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woodstock.7.0: back to the garden (reva)  Sat 6 Aug 94 12:29

 So tell us something about yourself -- who are you, where do you live and
 what do you do when you're not hanging out at Woodstock?
 I'm Reva Basch, and I'm old enough to've been at Yasgur's Farm in 1969.
 PLENTY old enough!
 I live in Berkeley, and I write and do info-surfing for a living. I'm a host
 of Women on The WELL, and of the Berkeley and Miscellaneous conferences.
 I've been hanging out in cyberspace since 1988, and it shows.

woodstock.7.1: David Gans (tnf)  Sat 6 Aug 94 12:46

 I was on the wrong coast for Woodstock.  But I woulda been there if I
 I earn my living as the rpoducer/host of the Grateful Dead Hour, which isn't
 as nostalgic as it might seem to the untrained ear.  Dead music has its
 origins in the "Woodstock era," but it has continued to develop over the
 last 25 years.
 I have been a WELL member since 12/85 and a host since 3/86.  The "virtual
 community" here has done a lot for me and for the world, too, in my opinion.

woodstock.7.2: Are We Really? (really)  Sat 6 Aug 94 14:35

 I am Are We Really? sometimes known as Really? Commandeur of the Art Police!
 I do Big Things in the name of aRt! 

woodstock.7.3: Steve Silberman (digaman)  Sat 6 Aug 94 15:14

 I'm Steve Silberman, one of the authors of a book which will be published
 later this month:  Skeleton Key/A Dictionary for Deadheads,
 from Doubleday Books.  I was a little young to be at the original Woodstock
 - I was nine.  I am a member of a still-relatively-invisible American
 generation, the younger brothers & sisters of the kids who went off to bathe
 their breasts in the mud, their hearts in the tribal mojo, and their minds
 in LSD and great music (with the exception of the Dead, who Garcia recalls
 as being quite awful at Woodstock).  My parents were New Leftists who didn't
 smoke pot (until the '70s), kept a copy of Mao's red book on the nighttable
 (next to The Godfather, which fell open to the sexy part), and held scarves
 over my mouth as we ran through the streets of Washington through clouds of
 tear gas the night of the levitation of the Pentagon.
 Some of the music at Woodstock seemed to levitate the Pentagon-within more
 successfully than the Yippies levitated the Pentagon-without.  I grew up
 loving most of that music - really, it became my life, and I think of the
 Deadhead subculture as my sangha (a Buddhist word meaning the community of
 meditators).  Even as a few of the original Woodstock generation seemed to
 capitulate or at least fade away behind walls of cocaine, greed and
 nostalgia (a literally deadly combination) during the '80s, many folks
 refused to give up the ship, and became scholars of the original
 abandon, doing things like running AIDS hospices and - well, writing
 Dictionaries for Deadheads, or Master's theses on the Beat Generation.
 So much good work of the last difficult decades since Woodstock is yet
 uncelebrated, and is _not_ celebrated by projecting all our goodness
 and power back to some imagined Golden Age.  My Haight Ashbury, for
 instance, is the WELL - and I live in the geographic Haight-Ashbury.
 I now count at least one of the performers at both Woodstocks - David Crosby
 - as a truly good friend, and I love him enough to be very honest;  which,
 after all the hype, nostalgia bullshit, dastardly milkings of peoples'
 good intentions, disappointments, and so on, is the deep meaning of the
 Woodstock-within.  Love strong enough to be absolutely and fearlessly
 honest, which even in a mortal universe, does Not Fade Away.

woodstock.7.4: editorial comment (green)  Sat 6 Aug 94 23:29

 I was back living in Detroit for a year the summer of 1969, and I had, like,
 $25 in my pocket, and I was walking up Woodward avenue, Detroit's main drag,
 thinking that if I got back to my apartment without finding a tattoo parlor
 first I'd go with my friends to Woodstock. No tattoo.
 So many stories, but as far as an introduction, my name is Lily Pond - a
 holdover from then in itself. One of the things that made the whole hippy
 movement, with Woodstock as its emblem, so important to me was the feelings
 of loving that seemed to be a value over the material, non-communitive,
 frequently angry values of our parents' generation. While I've changed over
 the years, and yes, have grown to understand why some people like some
 material things, I feel like running the magazine I do has allowed me to
 keep a vision of those values still alive.
 A culture that doesn't embrace the making of love is doomed to be embraced
 by the making of war.

woodstock.7.5: Dan Levy (danlevy)  Sun 7 Aug 94 17:36

 I was 9 years old and living in L.A. when Woodstock happened.  I *am*
 going to this one, and am pretty psyched, despite the fact that it is
 likely to be an incredible ordeal.
 I've never seen the original event as being particularly idealistic,
 so this one doesn't seem to be a travesty.  Perhaps even more honest
 in its embrace of commerce and organizational control.
 I just hope the music is good and I meet a lot of fun people, because the
 rest of it sounds like going to a high school assembly.

woodstock.7.6: otis (nycjag)  Mon 8 Aug 94 07:25

 I was three months old when the original Woodstock happened. I did not go
 and am not going to this one. Mostly, because the bands that are playing
 there are playing full-blown shows near my hometown. The bands I want to see
 anyway. I'd rather pay 30 bucks to see a whole show by the four bands therte
 that I want to see rather than 150 to see quite a few bands I have no
 interest in. It will be an event, but quite a bit of an ordeal as posted

woodstock.7.7: on the other side of the sun (miga)  Thu 11 Aug 94 10:19

 Hi, my name is M and I was only 2 in 1969 so I didn't have a chance.  I'm
 logged on from Saugerties today though - can't wait for the festival to open
 tomorrow!  Lots of nice people are here already - looks like it's going to

woodstock.7.8: gail williams  (gail)  Thu 11 Aug 94 11:09

 Hi... Gail here.  I was on a trail crew near Mt. Rainier in Washington state
 during woodstock.  16 years old, and having my own wild time.
 Woodstock and the Viet Nam protest culture had profound influences on me.  I
 went to UC Berkeley and studied environmental issues, wanting to make a
 difference for the planet and all of us.  
 Got into political comedy theater and supported my creative habits with
 bartending, photography, home remodeling, and PR and administration for
 other nonprofits and projects...  then I fell into the WELL.
 Now I work for the WELL (type  bio gail ) and play around in my free time 
 online after hours.  Kinda like being part of the crew for a rock concert, 
 and more than a rock concert.  Always watching for an interwoven vision 
 of culture, of compassion and passion.  
 May this be a breath of fresh space for us all!!!

woodstock.7.9: Pete Hanson (wolfy)  Thu 11 Aug 94 11:57

 Me?  Well I'm living in the shadow of Mt. Rainier these days, but back in
 '69 I was living in New York City, and was returning from Boy Scout summer
 camp on Woodstock weekend.  Ran into a massive traffic jam on the way back,
 stuck on a hot, stuffy bus for hours on end.  We got back to NYC 8 hours

woodstock.7.10: Pete Hanson (wolfy)  Thu 11 Aug 94 11:59

 As it happens, it was that same summer that I received the nickname that
 I now use as my loginid:  wolfy

woodstock.7.11: we (justride)  Thu 11 Aug 94 12:02

 Hi, I'm Warren. I was 8 when the first Woodstock happened, and a hell of
 a lot more interested in the Mets that summer than anything that happened
 at Yasgur's farm. Oh yeah, the moon landing was kind of neat, too.

