims
 that he hung out with Vedder et al. last night.
 I just did a coffee run for all the WELL folk.  They surround me sipping

woodstock.15.51: gopod for a day (jbk)  Fri 12 Aug 94 17:05

 From what I'm hearing, you guys may be at the _wrong_ festival.

woodstock.15.52: Usually hygenic (wstock5)  Fri 12 Aug 94 18:01

 It's finally hit me!  I've been here about 36 hours and I've got to take my
 first porta-dump.
 Lord help me.

woodstock.15.53:    (ernie)  Fri 12 Aug 94 18:07

 Check out what they look like in another 36 hours--you'll
 really need her help!

woodstock.15.54: kaptain ketone (wstock3)  Fri 12 Aug 94 18:48

 well the freaks here are ok, but I have some REAL problems with this deal:
 		1) The people who organized this, had NO idea what 85,000
 tents really look like together in one place.....it is insane trrying to get
 to the stage or anywhere else for that matter....
 		2) The JERKS who bring their kids ..... like 2-3 MONTH old
 babies,,,,,no reawson at  all to do this...
 		3) the rampant commercialism.....it really sucks....10 bux
 for a cardboardlike 6 slice pizza.......yuk!

woodstock.15.55: Dan Levy  (wstock3)  Fri 12 Aug 94 21:03

 MY favorite Woodstock statement so far came from the stage.  John Popper,
 Blues TRaveler's singer and harp man, warned the crowd th watch out
 for the brown Pepsi, which is not specifically too good.  He said the
 Crystal Pepsi was all right, though.

woodstock.15.56: lan1 (wstock5)  Fri 12 Aug 94 21:42

 We've arrived at Woodstock iI,  It's f'ng unbelievable. Don't let anyone
 tell you any  different. People are freindly even though the delays are

woodstock.15.57: big al (wstock4)  Fri 12 Aug 94 22:03

 This message is being brought to you courtesy of the Syracuse New
 Times...There is no easy way to get to the Surreal Field, too many people in
 the way (tents with no path) and the walk along the outside takes forever.
 The Well's  pretty cool, but it probalbly costs too much and is full of
 members who spend too much time in front of a tube.
 My friend is cranky. He'll get over it. People are being mellow and
 cooperative on the whole.
 Power to the people, peace, and skunky bud for all.

woodstock.15.58: Much[322YoungforWoodstock1 (isaac)  Fri 12 Aug 94 22:34

 heh. 'least he's honest about his opinions!

woodstock.15.59: David Dalto (dd)  Fri 12 Aug 94 23:50

 Skunky?  Awright!

woodstock.15.60: starchild (wstock1)  Sat 13 Aug 94 07:42

 In search for the eternal line...
 Dateline Red Lot. Got on bus line 4:30. Left line 10:30 to go back to car. 6
 hours of back pain and being more crammed than ever before were too much for
 this boy. Slept really well in my car. Thebus only took 2 hours this
 morning. May leave very early or VERY late Sunday.
 Its like student council decides to organize the concert of the decade.
 This morning I'm still in good spirits, though. It must be the magic of

woodstock.15.61: WATER/alabama (wstock5)  Sat 13 Aug 94 07:47

 GLASTONBURY?!?!?! Why the Swedes here said this tops Glastonbury and Pink
 pop put together. America's still the world leader in decadent behavior.

woodstock.15.62: Alan Turner (arturner)  Sat 13 Aug 94 08:13

 America is full of people who spend too much time in front of the tube.

woodstock.15.63: Conceived at Woodstock? NOT! (mglito)  Sat 13 Aug 94 12:35

 An the WELL is a *LOT* cheaper than Compuserve (not to mention 100 times
 And, yes, some of us DO have a life... ;-)

woodstock.15.64: keh (wstock1)  Sat 13 Aug 94 12:42

 Very crowded, mobs of people!!!  All sweating, with a smelly sandles smell.

woodstock.15.65: Buddha (wstock1)  Sat 13 Aug 94 13:07

 Now its RAINING! REALLY raining! But what the hey! I'm under a tent Logged
 onto the well. PEACE.

woodstock.15.66: Mad Hatter (airman)  Sat 13 Aug 94 13:15

 Woodstock.com is off the net

woodstock.15.67: dee (flanagan)  Sat 13 Aug 94 13:31

 whatever happened to (yo dude)???

