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woodstock.43: WebStock:  The New Journalism

woodstock.43.0: Max Yasgur's Ghost (axon)  Fri 12 Aug 94 16:46

 from the cheap seats in the datasphere . . .

woodstock.43.1: Max Yasgur's Ghost (axon)  Fri 12 Aug 94 16:49

 i've been checking out the Web pages from silicon valley.  pretty
 cool stuff.  i'm getting a much better sense of the scene there and
 the people than anything i'm getting off of CNN or boradcast news.
 as i look at the pics in the scrapbook, read the first hand accounts
 here, and wander around the web, i am realizing that *this* is how
 news should be covered, reported and analyzed.  by the participants,
 not by outsiders with an axe to grind.

woodstock.43.2: David Gans (tnf)  Fri 12 Aug 94 17:13

 Great page from a group of onsite nurses.

woodstock.43.3: dee (flanagan)  Fri 12 Aug 94 17:15

 cool!  nurses are way cool.

woodstock.43.4: gail williams  (gail)  Fri 12 Aug 94 17:22

 Yeah, the pages are inspiring!
 Pictures and voice and all..  Yay!!!
 and text that's fun with lynx, too...    http://www.well.com/woodstock

woodstock.43.5: TJ (wstock2)  Fri 12 Aug 94 18:14

 Chances are the music will be overwhelmed as the real story here by the huge
 compacting of humanity into, seemingly, too small a space. Already, holes
 have been cut in the fences, and hundreds if not thousands are pouring in
 free -- hmmm, where have we heard that one before? But with security only
 concerned with keeping food and drink out of the park (so Pepsi can make
 even more cash), no one is directing people where to camp, where to sit, no
 walkways are cleared, and one bank of toilets is already overflowing.
   However, it's almost certain no mainstream news media will notice this.
 They have a large, comfy, secure area behind the stages. They'll write about
 the 40 or so acts on stage (which they could as well be doing from home) and
 miss the news story about the 200,000 folks in front of them.

woodstock.43.6: Fuzzy Logic (phred)  Fri 12 Aug 94 18:58

 Uh, a pointer or URL or sumpin' might be helpful.

woodstock.43.7: Max Yasgur's Ghost (axon)  Fri 12 Aug 94 19:08

 thought occurs to me that what the web medium needs is full motion vid
 and sound.  i know that client software can call the external
 applications which support those features, but what is needed is
 client software which can do small soundbytes and short vid clips in
 native mode.  i'm running mosaic on a sparc10, and i know it has the
 power to handle that stuff.
 it's a sure bet that there are video cameras up there getting lots of
 stuff that isn't making it onto the nightly news.  audio, too.
 hey, somebody with the well crew should take that digital camera out
 and get some shots outside the tent!  then post them to the scrapbook.

woodstock.43.8: samoht (wstock4)  Fri 12 Aug 94 19:10

 In responese to TJ:
 	The insight which you have demonstrated in you comment about the
 massive crush of humanity lightens my mood. The truley challenging part of
 this whole thing is navigating from one area to another. The tenting has
 truley grown absolutely out of control. The lack of common sense or just
 basic intuition is absolutly astounding. The basic sentiment is just who
 gives a fuck I think that I'll; just set up right here even though there are
 4,000 people trying to walk through here and when I do set up here there
 will be absolutly no where for anyone to go, AH I DON'T CARE I WANT MY TENT
 NOW! Pretty pathetic if you ask me. (I don't really care if you did) ANyways
 it is only friday night and the situation is bound to only get worse. This
 will be the Woodstock which dosen't suffer from auto traffic but pedestrian
 traffic snafu.

woodstock.43.9:    (ernie)  Fri 12 Aug 94 19:18

 Sparc 10'll run it, Ax, but not enough bandwidth on the current backbone
 to send it is my understanding.
 Anyone in San Francisco got a Web connection so I can check out the
 scene this weekend?

woodstock.43.10: Danica Remy (wstock1)  Fri 12 Aug 94 19:39

 Next upload off the server should have the photos of our ever evolving
 tent here at the show.  Got some shots of Todd Rugrens Todd Pos from the
 he just finished.  Will be working on shots from the event later tonight.
 If we can patch it we will put up some live video also.  But don't hold your
 breath for it ;-)  it's on our that would be cool list.
 oops thats Todd Pod.