woodstock.7.12: Noah (wstock5)  Thu 11 Aug 94 12:13

 Hi, I'm NMMoah, and I am working on this Woodstock 94 project. I come from
 Denmark, and I'm here to visit my father, who is the site coordinator here.
 I think Woodstock is a great project, but I'm still longing to get home,
 because I miss my girlfriend, who is the sweetest and loveliest person in
 the whole world. Also, school started in Denmark last Monday, so the ,longer
 I stay here, the harder I will have to work to catch up with what I've
 missed while I was away.
 Working at this projoct has been kinda hard. I've been working for 14 hours
 a day in the last three weeks, and I miss the feeling of having had a good
 nights sleep!! Going home to school is going to be like a vacation to me,
 (after I have catched up).
 In my spare time, I play a lot of soccer, and I really think that is the
 greatest sport in the world. During the World Cup, that acctually took place
 in this country, I was sitting by my TV-set whenever there was a game on.
 This World Cup was the greatest round I have ever seen, and I definetly
 think, that the best team won the price.

woodstock.7.13: McNeanyM (wstock1)  Thu 11 Aug 94 12:16

 To all you people who say that you were on the wrong coast for Woodstock...
 NoNsEnCe!!!!! If you were comitted to your cause you should have been here!
 Unfortunatly I wasn't born yet. BUT I'M HERE NOW. See you on the Net.  Q:)
 =;p    .........

woodstock.7.14: Max Yasgur's Ghost (axon)  Thu 11 Aug 94 12:57

 i'm axon.  i'm your uncle.  i used to live in saugerties many years
 ago.  something tells me things have changed lately . . . .

woodstock.7.15: The Next Generation (mglito)  Thu 11 Aug 94 13:02

 First of all, WELLcome to all the folks *at* Woodstock '94!!!
 My name is Michael Henry & I live in Colorado. After taking the time to
 count backwards, I've discovered that I was conceived at or around the
 Woodstock festival--so I really *wans't* there!
 Born to a fairly conservative family on the west coast, I didn't really
 understand the significance of Woodstock or "the Woodstock Generation" until
 my early teens, when M-TV was the biggest thing in entertainment.
 I've learned a lot since then, thank gopod.

woodstock.7.16: Jeremy Kashnow (kash)  Thu 11 Aug 94 13:14

 I'm kash.  College student, computer consultant, deadhead, virtual reality
 enthusiast, and Boulderite.  Was born about 4 years after Woodstock
 somewhere near there in upstate NY.  I live in Boulder, CO now in the shade
 of the flatirons.  Dropped into the WELL in '92 because I was interested in
 discussing virtual reality with someone other than my friends.  Didn't even
 think about going to WS2 until a few days ago.  Too late to make
 Can't wait to get back to school ... not ready for the 8 to 5 thing just

woodstock.7.17: Much 2 young for Woodstock 1 (isaac)  Thu 11 Aug 94 13:16

 I was -11 years old when Woodstock happened, so I wasn't doing anything cool
 of my own at the time, I wasn't even exsisting, conceived, or anything! I
 bet it was a blast though!

woodstock.7.18: Much 2 young for Woodstock 1 (isaac)  Thu 11 Aug 94 13:17

 16 slipped in, not that it matters or anything.

woodstock.7.19: Mad Hatter (airman)  Thu 11 Aug 94 13:22

 Telecommuter from the High Sierra.

woodstock.7.20: rootstock notion (alden)  Thu 11 Aug 94 14:16

 I'm Andrew Alden, and I was a high-school junior in Pleasantville, NY at the
 time of W1; some of my friends went.  They dragged the rest of us to all
 sorts of other concerts, inddor and out, after that.
 Thus it was that I went to the Watkins Glen concert, the biggest crowd there
 ever was in america until Paul Simon cheated by throwing a free concert in
 Central Park, many years later.
 Enjoy yourselves, and don't tear anything down unless it asks you to.

woodstock.7.21: Sleep in the Stars (btwind)  Thu 11 Aug 94 14:21

  Hi! I'm Tom. I was 3 when the original happened. I wasnt there then and
  I'm not going to this one. I would have considered going if the music
  had been more what I like, and the whole scene in general less of
  a hassle.
  I live in NY, make my living as a systems geek, and spend my nights
  reading, listening to music and riding the information super highway,
  meeting some incredible people along the way.

woodstock.7.22: David Kline (kline)  Thu 11 Aug 94 14:38

 No, I missed it.  But not by much.  I think during part of
 it I was in Marrekech.
 Alive and well and living in Boulder.

woodstock.7.23:   (bobpage)  Thu 11 Aug 94 15:00

 Hey, all!  I'm Bob Page.  Deadhead, university finance-type from the
 Wasgington D.C. 'burbs.
 alas, I too was a wee youngun the first time round (+11 years old)
 and this time it doesn't quite strike that requisite resonant chord
 for me.
 But what the hey, you all have enough fun for the both of us now, as
 I'm confident you will.

woodstock.7.24: Bruce Katz (katz)  Thu 11 Aug 94 15:39

 Hi gang. I'm Bruce and sadly I missed Woodstock in 69 as well   At the time
 I was living on a hill in the Haigt Ashbury and playing conga drums in
 Golden Gate Park.  That's when I fell in love with SF and is the reason I
 there now rather than on the East Coast going to the festival.
 good going guys.  I  am impressed that you actually pulled this off and even
 got a connection.  That's better than some of the exhibitors dd in the San
 Jose convention Center a few months ago at Interent World.  They apologized
 for not being able to do their demos because they couldn't get their
 connectoins to work...
 Have fun!

woodstock.7.25: perfection is the scourge of psychological health (paris)  Thu 11 Aug 94 15:41

 i'm  , who is responsible for my current
 cyberspace addiction..
 the week before woodstock, there was a music festival at the atlantic
 city race track in new jersey.  i was living in philadelphia then,
 and went to that festival in a yellow, beat-up vw convertible with a
 friend whose name i now forget.  many of the same bands performed at
 a.c. racetrack, but it didn't rain and it was really *hot*.  i spent
 the weekend *very* stoned, and got mosquito bites in some extremely
 uncomfortable places; the result of a night or two spent out in the woods
 with a young dude from kentucky..
 those *were* the bad old days...

woodstock.7.26: Hoover Chan (hchan)  Thu 11 Aug 94 15:57

 I was in high school in San Francisco when Woodstock happened. Although I
 wasn't there, it had a profound impact on me. Definitely a turning point
 in American cultural history.
 I've been online since 1980 and have been on the WELL since 1985. I host
 the Telecommunicating, Internet (co-hosting with Eric Theise), and Unity
 (co-hosting with Audrey Eng) conferences, among others. I'm looking forward
 to seeing how this little piece of online turf develops!

woodstock.7.27: Nick Schneir (nicks)  Thu 11 Aug 94 16:22

 I'm Nick Schneir. I was six months old when Woodstock 1 happened. I 
 used to live in NY. If I was still there I would probably be at 
 Woodstock 2 instead of sitting here in Santa Cruz, CA in front of a 
 computer. I work as an educational software programmer/designer. I'm 
 also a Deadhead and a political activist slowly recovering from 
 activist burn-out. 
 Alden, I'm from Pleasantville also. In fact my family moved there 
 right around the time of Woodstock. My parents don't remember for 
 sure, but in all likelihood I marched (or was carried in) the one and 
 only peace march to every  take place in Pleasantville. That was 
 probably in 1970 or '71.
 I'm curious what it was like for a sixteen or seventeen year old to go 
 from a  conservative suburban town to Woodstock. Care to comment? 
 Is Woodstock II be just another big concert or will people return 
 "changed" or  inspired as we are told they did from the original???

