Woodstock II Rumours

woodstock.32: Woodstock II Rumours

woodstock.32.0: Old Fart Rock and Roll (mikejs)  Fri 12 Aug 94 11:03

 Will Bill Clinton Show Up with his Sax?
 Will Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie make a cameo?
 ...and where are the Grateful Dead
 Post all your rumours here!

woodstock.32.1: cerise (wstock2)  Fri 12 Aug 94 11:11

 Okay, rumor has it Keith Richards is here and Mick will be joining him.
 The rest of the Stones?
 This one has a better shot at being true cause the Stones are playing
 NY Monday night.
 A healthy Pearl Jam rumor circulating too.  Isn't Eddy V. in Europe?

woodstock.32.2: Egbert geo baldi gala bonzo. (wstock1)  Fri 12 Aug 94 11:30

 My mother will be here to have raunchy sex with him onstage!y

woodstock.32.3: we (justride)  Fri 12 Aug 94 11:35

 Heard a rumor that Donna Jean is going to attempt to sing with Bob & Rob
 et al.

woodstock.32.4: Old Fart Rock and Roll (mikejs)  Fri 12 Aug 94 11:45

 I heard John Tesh and Leeeza Gibbons will be showing up to do Entertainment

woodstock.32.5: otis (nycjag)  Fri 12 Aug 94 12:03

 cerise, the stones are playing new york tonite....
 if they play at all, it's tomorrow.

woodstock.32.6: we (justride)  Fri 12 Aug 94 12:07

 I heard the same Stones rumor (and not on the WELL).

woodstock.32.7: otis (nycjag)  Fri 12 Aug 94 12:20

 i heard the rumour the day the stones announced the nyc dates and the
 obvious open wstock was there

woodstock.32.8: hox (wstock4)  Fri 12 Aug 94 12:24

 i heard that at noon on SUnday, they're letting people in for free and that
 the pope is coming to play with the chili peps

woodstock.32.9: otis (nycjag)  Fri 12 Aug 94 12:27


woodstock.32.10: Post N. Steiner (rb1229)  Fri 12 Aug 94 12:49

 Garcia's doing his 'feed the dog' gigs at the Warfield this weekend, so
 leave him out of it.  And leave the Eddie Vedder out of it too.

woodstock.32.11: cerise (wstock3)  Fri 12 Aug 94 12:50

 I think it's the Pope w/ Salt-n-Peppa, not Chili Peppers.
 Will try to keep you'all posted on that.

woodstock.32.12: joker (wstock2)  Fri 12 Aug 94 12:54

 I heard Ron Newman was the biggest FUCKING jap. : fromGreece N.Y.

woodstock.32.13: The Next Generation (mglito)  Fri 12 Aug 94 12:54

 No the Pope's gonna be with Phish on Friday 
 Okay, I know, Phish isn't playing the festival.  But if they were, the Pope
 would play with them on Friday 

woodstock.32.14: The Next Generation (mglito)  Fri 12 Aug 94 12:55

 Er, 12 slipped in, I'm sorry to say.

woodstock.32.15: joker (wstock2)  Fri 12 Aug 94 12:58

 I heard that Rob Merle was playing with Renegade on the north stage sat.

woodstock.32.16: stub (wstock3)  Fri 12 Aug 94 12:59

 I heard that Dan Sheets is having an affair with RuPaul, and they have been
 seen going behind department stores for minutes at a time.

woodstock.32.17: kurt (wstock5)  Fri 12 Aug 94 14:01

 a rumor has started that counting crows will be playing, and possibly even
 the rolling stones, especially since they are playing giants stadium on the
 12th and 14th, leaving the 13th open

woodstock.32.18: otis (nycjag)  Fri 12 Aug 94 14:02

 you guys should all start your own rumours! well, i gues you are...

woodstock.32.19: Steve Silberman (digaman)  Fri 12 Aug 94 14:23

 Here's a plate o shrimp for ya!  I'm in my friend 
 office and Allen Ginsberg just left a message on Ray's machine saying that
 he will be in Woodstock tomorrow morning.

woodstock.32.20: Steve Silberman (digaman)  Fri 12 Aug 94 14:24

 (plate o shrimp is Repo Man/WELLspeak for an uncanny synchronicity)

woodstock.32.21: Much 2 young for Woodstock 1 (isaac)  Fri 12 Aug 94 14:30

 Plate o Shrimp  a quasi-mystical coincidence
 that's the !gloss entry.