woodstock.15.68: Puddnhead Wilson (warfrat)  Sat 13 Aug 94 13:35

 >> The Well is probably too expensive...too much time in front of the 
 tube <<
 1. Costs less than most if not all other on line services.
 2. Sure do spend alot of time in front of the tube, but I've met more 
 cool people in the last month than I would had I not joined...
                    THE WELL ROCKS!!!!!
 3. Besides, you might wish to "adapt" cause this info-bahn thing is here 
 to stay and growing by reports of one million a month (internet on the 
 whole, not just Well).
 4. If you decide to join a service, do yerself a favor...Join the WELL!
 5. Have fun at Woodstock!

woodstock.15.69: Jessica "tiger" de Indiania (wstock1)  Sat 13 Aug 94 14:55

 Ok, I'm here and I am still alive...and plan to be after this -may i add-
 very interesting 1/4 of a million people gathered together...and why?
 music.......drugs....sex?-ya if you like death-...complaints-negative vibes
 travel, some of these people have no idea what is going on; in the literal
 sense and deeper in the uncouncious. I am sure I am not the only one that
 could down-dirty and involved when it comes to insights and double meanings.
 BUT...ther're people waiting in line; wanting to see the new trick, the
 excitement. giving away there money like candy....giving themselves away in
 one way or another- and some havent realized  that yet. Compliments---or
 rather COMMENTS- at least there is still people out there who give a damn
 about whats going on. Thank (God...or what you prefer) there is a concious
 with care........Jessica Whicker of Elkhart, In

woodstock.15.70: heaash (wstock4)  Sat 13 Aug 94 16:14

 first i'd like to say that i was lied to, i was given instructions from the
 nice organizers that i was not to bring perishible food, beer or anything
 larger than a pop-up tent. all of which i did. unfotunatly my brothers and
 sisters decided not to do the same. so that leaves me with no real food to
 eat, no space to camp or walk (hill in front of north stage) and surrounded
 by a bunch of drunk fools.

woodstock.15.71: heaash (wstock4)  Sat 13 Aug 94 16:23

 and who around here was the one who decided what "reasonably" priced
 foods... 10 bucks for pizza that is more for the box than for the food...
 sorry if i sound like i'm bitching but i'm dissappointed, not in the music
 but in the people and the organizers. let's hope that the next 25 years will
 give them time to come up with a plan that works. -heather  kent,ohio

woodstock.15.72: MIvler (wstock2)  Sat 13 Aug 94 19:41

 I am having a great time here.  Ther rain was a bummer, but we all got wet,
 and we partied on.  The main problen now seems to be all the "lakes" that
 have formed due to all the water.

woodstock.15.73: Deadly When Silient! (wstock1)  Sat 13 Aug 94 19:59

 A Bunch Of Turkies And Mayo! Right here! Right Now! I'm thinking a lot and
 feeling a lot.  Just conjure the thought of you being the turkey and all
 the mud being the mayo. Yep! Folks listen carefully and I shall tell you
 no tale. I'm sporting right here right now an Admit One tag around my neck
 - Compliments of Phillips Media. But I haven't fallen to a state of what I
 say I can't stand. Hell I'm no hypocrite. Even though right here right now
 I'm drinking a Pepsi even though I belong to Green Peace. I just recently
 took a picture of a naked man and chuckled. Right afterwards I got really
 irate when someone was filming me logging in. He told me I had no rights
 to not being filmed once I bought my ticket. Silly me, I didn't realize
 what I wanted so badly---- coming to Woodstock '94 is now what I realize I
 don't want at all. (Why, does that keep on happening?) Interesting to hear
 from the grape vine that people in the Well are breaking in here.  While
 we are trying to break out! I guess we are both are in the inside trying
 to break on though to the other side. Doors. Lots of those everywhere but
 all leading to the same destination. I guess I shall close by saying I'm
 returning home-where ever my boots lay. Rest assure near the water as
 close as I can be to dolphins and the sea. And when I now a grandule of
 sand its entirity I will know the universe completely. 

woodstock.15.74: The Juiceless One (wstock3)  Sat 13 Aug 94 21:47

 To the promoters of Woodstock 94'
 		Great Party!!  Thanks.
 					The Juiceless One.

woodstock.15.75: God's Nephew (wstock3)  Sat 13 Aug 94 22:11

 Abort Christ- Just Say No to Religion!
 Damn Hippies!  Why they gotta do their drugs here?