woodstock.7.28: naga bobby (bobby)  Thu 11 Aug 94 17:44

 I was 19 in 69 and I was at Woodstock and *loved* it. Actually I
 was quite blown away. I arrived on the Wednesday before the show,
 did a *lot* of acid and had cosmic experiences that I'll never forget.
 I was literally orgasming in every cell of my body for hours. I
 *experienced* the blessing of Swami Satchidanada at the opening
 of the festival and felt the wisdom-power of himalyan sages.
 Granted I'm extreme. I've not lost my sense of the cosmic. A couple
 of months after Woodstock I went flying off across multi-planes of
 different realties in a real sense for many months. This included a
 full-blown nde experience.
 Today I work in a mental institution, doing my small part to love
 and help the people. I'm largely dissociated from our society but
 working on grounding and integration and speaking my piece. My
 work is shaman work, actually not romantic as it sometimes seems.
 Don't know if I've ever had the choice to refuse the calling.
 Green, I hung out in that woods up the hill to the left of the stage
 for most of Sunday afternoon. This was the scene of my intense
 orgasmic psychedelic experience as cited above.
 Paris, I was at the Atlantic City festival as well. My experience was l
 largely a bummer there because the girl I was in love with, and with whom
 I anticipated a cosmic loving trip weekend, bummed out on acid the first

woodstock.7.29: Jennifer Powell (jnfr)  Thu 11 Aug 94 17:50

 I am  on the WELL and other places, Jennifer Powell. I also live and
 work in and around Boulder, Colorado.
 In 1969 I was 16 and in high school in Toledo, Ohio, interested in the
 counterculture, more interested in politics... being heavily influenced by
 the Black Panthers, the anti-war movement, and other parts of the political
 Spent most of my life as a community/economic/political organizer.  Managed
 to do sex, drugs and rock n roll even though I never got to Woodstock.
 I believe strongly that the world stands on the edge of yet another
 cultural/political explosion of, as usual, unimaginable proportions and
 content. I am curious to see if this Woodstock will be part of that.

woodstock.7.30: tom berlin (wstock3)  Thu 11 Aug 94 18:08

 i am a native californian living in baltimore I work in a professional
 theatre and im having a blastt heree at woodstock

woodstock.7.31: editorial comment (green)  Thu 11 Aug 94 18:11

 It gives me kind of a strange shiver to realize there are people posting
 here with whom I was on the same small piece of land on the other side of
 the country at the same moment 25 years ago.

woodstock.7.32: naga bobby (bobby)  Thu 11 Aug 94 18:13

 yes definitely my friend. we are hooked up in the cyber/matrix then and now

woodstock.7.33: Michael Newman (jstraw)  Thu 11 Aug 94 18:36

 I'm jstraw, either an AA program (artificial annoyance) running on the
 WELL's SUN, or Michael Newman, the most nurturing soul on the WELL since
 1990.  I can never decide.
 I was 9 and going to camp in August of 1969.
 I wouldn't fuck *this* Woodstock with *your* dick. ;-) 

woodstock.7.34: naga bobby (bobby)  Thu 11 Aug 94 18:48


woodstock.7.35: Venus de Tofu (pamela)  Thu 11 Aug 94 19:03

 Pamela, living in NYC at the time of Old Woodstocke, living in NYC
 these days too, but oh, in between....
 I was actually a snotty West Coaster just hanging out in NYC temporarily,
 and thought Woodstock was an East Coast Human Be-In wannabe.

woodstock.7.36: Hewitt L Pratt (hewitt)  Thu 11 Aug 94 20:02

 my name's hewitt. i'm gonna be in the mud this weekend. i wasn't
 born yet in 1969.  i'm looking forward to bouncing around to santana
 AND primus in the same weekend.

woodstock.7.37: kill popular youth culture, now! (jensav)  Thu 11 Aug 94 20:35

 I'm Jennifer. I live in NYC. I was born the summer of '69.
 I would have liked to experience the first Woodstock,
 but you could not *pay* me to attend this Woodstock.
 It reeks of commercialism, what with Pepsi and The Wiz
 as sponsors. There were no giant corporate sponsors in '69.
 There's actually several band I'd like to see there, too.
 But popular youth culture makes me violently ill.
 Mtv has taken over the mind of the masses,
 and to quote one of my favorite bands, The FreeZe:
 "If you dance the same and dress the same
 it won't be long till you are the same.
 You look the same and act the same
 there's nothing new and you're to blame."

woodstock.7.38: trex (wstock3)  Thu 11 Aug 94 21:08

 Hello, we're two people from southern California who have traveled across
 the U.S. to attend Woodstock II.  Neither of us were born at the time of the
 first one, but we have seen the films, and studied the films.  We are here
 with five other friends, and found that this place is pretty funky.  Quite
 the change from the normality of our lives back in the confines of a yuppie
 suburban city.  Well have fun, and if you respond to this, maybe we can
 check into this before we go. Later!.

woodstock.7.39: rootstock notion (alden)  Thu 11 Aug 94 22:10

 Nick, my friends found it very liberating, but they weren't very articulate
 about it.  Anyway, glad to hear from another Pleasantvillian!  It didn't
 seem conservative to me; more like a cradle.  And it still seems to be
 whenever I visit my parents there on Sunnyside Avenue.

woodstock.7.40: Puddnhead Wilson (warfrat)  Thu 11 Aug 94 22:41

 "This is the moment of embarking.
 All auspicious signs are in place."
 			-Tao Te Ching
 Greetings! I call myself 'Pudd'nhead Wilson', taken from the title of 
 Mark Twain's novel "The Tragedy of Pudd'nhead Wilson" (1894) but my real 
 name is Gordon Taylor. Born in '61 and raised in a suburban, conservative 
 town not quite an hour from NYC, I was a bit too young to attend. I was, 
 however, deeply influenced by the sights, sounds and emotions of the 
 sixties and the "Woodstock" generation. 
 I sincerely hope that all of you that are able to attend are able to take 
 something back with you. Not memorabilia or anything material or even 
 tangible. Rather, I hope you bring back with you the spirit of what the 
 original gathering represented. To me, it represented a "free" spirit. 
 Free in the sense that you can be free of all trappings that we humans 
 have placed on ourselves over the millions of years we've been on this 
 beautiful planet. Our time on this earth is but a drop in the bucket, 
 Woodstock II merely a blink of the eye. It will be over in just three, 
 short days and what will you have gained afterwards? Why have you come? 
 Gather the spirit like a long lost soul stranded on the desert for the 
 last 25 years who has just come across the deepest of WELL's. He can see 
 the abundance of the well and it's potential but can he drink the water 
 that it contains? Can you? The bucket of that well represents your 
 innermost desires for inner peace. Let it gather the water, the spirit, 
 and bring it up to you, quenching your thirst and satisfying your true 
 soul. Only then will you  be able to continue with your journey, 
 refreshed and ready for the life that lies ahead. 
 I've said enough. Enjoy yourselves. 
 "The clouds above us join and seperate,
 The breeze in the courtyard leaves and returns.
 Life is like that, so why not relax?
 Who can stop us from celebrating?"
 			Lu Yu, Chinese poet and philosopher.
 Care to E-mail? warfrat@well.sf.ca.usa

woodstock.7.41: Nicolas Pasquale Valle (buzzcut)  Thu 11 Aug 94 22:55

 Hi my name is Nic Valle. i was 18 the summer of Woodstock. I wandered back
 east but never made it to the festival. Life was kind of one long festival
 back then.
 Now I paint frescoe's in very grand houses in various parts of the world.
 A living anachronism.
 Im 43, gay, and a deadhead.
 Hope you guys have a good time, or at least fun  and by the way...

