Being a Fag at Woodstock

woodstock.40: Being a Fag at Woodstock

woodstock.40.0: WELL Woodstock Demo #2 (wstock2)  Fri 12 Aug 94 14:39

 being a fag at WOODSTOCK.
 Being a fag at WOODSTOCK.
 Ok so I'm here at Woodstock with my two roommates, Chad and Cindy, we're all
 queer and so far we've not run into any other queers.  A lot of cute boys
 but no fags.  Not that we came here solely for that reason but, you know, it
 would make things just a little bit cooler.  I guess being from Manhattan
 I'm too used to being surrounded by fags.  Yeah, whatever.

woodstock.40.1: David Gans (tnf)  Fri 12 Aug 94 14:44

 How do you KNOW you haven't run into any queers?

woodstock.40.2: Bo (wstock4)  Fri 12 Aug 94 14:56

 I've probably run into a few but haven't recognized any so far.

woodstock.40.3: Old Fart Rock and Roll (mikejs)  Fri 12 Aug 94 15:08

 what does a queer look like?

woodstock.40.4:  McGannahan Skjellyfetti (digaman)  Fri 12 Aug 94 15:09

 I'm a big fag on the WELL.  Well, big.  Not quite a fag in the elegant
 queen sense - but I sure love my brothers.  I'm in a similar situation,
 being a Deadhead -  there are few out gay guys on that scene.
 I have a cool section in my book about Queer Deadheads that goes like this,
 written by Michael Van Dyke, who owns the Psychedelic Shop in SF:
 To be a Deadhead is to live at the boundaries of social convention, and the
 status of homosexuals in American culture has likewise been that of outlaws.
  Both Deadheads and queers assert the sovereignty of the individual over
 society's idea of what it means to be a man or woman, and both are privy to
 insights about oneself as an evolving spiritual being that come only from
 viewing one's own culture from the *outside in.*
 The values which appear fixed and rigid to an unquestioning member of the
 mainstream culture appear fixed and relative to an outsider.  In the instant
 of seizing the opportunity for personal autonomy, growth, and self-
 exploration, Deadheads and queers share the transcendent experience of
 "being in the world but not of it."
 -- from Skeleton Key/A Dictionary for Deadheads
 by D. Shenk and me, out later this week from Doubleday.
 The WELL, too, can sometimes seem a little straight, but as in the Deadhead
 scene, straight here does not mean narrow.  I'm more comfortable
 among Deadheads, and on the WELL, than in any gay bar.

woodstock.40.5: Old Fart Rock and Roll (mikejs)  Fri 12 Aug 94 15:21

 was that a commercial digadewd?

woodstock.40.6:  McGannahan Skjellyfetti (digaman)  Fri 12 Aug 94 15:24

 Just mentioning the source, chief.   And am I excited about
 having a book out?  Yes.  If I'd seen that quote, I'd want to know
 if there was more of the same.  Sorry if it seemed self-serving,
 mike.  I thought the quote said something really worth hearing.

woodstock.40.7: Old Fart Rock and Roll (mikejs)  Fri 12 Aug 94 15:27

 I always enjoy your insights steve.

woodstock.40.8:  McGannahan Skjellyfetti (digaman)  Fri 12 Aug 94 15:55

 That's one of the best things about being on the WELL, actually -
 being made aware of myriad motivations :-)

woodstock.40.9: dee (flanagan)  Fri 12 Aug 94 16:03

 later this week!! yuh!!!!!!

woodstock.40.10: fern owen (wstock2)  Fri 12 Aug 94 16:19

   hi! i sure hope this isn't a "guys only thing"..  i'm queer & i'm here!!
 whoever says they haven't seen any queers at woodstock really needs to send
 their gaydar in for a tuneup..  another funny thing is that over in the
 ecovillage, greenpeace, refuse & resist, and some other organizations have
 these flags hanging above their tents, and the rainbow flags are galore!  of
 course my initial reaction is to look for FAMILY, but then i realize the
 context i'm in..    i'm a young woman from port ewen, ny  (about 15 miles
 south of here), and i'm enjoying the scene uphere. i'm kind of bummed
 though, because there are major amounts of litter around here.  the crowd is
 really mixed as far as being safe to be out is concerned.. one minute you're
 standing next to deadheads, then headbangers, then hip hoppers, & techno
 heads.. liberals & conservatives alike abound.. i was up here the weds 8/10
 & saw a truck here (on site) w/ "nra" & stop abortion stickers on it. it's
 a friend of mine is coming up from new paltz, ny (cool place to visit if
 you're not bringing 250,000 friends).. he & his boyfriend are jumping the
 fence & are psyched by the thought of having sex at woodstock..  sounds cool
 to me.. my problem is i'm attracted to gay guys & straight women..
 but hey, w/ 250,000 people, take 10% of that..
 actually, could somebody from the outside send us the headcounts that
 they're anouncing on the news?  we're kind of clueless here.. just people,
 tents & more people. as a local, the media here was filling everybody's
 heads with fear of the masses, but once you leave the farm, the streets of
 saugerties are pretty dead, since you have to get bussed in from distant
 parking lots, and (some of) the locals are afraid to travel.
 i was kind of hesitant to go, for fear of traffic, stampedes, etc based on
 what the media was predicting, but then i thought about it, i went to march
 on washington '93, and the u.n. pride march in nyc in june '94, i've hung
 out with a million before, so what the hell was i worried about?!?  of
 course, getting in free helped to sway my mind..  send me some mail folks!

