Woodstock Hip-Hop (The Phunky Pheel topic.)

woodstock.65: Woodstock Hip-Hop (The Phunky Pheel topic.)

woodstock.65.0: WELL Woodstock Demo #4 (wstock4)  Sat 13 Aug 94 17:31

 When I get down, I give what go around, and when I cough, I do my best to
 cut it off.
 I don't claim to be a preacher, not paid to be a teacher, but I'm prone-
 I try to be a leader to the bone.
 Never could follow a man with a bottle, he's a baby with a beard and not a
 feared role model.
 Ask me where I get it? I get it from my pop's. When there's a man in the
 house all the bullshit stops.
 And then I sing a song 'bout what the hell is goin' wrong-you'll never know
 if you only trust the T.V. and the radio.
 You say you can't see whose in cahoots 'cause know the KKK wears three-piece
                It's like that ya'll-in fact you know
                it's like that.

Italic footnote comments made February 2001.

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