woodstock.7.42: David Dalto (dd)  Thu 11 Aug 94 22:58

 I'm David, another dude from the GD conference on the WELL.  I was 
 certainly 'Woodstock generation' material, but didn't go to the show 
 becuase the Afterlight Light Show and Traveling Circus, which included 
 me, had a gig doing psychedelic stuff in New Haven, CT.  I imagine 
 attendance was not great.  By the time word of the truth filtered back 
 (along with a participant or two who found the going too messy), it was 
 clear there was no practical way to get there.  Regrettable, I'd say in 
 But I _loved_ the movie!
 Hey now, Hewitt!

woodstock.7.43: From Nisky: (matneo)  Thu 11 Aug 94 23:51

 Hewitt's here!
 I have been known as matneo.  And I now habit the upstate of new york, where
 I was born.  But I have to be back in my permanent habitat (Berkeley, CA) on
 Monday.  |-}  Hope to see you all onsite Saturday!

woodstock.7.44: Papa Chubby (ikoman)  Fri 12 Aug 94 08:27

 I'm ikoman on the WELL.  In other parts of my life, I'm Chris Callahan,
 happily married to the most wonderful and fun-loving woman in the world and
 newly the father of Jeremy Thomas.  I am an attorney specializing in
 environmental work.  I have a serious jones to become a professional
 Hey, hewitt and matt, have a GREAT time!

woodstock.7.45: You flew to me (jmsommer)  Fri 12 Aug 94 08:31

 Hi I am Joe - I was five during the first woodstock, but I remember dreaming
 about Jimi Hendrix and anxiety manifested in adults. At that time, Woodstock
 represented their worst nightmare: an unresolvable traffic jam.
 The internet sometimes has traffic jams, too. Wierd, huh? :)

woodstock.7.46: raver x (wstock1)  Fri 12 Aug 94 09:18

 wats up everybody in woodstock 94!!   I still havent slept yet in 36 hours.
 Thats hardcore.  Peace and love to all.  A big shout out to brooklyn ny!

woodstock.7.47: David A. Wolfe (woof)  Fri 12 Aug 94 09:22

 I'm david wolfe, the lighting director for
 Ravestock @ woodstock, i'm sitting in the production trailer
 behind the south stage....gotta run see ya later

woodstock.7.48: gimme an "F"! (reva)  Fri 12 Aug 94 09:52

 I'm saying "hi" on behalf of Jim Hydock, a business colleague of mine here
 in Berkeley. I went to an open house last night at his new office, and in
 the course of schmoozing about stuff, he said "hey, look at this!" He opened
 an envelope and pulled out a pristine copy of the program for Woodstock '69.
 Turns out he was there, for *5* days!
 It goes to show, you don't ever know...

woodstock.7.49: Fly boy (wstock3)  Fri 12 Aug 94 09:56

 What's happening dudes?????

woodstock.7.50: Shannon & kiya (wstock1)  Fri 12 Aug 94 10:06

 drove from maine....7 hours....waited for 8 hours in the parking
 lot...finaly busses came...half hour to the field....THE ONLY THING THAT 

woodstock.7.51: slow bill (pisaruck)  Fri 12 Aug 94 10:07

 howdy, bill here, another wellbeing 'n checking in from s.f.  a bit too
 young in '69 to make it 'n won't this year either.  have a great time!

woodstock.7.52: Adele Framer (tigereye)  Fri 12 Aug 94 10:10

 Hello, I'm tigereye from the WELL, typing in my apartment in San 
 Francisco's Cole Valley -- some people call this the upper Haight-Ashbury.
 I didn't go to Woodstock because that weekend I had to work at the post 
 office in Westbury, Long Island -- a good-paying summer job -- so I could 
 save up money for college at SUNY Binghamton in upstate New York.
 I remember the conversation with my brother as if it were yesterday -- 
 "You wanna go to this concert?" "Nah, I gotta work and it's too far to 
 drive." Shrug.
 It rained that weekend, and I was just as happy to be out of the mud and 
 near a clean bathroom. There were many other concerts, many enthusiastic 
 crowds, many fun drug experiments to come. It was a wonderful time, and 
 it coincided with my youth.
 I went on to get a degree in Social Change (one of those '70s experimental
 majors), have been active in various progressive political movements, and
 now do a bit of political consulting. I've never been able to work in a
 corporate job. Professionally, I mostly do freelance technical
 publications and marketing. 
 I love the freedom of online communications and see a constructive 
 antidote to individual alienation and isolation in making friends and 
 building real community through virtual gatherings.
 I wasn't at Woodstock, but I'm here now! The party has moved on...let's 
 all join together in virtual reality!

woodstock.7.53: Jennifer w/red rose hair (wstock3)  Fri 12 Aug 94 11:02

 my father was at Woodstock when he was 20, and now i'm here.  i don't think
 it's quite the same

woodstock.7.54: Debbie and Reed Blankenship (wstock4)  Fri 12 Aug 94 11:40

 Hello all! 
 Peace and Love
 I ain't got no shirt on and i got my hair all braided up
 life is sweet and Saugerties is  GROOVY
 beads abound and tents are all over the place
 Hi to all friends and family   we love you all  peace  reed & deb

woodstock.7.55: Post N. Steiner (rb1229)  Fri 12 Aug 94 12:46

 Howdy all, Rob here, aka Post N. Steiner,'cause all the woodstocks in the
 world couldn't match the energy found in Winterland...
 I was 7 years old during the real woodstock and in camp nearby in the
 adirondacks. I was a hippie in training, later living by the Hair soundtrack
 and the woodstock album..
 I wish John Belushi was alive so they could've hired him for this one to say
 "No coke, just pepsi"...
 The only thing in the world that could've  gotten me to his one was Pearl
 Jam and thank god they had the sense to have nothing to do with it...
 My own personal woodstock was Englishtown,N.J. in the summer of '77 with the
 GD,NRPS,and Marshall Tucker. Just a few bands, but the vibe,music,and the
 mess were all there in their splendid glory...
 Anyone see Loundon Wainwright on the ABC turning point show the other night?
 He did a tune about this here event that summed it all up...
 And i'll be on the couch in front of the tube for the Allman Bros....
 And to sum it all up, the only thing missing from this woodstock would be
 mandatory drug tests upon entrance!!
 Have fun, break the rules, and enjoy the mud .

woodstock.7.56: jennifer coleman (wstock3)  Fri 12 Aug 94 13:42

 hey  just got finished seeing aerosmith, eagles, and melissa ethridge
 i thought i'd end my summer with woodstock. my boyfriend is dprobably
 asleep cause hes  not really having much fun. thats ok cause ill just
 party alone , dont make a difference to me. i;m here and thats that.