woodstock.43.11:    (ernie)  Fri 12 Aug 94 19:48

 How long do these persist--if I don't get to a machine till Monday
 will I still be able to see them?

woodstock.43.12: Danica Remy (wstock1)  Fri 12 Aug 94 20:13

 The WEB server will live on in the WELL for as long as people think it
 should be there.  The concept we are experimenting with is a server build by
 the WELL community.

woodstock.43.13: Dan Levy (danlevy)  Fri 12 Aug 94 20:33

 I really love reading the messages from people who just walk up to the
 booth and type.  This is a brilliant populist medium, and, as usual,
 axon has it just right.  This is the future of journalism.
 It has been entertaining seeing the camera crews come by to see what
 the hell we're up to here.
 Whoever said the music may be secondary is definitely right.  The grounds
 by the stage are ridiculously crowded and people are setting up
 tents wherever the hell they want.  It's more unzoned than Houston!

woodstock.43.14: Much[322YoungforWoodstock1 (isaac)  Fri 12 Aug 94 22:40

 For those who asked, the URL is. http://www.well.com

woodstock.43.15: Fuzzy Logic (phred)  Fri 12 Aug 94 22:52

 Actually, you can go direct to  http://www.well.sf.ca/woodstock
 A lot of the files aren't available yet, but I buzzed over to the
 "official" Web site and grabbed the site map and performer list,
 and took a look at some album covers.  
 But nix Nix NIX on the fucking PEPSI ad!!!

woodstock.43.16: Fuzzy Logic (phred)  Fri 12 Aug 94 22:56

 By the way, for those who are struggling with NCSA Win Mosaic, I recommend
 giving WinWeb a try.  I've had it for two days now and it's swell.
 ftp it from  ftp.einet.net  or Well folks can get it from my home
 directory in the next couple of days at /home/p/h/phred/winweb.zip

woodstock.43.17:    (ernie)  Fri 12 Aug 94 23:03

 Pepsi ad?

woodstock.43.18: Much[322YoungforWoodstock1 (isaac)  Fri 12 Aug 94 23:08


woodstock.43.19: Much[322YoungforWoodstock1 (isaac)  Fri 12 Aug 94 23:12

 the sitemap gif is available on the WELL page as well. Is the ad on metaverse, the "official" woodstock II inet site?

woodstock.43.20: Danica Remy (wstock5)  Sat 13 Aug 94 00:03

 Yes, the ad is on Metaverse.  NOT ON THE WELL SERVER!
 WE ahve a link to there site

woodstock.43.21: Fuzzy Logic (phred)  Sat 13 Aug 94 03:34

 forgot to mention, the einet people are also doing MacWeb which I gather
 has been out for a little while longer (WinWeb was just released for
 general use and testing in the last 30 days).

woodstock.43.22: Jennifer Powell (jnfr)  Sat 13 Aug 94 08:07

 Hey phred, does WinWeb show graphics? On a regular telnet line?

woodstock.43.23: John Bagby (cubensis)  Sat 13 Aug 94 14:46

 grass-roots access
 temporary autonomous zone
 for mind expansion
 the matrix
 the web
 the net
 no matter how ya get here
 by fasting
 or meditation
 we are no longer in the drama of alienation
 we are in the ecstacy of communication
 one of 11 members of
 Zippy Pronoia Tour to US '94

woodstock.43.24: 2 young for # 1 (isaac)  Sat 13 Aug 94 15:38


woodstock.43.25: 2 young for # 1 (isaac)  Sat 13 Aug 94 15:39

 what isa zippie?

woodstock.43.26: John Bagby (cubensis)  Sat 13 Aug 94 16:33

 zen inspired pronoia professionals
 pronoia= the sneaking suspicion that others are conspiring to help you
 (and you them)
 manifest life poem
 balance the hemispheres of your brain
 creative/spiritual/intuitive  >><<  pragmatic/technical/logical
 whole cultural systems
 heal thyself from the inside out

woodstock.43.27: gimme an "F"! (reva)  Sat 13 Aug 94 17:21

 I like that concept!