woodstock.40.11: bi bi baby (wstock3)  Fri 12 Aug 94 16:21

 a happy bisexula checking in!  oops, bisexual!  hi boys and girls!

woodstock.40.12: closet-case (wstock5)  Fri 12 Aug 94 17:51

 I like bisexula better!

woodstock.40.13: David Gans (tnf)  Fri 12 Aug 94 17:53

 Bisexula was pretty good, but along about Bisexula IV: the Final Schtup, I
 thought the novelty had worn off.

woodstock.40.14:    (ernie)  Fri 12 Aug 94 18:09

 I Was A Teenage Bisexula was pretty cool!

woodstock.40.15:  McGannahan Skjellyfetti (digaman)  Fri 12 Aug 94 18:16

 I was a teenage Allen Ginsberg, but as I get older
 I more resemble myself.  :-)

woodstock.40.16: fern owen (wstock3)  Sat 13 Aug 94 08:15

 hey folks, back again to give you the update! went to the rave last night,
 that scene has been the most "out" yet.. even saw a don't panic shirt! take
 it easy!  :)

woodstock.40.17: Ash from Louisville, Kentucky! (wstock1)  Sat 13 Aug 94 10:19

 I think all you fucking "FAGS", "FAGETS", "QUEERS", "DYKES", "HOMOS", or
 whatever the hell you SICKOS are called, should rot in fucking hell or come
 to your senses and accept JESUS CHRIST and realize that your life style is
 totally WRONG and immoral! I really hope that you will be saved and turn
 around soon because this world isn't gonna be here too much longer! JESUS
 WILL RETURN and take only those who follow Him and His word. Some people say
 "well, I BELIEVE in God so I'm gonna go to heaven" well that is not
 necessairily true. You have to believe in Him AND FOLLOW His wor. In His
 word it talks AGAINST things, WORLDLY things, such as HOMOSEXUALITY! and yes
 other things too. It is so wrong and so disgusting! You can't tell me that
 "you can't help being gay", ort that you "Were born this way" cause that is
 total B.S.!! God made all people that he loves them but we make our own
 decesions in life how we want to be. Nobody makes us anything, WE make our
 selves! God loves all of us, but he hates our decesions sometimes. Just like
 you make the decision to be gay, God HATES that. He clearly says in the
 BIBLE, HE HATES HOMOSEXUALS!! God made Adam and EVE NOT Adam and STEVE!!!
 All you fags need professional help and most of all SPIRITUAL help and
                              WORTH IT!

woodstock.40.18: jordan1 (wstock3)  Sat 13 Aug 94 10:21

 flamefest to follow.....

woodstock.40.19: jordan1 (wstock3)  Sat 13 Aug 94 10:22

 Ash, explain to me just one thing...
 Why would anyone want to find spirituality from a god that "hates?"

woodstock.40.20: Holy Ghost (wstock2)  Sat 13 Aug 94 10:31

               Let he who is without sin
                                          cast the first stone.

woodstock.40.21: editorial comment (green)  Sat 13 Aug 94 10:36

 I'll have that ham sandwich now, thank you.

woodstock.40.22: gopod for a day (jbk)  Sat 13 Aug 94 11:09

 Another loving Christian heard from.

woodstock.40.23: It MUST be true I read it in a BOOK (arturner)  Sat 13 Aug 94 11:15

 Tell me more about hell, and where you heard about it.

woodstock.40.24: fern owen (wstock2)  Sat 13 Aug 94 12:15

 glad to see we have an open mind on line..
 too bad i don't believe in hostile christians....