woodstock.7.57: Steve Rhodes (srhodes)  Fri 12 Aug 94 14:00

 The Loudon Waynewright song was great.  I was 2 years old and living in
 Chicago when Woodstock happened.  The closest I got to Woodstock was
 listening endlessly to my dad's Hair record beginning about the time we were
 living in Marin (70-72).  Then moved to Iowa City (72-76) and Indianapolis
 (76-85).  I saw the Woodstock film at the Indianpolis Public Library about
 the same time I got involved with STOP, an anti-nuclear weapons group.
 Under school regulations, the most political thing we could do was show Dr.
 Strangelove (we weren't even allowed to officially participate in a local
 march for the nuclear freeze).  The regulations had been imposed in the
 late 60s to try to stop anti-war protests at North Central High School.
 My parents didn't want me to go to UC Berkeley because they were afraid I'd
 become a radical and get arrested.  So instead, I went to the U of Illinois
 and became a radical and got arrested in an anti-apartheid demonstration
 along with 60 other students my first year during the biggest demonstration
 there since the Vietnam War.  I also went to the first Farm Aid which was
 fun, but no Woodstock.  It was marred by too many frat boys and one of the
 stars of the Dukes of Hazard, among other things (Joni Mitchell, Lou Reed,
 X, Neil Young, Ricki Lee Jones and a few others were good though).
 I wrote and spoke about media coverage of the gulf war and did counseling
 and publicity for COs while living in New York City.  When I came out San
 Francisco in the fall of 91, I got involved with Paper Tiger TV (a video
 collective based here and in NYC which does programs "smashing the myths of
 the information age).  I'll actually be in the town of Woodstock over labor
 day weekend for a Paper Tiger retreat.  I've alreay gone too long and

woodstock.7.58: David Gans (tnf)  Fri 12 Aug 94 14:05

 Welcome, Steve, and thanks for joining us!
 (Steve is a shining presence in the MEDIA conference here in the Well,
 bringing some much needed left-leaning input to our largely mainstream

woodstock.7.59: George P. Mokray (gmoke)  Fri 12 Aug 94 14:12

 Sitting here in my apt in Cambridge MA.  Got within a coupla miles of the
 original Woodstock and turned back.  Remember a convertible full of Al
 Goldstein's young partner in _Screw_ magazine and a bunch of women going
 slowly the wrong way down one of the roads.  We turned back and the NY
 Thruway reminded me of the newreels I saw of the Parisians fleeing from the
 Nazis in WWII.
 	Looking at all the media stuff, it occurs to me that Woodstock was a
 kind of voluntary refugee camp, a little bit of sympathetic magic for the
 	I don't even listen to the radio anymore but sometimes make my own
 	Have fun, don't spend too much money and don't make too much of a
 good time at a concert.

woodstock.7.60: Muffy, Starr, Moonbeam (wstock1)  Fri 12 Aug 94 14:25

 Kevin is being very nasty, and is not in the spirit of woodstock!
 Maybe, He'll snap out of it and stop being such a jerk!

woodstock.7.61: dee (flanagan)  Fri 12 Aug 94 15:36

 this is a trip, virtually looking in on woodstock 94!  thanks wellbeings who
 made it happen!
 i was eight in the summer of 69 and livedin suburban boston.  i had brothers
 who were then 18 and 19 then and looking back i realize that their coming of
 age experiences in those years had a big influence on me.  for them, long
 hair and running aaway to sf was a rite of passage, a phase... for me the
 beatnik/hippie/yippie stuff became deeply imprinted... i spent my teenage
 years reading abbie hoffman and watching jerry hoffa go corporate and
 wondering "did i miss it?"... then i ended up finding The Farm, where some
 "unreconstructed" hippieshad been living and communing since their bus
 caravan outta sf in 1970.  i'm still pretty much a long haired hippy freak,
 but living in the urban wasteland of los angeles now.

woodstock.7.62: jeff (wstock2)  Fri 12 Aug 94 15:42

 I made it finnally here from vermont.

woodstock.7.63: yo dude (wstock1)  Fri 12 Aug 94 15:58

 how do you start a new topic

woodstock.7.64: Steve Rhodes (srhodes)  Fri 12 Aug 94 16:03

 Type e (I could not find out how to do that for ages.  I had to e-mail
 someone for help).
 Thanks for the kind words David.  I actually started doing media criticism
 because the activism I was doing was so poorly covered in Urbana.  I didn't
 intend to be a writer (though I'd always intended to make films), mainstream
 journalists forced me to become one.

woodstock.7.65: Ruler of the (cosmos)  Fri 12 Aug 94 16:24

 Greetings all!
 My name is Fred and I'm coming to you nearly LIVE from Hampton, SC, a quaint
 town of about 5200.
 I'm a forester by trade, I do things like assist landowners with their
 forest mgmt needs, fight forest fires, fly in airplanes, put on school
 conservation programs, and basically just have fun in the woods.  My
 alter-ego is computer programmer;  I've written several shareware
 applications that recieve good reviews but little registration :-).
 I hope all you 'stockers have a BALL!!!

woodstock.7.66: gopod for a day (jbk)  Fri 12 Aug 94 16:27

 Sitting here at home in Marin County, CA. Just found out my cable company
 Chambers Cable isn't down with the pay per view.  So this is gonna be my
 connection to the event.  Have fun.
 Hey hey, my my . . .

woodstock.7.67: editorial comment (green)  Fri 12 Aug 94 17:41


woodstock.7.68: editorial comment (green)  Fri 12 Aug 94 17:42

 [are the folk with consessions wood stock brokers?] :^)

woodstock.7.69: sunshine (wstock3)  Fri 12 Aug 94 18:36

  I'm from michigan and had a good trip over

woodstock.7.70: Michael Robin (mrobin)  Fri 12 Aug 94 20:07

 Hi all. Michael here. LetUs see.... during Woodstock 1 I was a 12
 year old kid in the suburbs of Los Angeles. Although I was not
 completely clueless -- I knew the FBI had a hand in killing Marin
 Luther King, Jr., that the Warren Commission was bunk, and the spirit
 of Che was alive and well (and continues to live). But for this
 counterculter stuff.... what did I know?? :-)
 So now where am I? Living in San Francisco, watering the plants while
 my partner is crime got a gig that sent her! (Does this mean in
 another 25 years I can say that I knew someone who was there???)
 Will I be sorry I did not bust to be there? Maybe, maybe not. There
 have been other *amazing* events that I have missed, what's another
 If Woodstock was the end of the '60s maybe Woodstock 2 will help be
 the beginning of something new.
 Peace, Love, and..... Justice

woodstock.7.71: on the other side of the sun (miga)  Fri 12 Aug 94 21:33

 Hey, Michael!  Let's hope!

woodstock.7.72: Thou art that that thou art  (raemo)  Fri 12 Aug 94 22:16

 Ain't no music happening here in Berkeley but I tell ya....
 The Persied's are shooting up the sky with *AMAZING* meteors.
 Each meteor, a tear for every ache in the world...and every smile.

woodstock.7.73: Much[322YoungforWoodstock1 (isaac)  Fri 12 Aug 94 22:33

 I lied down on the sidewalk at 2 am and watched the perseid with my dad. it waas amazing. One meteor a minute. I've seen *downpours* before, but it is still, as always, breathtaking.

woodstock.7.74: Fuzzy Logic (phred)  Fri 12 Aug 94 22:36

 I'm Fred Heutte, I live in Portland, Oregon and on the net.  Grew up in
 Washington, DC and moved away in 1980 just in time to miss the onslaught
 of Reaganism.  My musical history meanders from Motown, Stax and Jamew
 Brown to the Grateful Dead, modern blues, reggae, West African, gamelan,
 "alternative" rock, and most recently the house/techno/"rave" scene.
 I was a college DJ and concert producer in 1974-77, went on to be
 assistant editor of the now-forgotten Unicorn Times in DC, and then
 got away from music for years because of how horribly commercial it
 became.  The line from Woodstock to disco is not as long as it may
 seem.  Last year I bought turntables and I'm DJing again, amazingly
 enough.  As a longtime avid, die-hard supporter of live music, I've
 found it to be of less interest in the last few years, especially so
 in the mega-concert setting (like the Pink Floyd tour, I finally saw
 them play at Oakland this year and was amazed and appalled by the
 sheer size of the scene).  So, Woodstock is probably not my kind of
 event (even the Grateful Dead scene, which kind of held its own in
 the large venues over the years, seems overblown to me now).  All
 in all, I vote for the underground, whether it's local bands playing
 in little clubs or DJs, a couple of turntables and some speakers on
 a beach or in a warehouse somewhere.
 Nonetheless, aside from the money-grubbing and narcissistic attributes
 of Woodstock 94, I bet it will be a good and interesting and maybe
 even challenging experience for most of the people there, and I sure
 hope y'all have a great time.
 P.S.  Don't miss Doc Martin, the Orb, and our net friends Orbital!

