woodstock.31.0: Mad Hatter (airman)  Fri 12 Aug 94 10:59

 How much rain, sunshine, shooting stars?
 And any comments on traffic

woodstock.31.1: Bill Graham (wstock4)  Fri 12 Aug 94 11:20

 Traffic, starrin Steve Winwood and Jim Capaldi from the original English jam
 band, is scheduled to appear on the North Stage, on Sunday after The Allman
 Brothers Band and before the Spin Doctors. While reviews of their concerts
 have confirmed the worst fears of those who note the absence of founding
 member Dave Mason, perhaps the stimulation of the Hudson River Valley will
 inspire a more vivid performance than previously seen on this summer's tour.

woodstock.31.2: otis (nycjag)  Fri 12 Aug 94 12:02

 They were great when I saw them. Have no fear...

woodstock.31.3: wasn't there, but was alive (jrc)  Fri 12 Aug 94 12:17

 Also death of founding mewmber Chris Wood does not help traffic.

woodstock.31.4: yo dude (wstock1)  Fri 12 Aug 94 16:05

 the weather at woodstock II is hot, humid and muggy for most of the weekend.
  relief should be in sight some time on monday when the festival is
 scheduled to end.  for now keep in touch

woodstock.31.5: John Cavanagh (jcav)  Fri 12 Aug 94 16:28

 Saw lots of Traffic with Mr. Garcia at Giants stadium in New Jersey last
 week...they were cookin!...speaking of the Grateful ones, the weather
 here surely looks like rain...guess all you Woo II folk are headed for
 Mudsville...shades of days past!

woodstock.31.6: Mike Spencer (renser)  Fri 12 Aug 94 18:32


woodstock.31.7: Fuzzy Logic (phred)  Fri 12 Aug 94 18:43

 Traffic were excellent at Las Vegas and good at RFK.  Unlike a lot of
 revival outfits I won't mention, the current version respects what the
 band did in its prime.

woodstock.31.8: matneo is (matneo)  Sat 13 Aug 94 01:52

 matneo now reports heavy thunderstorms moving through the albany ny area
 with 100's of lightning strikes.  It is raining heavily.  The local radar
 shows no storm over me g'figure, but has a large orange and red storm
 (corresponding to "heavy" on the legend) heading for the mid-hudson region.
 The mud people will be happy!

woodstock.31.9: jt (wstock5)  Sat 13 Aug 94 07:37

 turn on your radios, let us know what roads are closed and we'll fin any
 availble route in.

woodstock.31.10: militant driver (wstock5)  Sat 13 Aug 94 07:59

 the roads to Bethel are wide open. I hope the stones play 'Undercover of the
 Night' when they go on at 3:00 tomorrow morning.

woodstock.31.11: Bulgur & Wheatgrass & Windham Hill Songs (mglito)  Sat 13 Aug 94 14:19

 So I hear it's raining now at Woodstock '94?

woodstock.31.12: matneo is (matneo)  Sat 13 Aug 94 14:30

 Weather Channel forcasts gusty winds with possible "torrential downpours"
 for Sunday...  here I come!

woodstock.31.13: Mad Hatter (airman)  Sat 13 Aug 94 14:44

 Weather channel is a day late and a Pepsi short. Seems it's a bit torrential
 right now...

woodstock.31.14: cerise (wstock4)  Sat 13 Aug 94 14:46

 Just got back from the south stage where the Band was just about to go on
 when the skys opened up.  The equipment, the instruments, the artists, and
 the crowd got *drenched*.
 Wavy Gravy carried on with a MORE RAIN cheer, the crowd loved it!
 The rain finally stopped leaving behind a field full of mud and then
 the Band went on..

woodstock.31.15: jt  (wstock5)  Sat 13 Aug 94 15:10

 Did Rollins' Band behind Cypress Hill have anything to do with that lone
 rainstorm we just endured.

woodstock.31.16: cerise (wstock1)  Sun 14 Aug 94 17:51

 Amazing sunset!  A fitting atmospheric lead in for Bob Dylan going
 on at the north stage.
 Really cooling off now, smell of camp fires in the air.
 I've been here now for five days, kinda feels like the end of summer break 
 and back to school.

woodstock.31.17: we (justride)  Mon 15 Aug 94 09:24

 Man, the rain came down in sheets on the Rockaway peninsula
 Saturday evening. Many bolts, too. Hope it wasn't nearly as
 bad upstate. Drove to the Slope for dinner later Saturday,
 and saw a lot of downed trees.

Italic footnote comments made February 2001.

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