woodstock.40.25: Conceived at Woodstock? NOT! (mglito)  Sat 13 Aug 94 13:38

 Boy, and I was impressed that I made it 16 posts before seeing that kind of
 Too bad that so many people out there don't take the time to work out their
 aggression... :-(
 Good luck out there folks.  God bless.  Take it easy...
 straight  in Boulder

woodstock.40.26: Liam (wstock3)  Sat 13 Aug 94 14:33

 If you're going to be a narrow minded bigot, at least make sure you're
 literate.  I'd swear on my mother's grave that "faget" is actually spelt
 PS I actually watched that hateful bitch typing out her lines.  When I asked
 her what exactly had fucked her up so much, she began crying.  This may seem
 very vengeful, but it was most satisfying.

woodstock.40.27: jordan1 (wstock4)  Sat 13 Aug 94 14:48

 IJWTS that as wicked as that Liam sounds...He's a rather charming fellow.

woodstock.40.28: Puddnhead Wilson (warfrat)  Sat 13 Aug 94 14:53

 Liam is an angel compared to, no words can describe how 
 I feel.
 Right on liam! I would've probably pushed her buttons even more.

woodstock.40.29: hg (wstock5)  Sat 13 Aug 94 15:20

 Blessed be the...

woodstock.40.30: Jennifer Powell (jnfr)  Sat 13 Aug 94 16:48

 I am kinda into Liam, myself

woodstock.40.31: Michael Newman (jstraw)  Sat 13 Aug 94 16:56

 #17 is one reason we don't *do* anonymity on the WELL.

woodstock.40.32: Ruler of the (cosmos)  Sat 13 Aug 94 17:48

 Yeah, it's not neccesarily that it isn't OK to say such things, but
 if you do you better own up to it.
 Just what I want...  a gopod that HATES.

woodstock.40.33: Marica (wstock1)  Sat 13 Aug 94 18:25

 The'yre here.. we're here, we're everywhere.. 25,000 strong at Woodstock..
 (see Kinsey).

woodstock.40.34: Liam (wstock2)  Sat 13 Aug 94 19:50

 Thanks a lot guys. I just hope the rest of you take a lesson. Do the same
 the next time you hear one of these bile spitting shitheads and make the
 world a better place.
 PS I'm actually straight, but homophobia makes me want to vomit.

woodstock.40.35: Bo (wstock2)  Sun 14 Aug 94 08:51

 Hey everyone, me again.  Thought I'd stop back in on this muddy Sunday
 afternoon and see what kind of responses there were to my message.  Peace
 and love everyone, I'm having a shitty time but hey, thats ok.  Its better
 than yesterday and the music is fucking great.
 Keep an eye out for my zine The Bad Seed, published bimonthly.  The next
 issue is out August 30, an article about my time here will be printed.  If
 you need to you can send for a sample issue, #3.00 to:
 145 Attorny St. #6C, NY, NY 10002
 Hope Woodstock went really cool, as for me, I have a couple of roommates I
 need to murder.

woodstock.40.36: peacefrog (wstock4)  Sun 14 Aug 94 08:56

 Just thought I'd send a hug to all the rest of the queers here.. :)  Hi from
 a representative of the BDSM contingent..  We had a great time, even
 introduced a newbie to the joys of hot wax... :)   I melted some down and
 was painting people..   peace..
 *special wave to the deadheads*  I'm STILL waiting for my Queer Dead shirt!
 Later all, stay dry.. :)'

woodstock.40.37: Larry Person (lperson)  Sun 14 Aug 94 09:56

 >>>>>#17  2 more days of peace and music.....yeah, right!
    This is what happens when you let people go on the Well who don't have
 accounts.  And why Usenet sucks soooo bad.  Thank God the Well doesn't
 normally attract evangelical Christians.
    Although Woodstock looks crowded and dirty from TV, it did appear as if
 many diverse people had formed some kind of community.  Too bad this guy
 missed the point.
     We really would like to hear more about being a fag at Woodstock, and
 this guy should stick to his "how to be an ignorant Christian" topic.  And
 to the guy who said God doesn't make us Gay or Straight...We choose one or
 the other.  That's usually said by people who are heterosexual and have
 accomplished little else BUT this decision.
     Take it from a couple of Gay Deadheads.  You are surrounded by gay folks
 at Woodstock whether you know it or not.  You can't always tell by