woodstock.7.75: susan (wstock3)  Fri 12 Aug 94 22:48

 Hello fellow Realtors.  I'm an agent with William Raveis Real Estate in
 Fairfield, CT If you attended the l969 and l994 Woodstock Festivals, please
 contact me at 287 Senese Drive, Fairfield, CT  06430 - I would really like
 to exchange memories, comments, and stories!!!! Send c/o Susan Coyne
 Johnston, address above. It's Sat. 8/12/94 and here we are in Sagurties,
 NY having a wonderful time, LETS HERE SOME 'FEEDBACK'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

woodstock.7.76: cyberfoo (arturner)  Sat 13 Aug 94 08:13


woodstock.7.77: THADDEUS REX (wstock5)  Sat 13 Aug 94 09:24

 okay, so far, we have a problem with people camping in non-designated areas,
 such as directly in front of the north stage. the main problem that has
 arisen is that people get off the buses, and they aren't directed to the
 camping areas. the largest camping areas, by the way, are located behind the
 north stage. that's right, behind it. this means that people essentially
 have to walk througha good portion of the concert site without finding a
 place to squat. since people are coming from all over the world, they are in
 no mood to go traipsing through acres of mud to find a place to squat. that
 is one problem. the other is the sheer mass of people. it peaked at 250,000
 the first day, which was friday. friday, incidentally, seems like ages ago.
 it is ages ago. anyway, the meidcal faciliteis are comp[letely inadequate.
 the booths lack thing like running water, wash basins for the doctors to
 scrub up, that kind of thing. hopeless.

woodstock.7.78: clueless (rabbit)  Sat 13 Aug 94 09:41

 I'm really tickled to be able to participate in Woodstock 94 via cyberspace
 and the efforts of fellow Wellperns and other newttwork people.  Today,

 and the efforts of fellow Wellperns and other newttwork people.  Today,

 at work (yes even on a Saturday) although I would love to be seeing Joe
 Cocker about now.  I woiululd have jumped to be there , but things

 Cocker about now.  I woiululd have jumped to be there , but things

 just didn't
 work out.
 During the original Woodstock (or should I say classic like Coca-Cola, errr
 I mean Pepsi---Oh, forget it!!) I was at summer camp in Northern Virginia
 I remember a big gathering being discussed by some counselors, but I hasd

 I remember a big gathering being discussed by some counselors, but I hasd

 no idea what an occasion it would turn out to be.  One of our work campers
 about 14 years old made that weekend.  He told me it was three days of
 surviving by his wits, little food, lots of rain, some good music and tons
 of mud.  He loved every minute of it!!
 Today, he is one of the Hogette- ettes who can frequently bee seen

 Today, he is one of the Hogette- ettes who can frequently bee seen

 at TRedskins

 at TRedskins

 games cherr\ering on his team while wearing a silly hat, wig and some

 games cherr\ering on his team while wearing a silly hat, wig and some

 combonationination of Hee-Haw show type women's sclothing.

 combonationination of Hee-Haw show type women's sclothing.

 But now, as then he
 love every s every minute of it!!

 love every s every minute of it!!

 I hope this weekend isn't too clean, too sober and too safe.  Take vcare of

 I hope this weekend isn't too clean, too sober and too safe.  Take vcare of

 each other and DANCE TO THE MUSIC!!!

woodstock.7.79: dan o'connor (wstock4)  Sat 13 Aug 94 10:20

 it is true what people are saying about all the money and expenses . but i
 don't think that i've had a bad time yet. i have also paid alot of money but
 it is like my mom said "we all make choices and we all have lives" so far so
 good. i would do it again so to all the people who are complaining try
 harder and enjoy it. Thankyou. Dan O'Connor.

woodstock.7.80: J Matisse Enzer (matisse)  Sat 13 Aug 94 12:45

 Hey, $135 isn't that much if you have areally great time.
 This is life, it's the one you get  (at least in this incarnation).

woodstock.7.81: ny (wstock2)  Sat 13 Aug 94 12:49

 buddha here, working with the rainbow family , tending fires, manning info
 centers and cooking, etc. This is crazy! way too many people. At this point
 I dont think we're doing much, except maybe giving an illusion of someone
 being in control. The attendies seem more mellow than the employees. Many
 people at camp are affraid of all hell breaking loose. People are bringing
 in beer and starting to get out of controll. It took me 7 hours to get here,
 they're saying at least 9 to get out on Sunday, If shit doesnt hit the fan,
 in which case, it may be tuesday before we get out of here. If you couldn't
 make it don't be too bummed. Its REALLY intense!

woodstock.7.82: Conceived at Woodstock? NOT! (mglito)  Sat 13 Aug 94 12:51

 Sounds like it buddha, thanks for the post!

woodstock.7.83: Tom Mandel (mandel)  Sat 13 Aug 94 12:57

 >...crazy...way too manypeople...illusion of...control...
 Hmmm...Now this is starting to sound a bit like the original!

woodstock.7.84: losefast, (winslow)  Sat 13 Aug 94 13:13

 Winslow here, tapping from the physical plane called Potrero Hill, in San
 Francisco, but moving in my 'ol spirit between a lot of places including NY
 and Maine, where the peach of my eye is on solo vacation. I'm a graphic
 designer, artist, and liver of the in-the-moment, dreamer of in-the-future.
 I just finnished working on the Millennium WHole Earth Catalog, which is an
 incredible book to be published in Oct/Nov. The collective wisdom and
 creativity that put this book together was amazing! An inspiration!

woodstock.7.85: You let me get lucky with you (virginia)  Sat 13 Aug 94 13:24

 I'm virginia (bev) and was in virginia, where I grew up, for the original
 Woodstock. It meant next to nothing to me at the time -- the counter
 culture, Vietnam protests, etc. had not permeated the insular little
 Southern world I grew up in. I started to appreciate Woodstock and what it
 meant later, after I discovered janis joplin.

woodstock.7.86: Steve Rhodes (srhodes)  Sat 13 Aug 94 14:16

 I don't know.  I could see about 20 shows for $135 when I lived in Urbana.
 I don't think Farm Aid was any more than $20.  Luckily I hear some people
 are getting in without tickets.
 on #80

woodstock.7.87: Merrill Peterson (merrill)  Sat 13 Aug 94 14:55

 I went to the first Woodstock, about 3 days early and helped set up
 the stage. Watching that thing evolve was amazing, things really started 
 to heat up, and more and more people just poured in. It was scary for a
 while as things seemed like they would get out of control and turn ugly. 
 But love saved the day.
 This one sounds like to will turn one way or another. That Rollins band 
 that was playing a while ago had pretty violent energy behind it. How 
 come the Dead aren't at this one?

woodstock.7.88: David Gans (tnf)  Sat 13 Aug 94 14:57

 The Dead are too expensive.  And their road crew doesn't work well with the
 other kids.

woodstock.7.89: Puddnhead Wilson (warfrat)  Sat 13 Aug 94 15:24

 Yea. Parish would just LOVE to be there!! {BIG wink}

woodstock.7.90: rick b. (wstock5)  Sat 13 Aug 94 15:40

 	 Hi all!! just want to leave a message here from christina, Rick and
 Keith partying way tooo hard d out here at woodstock `94.  I hope we're
 making headlines all over the nation cause we're trying hard!.  Bye
 now......  PEACE.