woodstock.15.76: none (wstock3)  Sun 14 Aug 94 08:19

 I'm so fucking wet and tired. Trips are good. There's nuttin' but a bunch of
 druged out freaks when you get up to the stag. Aerosmith was wicked last
 night. Peace.
 see 6

woodstock.15.77: Deadly When Silient (wstock1)  Sun 14 Aug 94 12:56

 Did you know? Curiosity killed the cat! But satisfaction brought it back
 bro! Asked, "Are you a reporter?" Answer,"Yes, Of Life!"Red Alert A 
 Fashion Statement was in the making here but I was Absent. I had no 
 yellow rain slicker. I found myself asking for information from these 
 yellow folks thinking they  were security. But no prevail. I guess this 
 proves there is no security in life and little information.
    Mud- I crossed an "X-PERT" only crossing -North Stage! It was an 
 incline and people on the outskirts were full of laughter as people took 
 the plung. I stopped and with my knife that I was never searched for I 
 cut away at the fence line that was plastic and back tracked. Why? 
 Because I believe,"One Gal!" alright,"One Person Can Make A Difference!"
 I made it up the hill- alone self gradification to stop.  And then To 
 realize that It wasn't enought! I cut down about eight feet of fence and 
 went back. I laid down the new 90's tracktion grabber and heard,"groans" 
 of oh, it's over. But one bright soul said,"Oh, here we go!" 
    I see a mad man dancing and pictures being taken? I don't think he is 
 a madder man than I! I'm sitting in the mud on a black trash bag as my 
 grounder happier than most cause," I realize what a joke." I may have mud on 
 my hands, my face, my feet, but at least not on my ass! I tried hard to 
 harness what little freedom Woodstock 1994 could supply for the low low 
 cost of a hundred and fifty-five. As a causual obverser of time I can 
 say, " Of all the truely insane that I've met. I can say by far I'd 
 rather be casted into the forum of insane than the pretender of the sane!
 I am by accident or not spending the summer in Provincetown - Cape Cod. 
 For any soul who can see, hear , and feel for anything I've said respond.
 Julia Clabault --Say IT, MEAN IT, AND say who Said IT   LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 General Delivery , Provincetown MA o2657.  P.S. Have A nice fuckin Day!

woodstock.15.78: Sagerer (wstock3)  Sun 14 Aug 94 14:37

 Hey, Hey, My, My,  What a long strange trip it is being!!!
 Having a mediocre woodstock experience then I meet Peter Gabriel in the CDI-
 Tent.  Thanks for the handshake Peter.  Peace!  (Thanks for all the tunes
 and great attidude - expecially the tune "Love to be Loved".  I think you
 are me in that tune.!!! - and that artistic - Diging in the Dirt attitude
 this current US Tour)
 Jim Spangler should have been with me then!!  Sorry Jimmy - hope you meet
 him soon.
 Hey Laurie - let's go out huh?
 Loretta Mower (maiden), take care of The Chameleon's Heidi  I left her in
 the pit to deal with Green Day.
 Mom, Dad and gang, hope you are groovin' like me!!!!
 Lisa, You're right I should play hard to get - Hope you are feeling good and
 muddy right now.
 Where's Tom Jones?  His new album should have him happining here at 'stock.
 I know some can't understand but hey?
 Where's The Score?
 Anyone seen my headband?
 Deadline came at midnite.  This is a brand new day.
 She didn't write.  She had nothing more to say.
 She went away.
 I should get over it.
 Hey, Neil, you should have come and played man.  It is still kool to go out
 and party around music, peace and love, even if the bozo's give us a hard
 time.  Screw em.
 Besides, it's cool to see rich people covered in MUD!!!!
 Hey work - When's the next CUD going out?
 Man o man, was it muddy and wet upstage!!
 That art guy kicked some butt with the John Lennon picture.  Go man go.
 LT, where are you angel?
 Mick/Keith - you don't need an invitation/money to come up an hour and jam -
 quit being so old - you kicked ass in Jersey.
 Miss you doris, wherever you are - I love you.
 Peace All.
 Hey Todd, Kathleen, Andy, Jim, Laurie, Kathleen, LT, Eric, and all you other
 Sagererists, Peace - I hope to see you soon.  Lisa Jo, Cheryl, settle down
 and know I'm missing you.
 Hope all goes well for you folks.
 Get me home, Mom, get me home.
 Thanks, Peace, Love, Understanding, Doris:
 Robert W. Sagerer
 In grateful loving memory of Simon.  RIP, Si!!!!

Italic footnote comments made February 2001.

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