woodstock.32.22: The Next Generation (mglito)  Fri 12 Aug 94 14:33

 Okay, now explain !gloss for the folks at Woodstock... ;-)

woodstock.32.23: Much 2 young for Woodstock 1 (isaac)  Fri 12 Aug 94 14:39

 *ahem*, infomercial type voice...
 "!gloss is a command used to find the meaning of goofy WELL slang like
 "gopod" "plate o' shrimp" "YMMV" "FWIW" etc. It is handy. See next post for
 the full list...."

woodstock.32.24: Conceived at Woodstock? NOT! (mglito)  Fri 12 Aug 94 14:41

 MAybe you should hide that post isaac (it's a long one, and this *is* the
 rumors topic after all)...

woodstock.32.25: Much 2 young for Woodstock 1 (isaac)  Fri 12 Aug 94 14:41


woodstock.32.26: Much 2 young for Woodstock 1 (isaac)  Fri 12 Aug 94 14:41

 you slipped in!

woodstock.32.27: Water (wstock2)  Fri 12 Aug 94 14:45

 Spread the word!!!!!!!!!
 This is a free concert.  Water and others have already flowed in and out.
 Ooops! Don't tell THE TICKETMASTER.

woodstock.32.28: Conceived at Woodstock? NOT! (mglito)  Fri 12 Aug 94 14:47

 to see post 25, type     o 25

woodstock.32.29: Much 2 young for Woodstock 1 (isaac)  Fri 12 Aug 94 14:50


woodstock.32.30: Conceived at Woodstock? NOT! (mglito)  Fri 12 Aug 94 14:53

 Please note important !glosswords...
 Most frequently used (in my experience):
 Learn them.  Know them.  Use them :-)

woodstock.32.31: yo dude (wstock1)  Fri 12 Aug 94 16:11

 If I heard right Madonna is going to make an appearance on stage with Tiny
 Tim, while Ethel Merman's stuffed body will be used as a punching bag (you
 win a bag of jelly beans who ever can break her apart).  While Tiny Time is
 smacking the hell out of Ethel, Ru Paul will be showing the latest version
 of underwear being sold by Calvin Klein and he thinks that he won't be
 needing any wigs for this one

woodstock.32.32:    (ernie)  Fri 12 Aug 94 16:13

 Gaaahhd OOOF Bless OOOF AmeriOOOFca!

woodstock.32.33: yo dude (wstock1)  Fri 12 Aug 94 16:17

 Oh did I also mention that Carol Burnett will be playing the Tuba, or is
 that sitting in one, while Harvey Corman rubs her belly, or is that blowing
 in her stomach?  Anyway, you will have to make sure you see Susan Sarandon's
 Budha which is on loan from Shirley Mclaine.  Whoa!

woodstock.32.34: Ruler of the (cosmos)  Fri 12 Aug 94 16:24

 For What It's Worth
 In My Humble Opinion
 Laughing Out Loud
 Rolling On The Floor Laughing and
 Your Mileage May Vary

woodstock.32.35: cerise (wstock5)  Fri 12 Aug 94 18:10

 .... back to Pearl Jam.  A local reporter told us that he hung with Eddy et
 al last night in Bethel, 70 miles south of here, where PJ will be playing
 the Freedom Fest.
 For free!!!

woodstock.32.36: Chris Carroll (marvy)  Fri 12 Aug 94 19:30

 WBAI in NY is reporting that both the Stones and The Beatles are going to
 play the illicit Bethel 94 rather than Saugerties.

woodstock.32.37:  (wstock4)  Fri 12 Aug 94 20:12

 rumors are abound.

woodstock.32.38: Sebastian Mendler (smendler)  Fri 12 Aug 94 20:41

 Anybody got info about what's happening in Bethel??

woodstock.32.39: pisco (wstock1)  Sat 13 Aug 94 08:06

 Where do you think Ringo, Paul and George will be jamming Sunday?
 Well, rumor has it from a reliable source they will be reuniting at
 Woodstock 1994, Sunday. No shit!  The Beatles live.

woodstock.32.40: bludwarf (wstock2)  Sat 13 Aug 94 08:06

 almost did my laundry, it was just the other day, it's getting kind of old.