woodstock.43.28: Max Yasgur's Ghost (axon)  Sat 13 Aug 94 18:50

 me too!  thanks for that report.

woodstock.43.29: you are the eyes of the world (cubensis)  Sat 13 Aug 94 20:14

 no prob--
 we are all potential "pronoid dance-o-phrenics"

woodstock.43.30: Bulgur & Wheatgrass & Windham Hill Songs (mglito)  Sun 14 Aug 94 13:05

 Meanwhile, the NET site on my campus is closed, so I won't be able to see
 the WELL's Web pages till the weekday... :-(

woodstock.43.31: Danica Remy (wstock2)  Sun 14 Aug 94 17:03

 Bummer then you wont' be albe to see the latest upload complete with an
 awesome shot of the parting clouds and beautiful sunset that happening right

woodstock.43.32: George P. Mokray (gmoke)  Sun 14 Aug 94 18:53

 So what's the relation between pronoia and extropy?

woodstock.43.33: John Bagby (cubensis)  Sun 14 Aug 94 20:27

 both, I would venture to guess, are natural byproducts of mother chaos
 fucking with the universe.
 hey, they both make MY life interesting, at least...

woodstock.43.34: Max Yasgur's Ghost (axon)  Mon 15 Aug 94 13:11

 well, as an experiment in collaborative journalism, i'd have to say
 this is a partial failure.  i was excited at the start, but then the
 energy seemed to wither.  it seems the participants were too busy
 participating to make any meaningful commentary on the events.  still,
 and interesting attempt, and worth learning from for future attempts.
 ultimately, though, i got most of my information from the usual
 channels.  keep swinging.

woodstock.43.35: Half a million headstrong (mcow)  Mon 15 Aug 94 13:20

 This was my only channel of info, and it was exciting for most of the
 weekend.  The feeling was a lot like reading the WELL during the Oakland
 Hills Fire or the earthquakes, except instead of covering a disaster it was
 covering a mostly-fun concert.

woodstock.43.36: Max Yasgur's Ghost (axon)  Mon 15 Aug 94 13:32

 that's how i felt at first, mike.  but then it seemed as though the
 energy really tapered off.  

woodstock.43.37: Mad Hatter (airman)  Mon 15 Aug 94 14:18

 Too many windows, er, lines of communication into the festival. seems that
 everyone had real or virtual connections there, and alot of people had a big
 measuring stick of what happened 25 yers ago.
 Maybe if we had a multiple choice questionaire...
 Capturing memories in realtime may not be the success story. A little
 patienmight ferret out what happened...

woodstock.43.38: otis (nycjag)  Tue 16 Aug 94 09:25

 I think this is a better source for the feel of the event than anything the
 mainstream press did

woodstock.43.39: Franklin J. Flocks (fjf)  Tue 16 Aug 94 11:54

 The best coverage of the event I've seen in print was in Monday's
 U.S.A today- Almost 3 pages - with lots of detail on the Mud people
 and music reviews.

woodstock.43.40: otis (nycjag)  Tue 16 Aug 94 12:00

 yeah, it was pretty good... did anyone see any print mention of wasserman
 breaking his arm?

woodstock.43.41: gimme an "F"! (reva)  Tue 16 Aug 94 15:50

 Yup, it was in the Datebook section of the SF _Chronicle_ this morning.

woodstock.43.42: Sleep in the Stars (btwind)  Tue 16 Aug 94 16:08

  Also in the NY Daily News today about Wassermans arm- He sits in
  on bass w/ the GD on occasion! - Gee, I didnt know that!

woodstock.43.43: otis (nycjag)  Wed 17 Aug 94 05:30

 the press is so stoopid!

woodstock.43.44: home in peaceful San Francisco (tigereye)  Sun 21 Aug 94 00:29

 The lack of narrative *is* the reality -- we have become accustomed to 
 the press making news into fables, complete with moral messages.
 Sometimes it takes a little longer for the true meaning of an event to 
 come out, independent of the imposed narrative provided by the media for 
 easy 20-second digestion.

Italic footnote comments made February 2001.

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