woodstock.7.91: John Bagby (cubensis)  Sat 13 Aug 94 16:55

 subspace downlink
 from the west coast underground with the zippies
 (zen-inspired pronoia professionals -- pronoia= the sneaking suspicion that
 others are conspiring behind your back to help you, and you them)
 I was six months old when those 500,000 sisters and brothers got back to the
 garden.  My parents taught me peace, love and the power of humor.
 The power of the late 60s/early seventies was the phenomenon of the
 underground youth culture coming overground.
 Teach your children well.  I spent time in the service, learning the lesson:
 don't give in to the dark side of the force, once down that path- the jedi
 is doomed to the hell of alienated dysfunction.
 College taught me that my original Grateful-Dead/Bob Marley lovin' paradigm
 need upgrading.
 Enter the techno shamans, circa 1990.
 Macintosh computers, Noam Chomsky, bOING bOING, the Disposable Heroes of
 Hiphoprisy taught me that this isn't Kansas anymore.
 Out of the pleasant hedonistic, pseudo-intellectual fog emerged
 a zippy.
 (or cyberhippy as some guy named rheingold wrote)
 London, England.
 The hippish "new age travellers" have forged a bond of love with the fast-
 paced, tech-smart young rave culture.  Both had been hassled by the "man".
 Those Brits have gotten pretty good at creating anti-establishment cultural
 viruses (or memes).  I realized we are they and they are we. Cross-
 pollination on a multi-cultural plane.
 Here in the interzone/cyberspace/hyperspace/net/web/matrix/gaian mind,
 things are pretty (r)evolutionary.
 A perfect medium for a new hybrid of youth culture... existing in places
 like San Francisco for many a year-- becoming more decentralized, more
 empowering... communities coming together due to common ideals, not
 geography.  a synergy of cosmic proportions is happening under our noses.
 Wipe off the lennon-specs and log in, sisters and brothers.
 Big brother is not watching you, you're watching for him.
 Commit random acts of pronoia.
 Your (and humanity's) karma will be better off.

woodstock.7.92: jt/al (wstock4)  Sat 13 Aug 94 17:22

       Speaking of the Disposable heroes of Hiphoprisy, what became of
 Spearhead, the latest release from heroes' remnants. Was it ever released?
 And why has Public enemy been postponed for so long?

woodstock.7.93: Dan & Audrey (dam)  Sat 13 Aug 94 18:00

 dan & audrey here, from Media, PA, and the comfort of our home where
 we've been tuned into the PPV all day.  Both of us were not at the
 original - dan was in LA, and audrey was not allowed to go, although
 she wanted to, because at 12 her parents thought she was too young.
 too bad ;-)
 now that i (audrey) am old enough to be there, it's just not the
 priority of the weekend...my son Josh's 10th birthday (today) is.
 he would've wanted to go if Phish were playing, but since they're
 not he opted for the area's best gaming place instead...
 looks fun, if a bit muddy ;-)   enjoying this conference quite a bit...
 we're both old wellheads from 86 & 87, and actually met and fell in
 love online, so cyber-experiencing is nothing new to us ;-)
 hope the weather holds out for you'all tomorrow!!!

woodstock.7.94: We must be in HEAVEN, man! (tnf)  Sat 13 Aug 94 18:16

 Hiya, Dan and Aud!

woodstock.7.95: Guido (wstock1)  Sat 13 Aug 94 18:31

 Well there's two of us here.. Blair, all the way from Quito, Ecuador, and
 Jamie, all the way from St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada.. so we represent
 the East and the South.. anyone want to take the North and the West for us?

woodstock.7.96: aud (dam)  Sat 13 Aug 94 19:04

 hi dave!  hey, has anybody ever told you that Rick Danko and you
 look like twins separated at birth? ;-)

woodstock.7.97: forever young (kwinb)  Sat 13 Aug 94 19:37

 Welcome to the wild and wooly world of the well. I hope you all are having a
 good time, and what did people do for tent stakes?

woodstock.7.98: Jane Gallion (chalis)  Sat 13 Aug 94 20:32

 Hi there, Woodstockers, here, there, & everywhere. I was in LA during
 Woodstock I raising children & trying to survive all my heroes being
 murdered. I saw the movie when it first came out & wept when Jimi played the
 SSB because he was making a statement of our citizenship. I love you all.
 Live forever, Woodstock!

woodstock.7.99: Ruler of the (cosmos)  Sat 13 Aug 94 20:33

 Do they taste any better than high stakes?

woodstock.7.100: gimme an "F"! (reva)  Sat 13 Aug 94 21:43

 Hey, Jane!

woodstock.7.101: selim (wstock5)  Sat 13 Aug 94 21:45

 hi! this is selim . the non-sleeping, famous coffee drinker who coordinates
 communication projects in between.It definetaly feels great to stand here
 with eggplant eyes staring at the screen, reaching out to you guys and think
 about the painful moments of the organization of the Woodstock '94 internet
 multimedia center. Yes It's me,realizing that there had to be a real
 communication network other than commercial stuff ,interviews(very 
 exclusive)backstage pass war,greedy and sticky reporters; not that I'm 
 opposed to but because of my belief in real communication. I wish I knew 
 more about computer systems but who cares comm. is comm. and it works in 
 many ways. Anyway my eggplants are getting bigger so i better go see 
 Metallica and blow my ears while you guys are sitting in your rooms. HA! HA! 

woodstock.7.102: Jane Gallion (chalis)  Sun 14 Aug 94 08:25

 Hey Reva! Small world  Gimme a "U"!

woodstock.7.103: little rick (wstock2)  Sun 14 Aug 94 08:29

 love you tammy and maybe youwill be my wife

woodstock.7.104: Catphish John (catphish)  Sun 14 Aug 94 12:00

 Hi! I'm Catphish John.  I was 5 when Woodstock happened, and was
 just discovering rock & roll then! I've had no desire to attend
 GreedStock because only 25% of the musical acts interested me,
 and dealing with 1/4 of a million people is no way to experience
 music.  I'm an 11-year Deadhead who recently turned Phisherman
 who does a computer gig and tries to live life as he knows it!:-)

woodstock.7.105: Lenny Bailes (jroe)  Sun 14 Aug 94 12:13

 Hi Jane -- glad to see that life has settled down a bit for you.
 I saw HStine awhile back, here in SFland...

woodstock.7.106: molly (wstock2)  Sun 14 Aug 94 14:27

 Hey, I"m Molly, I'm only fifteen so I wasn't at the first woodstock, but
 this one, which I thought was going to suck is absoulutly amazing!!  It's
 true that this woodstock is way too commircialized(sp.), but the bands are
 really great and everyones having a great time.  However there is a slight
 problem with the mud which is everywhere and about two feet deep.  But
 people seem to be enjoying the concert anyway.  Three more bands left!!
 Adios!!  Oh yeah- Nine Inch Nails rule the world!!! 

woodstock.7.107: Lorri Petrone (renser)  Sun 14 Aug 94 14:33

  I'm Lorri Petrone and jealous of my wild little brother who is enjoying, or
 should i say enjoyed the voices of joe cocker, csn, and weir&wasserman at
 Woodstock.   I am not envying his long haul home to York Beach, Maine

woodstock.7.108: Sagerer (wstock3)  Sun 14 Aug 94 15:03

 From this point on, My name is Bobby Score of The Score.
 I hope you all have a great time at Woodstock '94!
 Peace, Love and Rock and Roll!
 Peace out,
 Bobby Score

woodstock.7.109: Meister (wstock4)  Sun 14 Aug 94 18:18

 They call me Joe
 negative 8 yrs old for the first, 17 yrs old now
 plan to be at stock '19

woodstock.7.110: Gawain (wstock1)  Sun 14 Aug 94 18:36

 I live in kingson N.Y., And I work with Arm of the Sea Theater. We were
 supposed to have performed here this week end, But our group backed out
 because the people at Woodstock Ventures did not care weather we performed
 or not. Plus we were not getting paid to perform. So we said fuck it.
 	Arm of the Sea Theater is A touring puppet theater. We cumbined
 puppet, Mask and Dance to create an enviromental, soceily awere and
 pollitical statement which helps our audiance to recingnise what we are
 doing now in the world, and how we can change things so that the future is
 as wonderful and powerful as the now.
 	To Contact Arm of the Sea theater write or call:
 			Arm of the Sea Theater
 			Patrick Wadden
 			POB 175
 			Malden N.Y.