woodstock.32.41: Sebastian Mendler (smendler)  Sat 13 Aug 94 09:44

  ...how about
 Almost bought some hair
 Happened just the other day
 I've been getting kinda bald
 Coulda used a toupee
 But I didn't, and I wonder why
 feel like passing Men's Hair Club by...

woodstock.32.42: James Spottiswoode (spottisw)  Sat 13 Aug 94 13:08


woodstock.32.43: Conceived at Woodstock? NOT! (mglito)  Sat 13 Aug 94 13:24

 If 39 were true, that WOULD be news indeed!  (But I'm not holding my breath)

woodstock.32.44: Puddnhead Wilson (warfrat)  Sat 13 Aug 94 14:13

 Good One!

woodstock.32.45: eric clapton playing at woodstock (wstock2)  Sat 13 Aug 94 14:43

 on the radio coming out, i heard that pearl jam and eric clapton were going
 to play. however, since pearl jam is totally against ticket master, then
 eric clapton was the only newcomer to play at woodstock

woodstock.32.46: vtennant (wstock3)  Sat 13 Aug 94 16:09

 rumor has it, Woodstock sucks!!  I'm here, the people suck and there is too
 much beer!!

woodstock.32.47: Puddnhead Wilson (warfrat)  Sat 13 Aug 94 16:11

 be on your way...no one is stopping you!

woodstock.32.48: editorial comment (green)  Sat 13 Aug 94 16:25

 I heard on IRC that 3K folk went to bethel . . . .

woodstock.32.49: Michael Newman (jstraw)  Sat 13 Aug 94 16:55

 #41 is brilliant

woodstock.32.50: Greg Baxter (wstock5)  Sat 13 Aug 94 18:32

 Is it really gonna take 20 hours to get out of the parking area Sunday

woodstock.32.51: gimme an "F"! (reva)  Sat 13 Aug 94 18:34

 I guess you'll find out!

woodstock.32.52: Danica Remy (wstock1)  Sat 13 Aug 94 18:37

 God, I hope not.  I really want to make the 7:30 am flight with this tired
 crew.  It was a miracle that we got the tent and all the equipment up, hope
 we get another miracle and make it out.

woodstock.32.53: aud (dam)  Sat 13 Aug 94 19:08

 if the 12,000 people heading for shuttle busses after the Phish show
 a few weeks ago at Sugarbush in Vermont is any indication, you bus-
 bound folks are in for a lot of problems....

woodstock.32.54: Mike Spencer (renser)  Sat 13 Aug 94 20:00

  or if the 60-100K leaving highgate, vt were any indication after the
  the grateful dead put that town to sleep, plan on not getting out og their
  until monday afternoon maybe.....
  ......still sounds like a lot of fun to bad PHISH wasn't playing right now
  or I wouldn't have time to be bouncing around the room on the WELL.
  Goodnight and sorry about that, but its been a long day and i just listened
  to a smokin :

woodstock.32.55: Winky (wstock2)  Sat 13 Aug 94 21:06

 I heard that the fact that Tom Arnold is filling in for Wavy Gravy is not so
 surprising after all. Can you guess what things, (and there are many) Tom
 Arnold and Wavy Gravy have in common.

woodstock.32.56: Chris Carroll (marvy)  Sun 14 Aug 94 06:10

 Hmmm, both clowns?  Actually just heard a story on NPR about how Wavy runs a
 camp for disadvantaged kids.  So I guess that gives him redeeming value.
 Tom...Well tom..., well, uh, he's a clown.

woodstock.32.57: Michael Newman (jstraw)  Sun 14 Aug 94 09:02

 Wavy is a saint among us.

woodstock.32.58: We must be in HEAVEN, man! (tnf)  Sun 14 Aug 94 09:26

 Magnificent and deeply flawed, like the rest of us.

woodstock.32.59: Puddnhead Wilson (warfrat)  Sun 14 Aug 94 12:06

 That explains Wavy. Now what's Tom's excuse?
 Camp Winnarainbow is for disadvantaged kids who can't otherwise make a 
 trek out of the city life. Also for us disadvantaged older folks two 
 weeks during the summer after the kids get their chance. Check into it.

woodstock.32.60: we (justride)  Mon 15 Aug 94 09:28

 Mr. Gravy, as the NYT once called him.

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