woodstock.40.38: Tom Rielly (wstock3)  Sun 14 Aug 94 11:53

 	Well I'm a digital queer here at Woodstock. It's been very
 frustrating to find other queer folk here. Everyone has appropriated all
 identifying style indicators that we normally use to find each other. Tons
 of cute gays and guys everywhere, and all half naked. I think the boys have
 it a little better cause the men here are nearly naked. Visually
 intoxicating but frustrating when it comes to sorting out who you really
 could sleep with.
 	Last night I saw two rainbow flags at the North Stage mosh pit. They
 were too far to get to in the mud. The coolest dykes I'v e met are all at
 the Well tent. Because the women here are out, it's surrounded by all these
 dyke concertgoers.
 	I've become infatuated three times this weekend, but nothing's come
 	One of the best sets was Melissa Etheridge, who smoked through a
 tribute to Janis Joplin.
 	After here, Crosby, Stills, Nash made me cry with their rendition of
 Helplessly hoping.
 	Also, I was performing twice daily on the JumboTrons in the Apple
 Digital Newspaper, so there was at least one big (ninety feet) fag here.
 	Tonight's the night perhaps. I'm done with my work, and can go enjoy
 "Planet of the Mud People" with a soundtrack by Peter Gabriel. I'll stay
 til the end.  You can reach me at the most unhip address of
 or 415-252-6282
 	Peace, and queer love,
 tom rielly
 digital queers

woodstock.40.39: Vamp (wstock1)  Sun 14 Aug 94 16:56

 You can't tell anyuthing bi apperance here. I don't usually wear velvet
 covered in mud but hay, shit happens.

woodstock.40.40: fern owen (wstock3)  Sun 14 Aug 94 17:50

 hey you quee-yahs! how's it going? i saw the 2 rainbow flags too, but i
 didn't see them until Melissa Ethridge was on. i don't know if they didn't
 go up until then as a solidarity kind of thing, or maybe that i just didn't
 notice until then..   tres cool nonetheless.
 liam, i'm curious, with the christian out to convert, was all that you sd to
 her md her that fucked up, or was there more to it than that? how long was
 your dialogue.. too bad i missed that.. did it get loud?  later  :)

woodstock.40.41: joey  (wstock3)  Sun 14 Aug 94 17:57

 all i have to say is until christ is president stay out of my bed and pants.
 to liam- you should have given her a big wet kiss(if you are a woman)
 to all those who can't find the rest of us why don't you sign on a time and
 place to meet and we can all have fun as a family.
 to all- BE PROUD
 see ya

woodstock.40.42: fern owen (wstock3)  Sun 14 Aug 94 18:08

 speaking of  christ for president.. my state senator had the nerve to tell
 me, in a letter justifying why he won't vote for NY's sexual discrimination
 bill (or even allow it to come to the floor for a vote), that "such a group
 of people weren't discriminated against, since discriminated groups by
 definition, had to lack political power, and since we were so instrumental
 in electing Clinton for president, gays couldn't possibly be discriminated
 against.."  the pig's name is bill larkin, and if you live in his district,
 please mk sure the thing doesn't get reelected"  GET OUT THE QUEER VOTE ! !

woodstock.40.43: Michael Newman (jstraw)  Sun 14 Aug 94 18:24


woodstock.40.44: Michael Newman (jstraw)  Sun 14 Aug 94 18:51

 I'd like to publicly mention that tnf asked me in email to scribble #31. I
 was pretty much amazed by that.
 If there is one flaw with, it's the de facto anonymity
 which is completely at odds with the way the WELL itself operates. #17 as it
 occurred, with a veil of anonimity, should *NOT* have occured.
 You want to spew bilious shit, fine. Buy an account, pay your way, and back
 it up with an email box, and possibly your chin.

woodstock.40.45: Sharon Fisher (slf)  Sun 14 Aug 94 19:14

 Hi, Tom Reilly!

woodstock.40.46: gimme an "F"! (reva)  Sun 14 Aug 94 22:39

 This ain't about anonymity, Michael. And it's an argument more appropriately
 reserved for a WELL policy conference, not for this one.

woodstock.40.47: Michael Newman (jstraw)  Mon 15 Aug 94 06:29

 I disagree, strongly.

woodstock.40.48: gail williams  (gail)  Mon 15 Aug 94 09:56

 Please start a topic in policy. I'm interested in feedback on this
 experiment -- that's what experiments are for!

woodstock.40.49: we (justride)  Mon 15 Aug 94 09:59

 How else to do the Woodstock/WELL thing without temporary
 accounts, though? Do you think that it shouldn't have been done
 because you may end up with posts like #17?

woodstock.40.50: we (justride)  Mon 15 Aug 94 10:03

  slipped in.

woodstock.40.51: Michael Newman (jstraw)  Mon 15 Aug 94 11:27

 I'm not sure Warren, maybe that's exactly what I think.

woodstock.40.52: we (justride)  Mon 15 Aug 94 11:32

 Seems like a decided minority, though.

woodstock.40.53: We must be in HEAVEN, man! (tnf)  Mon 15 Aug 94 11:34

 It's a worthwhile philosophical discussion, but ti does not belong in this

woodstock.40.54: Lenadams Dorris (vegas)  Mon 15 Aug 94 15:39

 heh...the spirit of the WELL prevails! Sorry I missed the mud.... ;')

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