woodstock.7.111: newt (wstock3)  Sun 14 Aug 94 18:39

 hullo there! my name is Michelle, although i've moe recently become known as
 newt, which is a pretty long story (i'll tell you later) it's really not a
 long story, but i'm standing and mud is squishing in between my toes and i
 have things to see..hmm...oh yeah...i'm at woodstock *grin* but i'm FROM
 paramus, nj but not really...REEEEEaaaalllly i'm from colorado, or at least
 i remember that i am, or was i? this *has* been an incredible weekend i MUST
 say! well...mud...yes....MUD....and....well..the internet really fascinates
 me, so if you'd like to drop me a note write to....are you ready?
 .....ok.....newt@eden.rutgers.edu  i go to school at rutgers (douglass
 college actually....in new brunswick (in new jersey) not in trenton...in a
 basement....nevermind. ok....well....bye!
 signing off as undercover agent newt
 7:-)    that's Elvis
 i LOVE you all!!!!! (i realize i may be getting a *tad bit* emotional, so
 i'll just go)
 p.s. i love primus....i think the pit here was the greatest i've ever been
 in.....primus SUCKS! (joe says hi....he's up there somewhere....meister?
 yes....yesssss my prescious)
 p.s.s. you're using coconuts....what? ...you've got two empty halves of
 coconut, and you're banging em together...(100 different ways to give a king
 a hard time) but INDEED i think that the most proper quote for this event
 is: Denis....there's some lovely filth down here (!)
 later home skillet

woodstock.7.112: Sharon Fisher (slf)  Sun 14 Aug 94 18:51

 I live in San Francisco.  I was 9 during the original Woodstock, and lived
 at the time in Rochester.  I remember reading about it in the paper.  As it
 happens, I was in Rochester this weekend, too, and got to read about it

woodstock.7.113: meister (wstock4)  Sun 14 Aug 94 18:52

 love ya newt (michelle)--MEISTER (Joe)

woodstock.7.114: David Dalto (dd)  Sun 14 Aug 94 21:12

 Hey newt...I'm here today because my parents met at Rutger/Douglass.

woodstock.7.115: It's 123 and I don't give a damn, next stop... fall tour (hightime)  Sun 14 Aug 94 22:10

 I'm from Long Island and was too young at 9 in 69. Now at 34, with
 wife and two kids, go to Dead shows to experience the trip I missed
 the first time around. Had a fun time checking in on Woodstock 94
 and was turned on to some new bands such as Green Day and Nine
 Inch Nails. Secretly wish I was there!

woodstock.7.116: Bulgur & Wheatgrass & Windham Hill Songs (mglito)  Mon 15 Aug 94 00:13


woodstock.7.117: Paul Belserene (paulbel)  Mon 15 Aug 94 13:12

 Hi. I had my thumb stuck out in the Woodstock summer. HItchiking west, so I
 wasn't there. I was in Chicago for Gene and the police, and then later, in
 jail in California. So I don't feel like I missed it *all*

woodstock.7.118: Reid Fossey (oceana)  Mon 15 Aug 94 18:09

 This posting comes from a posting from alt.culture.zippies and alt.rave
 wherein I encouraged my fellow netters to relate their life poem. Hope you
 [For the editors editing the conference for posting on the website, I would
 like to extend the invitation to include the poem below in sound byte form.
 I do not have access to the tape at the moment, but can send in the future.
 Recorded in Santa Cruz in collaboration with the Zippies while on tour]
                         MANIFEST LIFE POEM::
 For a discussion and introduction of how this post came about, please
 refer to my previous post, Msg <  >  in the Zip in the Cruz thread of this
 Has anyone ever seen the documentary, "28 Up", a story about one
 interviewer's attempt to document the aspirations and lifestories of a
 group of British school children as they progress through life from age
 seven to age 28?  The researcher interviewed the same group of individuals
 every seven years and asked them what their dreams were, how they saw the
 world, what they wanted to accomplish, and so forth.
 It is a fascinating documentary in that one really gains a sense of the
 individual integrity of the people interviewed as well as subtle threads
 of continuity and uniqueness in each story.  Individuals who were
 interviewed building roads and miniature cities at age seven were found
 later in life to be fascinate with, and employed in, construction and
 architecture. And many of the same issues occupying young minds (like a
 need for security, a sense of wholeness, a desire to accomplish and so
 forth) were also found reflected in their interviews at later ages, in
 similar yet more evolved forms.
 This post is an attempt to create a space where a similar dialogue might
 occur, a place where like minded individuals might have the opportunity to
 explore, contemplate and broadcast their own dreams and poems about and
 for the world.
 My Manifest Life Poem (Partial):
 From an early age I think I always knew that I was on this earth to "help
 people" (whatever that means).  Even in grade school, I had these thoughts
 because I saw allot of suffering around me.  Both in terms of general
 discomfort (poverty, homelessness, hunger and so forth) as well as a lot
 of suffering that people seemed to unwittingly, or quite deliberately
 hoisted upon themselves in terms of particular neurotic trips they would
 play on themselves or others.
 For myself, I think this took the form of a particular withholding of my
 energy, of withdrawing into myself and feeling like noone really
 understood me. I had a terrible time in Junior High and High School, and
 really didn't start coming out of my shell until college or after.
 I saw that allot of the suffering I experienced seemed to come from my own
 neurotic mind, of limitations I had placed upon myself, and my withholding
 pattern of non-engagement that kept me from viewing and experiencing the
 world with more joy and energy that I knew I was capable of.
 I sought solace in reading, and in searching for an alternative that would
 provide a means of dealing with my own insecurities and neurotic thought
 patterns. I checked out a number of therapies, and a number of different
 metaphysical traditions, but while a number of them had things of value,
 most seemed to be rather dogmatic and stifling.
 I had considered pursuing a career as a psychologist, or even a career as
 an academic, in that I thought that these might be venues where I could
 put my energies to use.  I found, however, that the academic world was
 mostly a game of jumping through the proper hoops and a rather sad paper
 chase. And, while psychology offered promise, it also seemed to compromise
 a vaster perspective, pigeon-holing people into problems to be dealt with
 and complexes to be "cured".
 Through an odd set of circumstances, I found myself in Boulder, Colorado
 and became interested in Tibetan Buddhism, enrolling in a program of
 Buddhist studies. Lately, that particular tradition seems to have
 fulfilled a need for defining my participation in, and understanding of
 the world.
 I pursued an academic career in the Buddhist field for a number of years,
 but became increasingly fascinated with the potential of computers and
 technology to capture the wisdom and beauty of a living tradition that is
 in danger of fading away.
 I had the fortune to be able to explore my interest in Tibetan at Bell
 Laboratories, where I experimented with finding out how well OCR
 technology could scan and read Tibetan texts. And from this developed a
 desire to also incorporate and capture the visual and aural aspects of
 this tradition.  Lately, I have been working with a few others who have
 undertaken the task of cataloguing museum collection of Tibetan art and
 combining these image with sound in interactive multimedia. I moved to San
 Francisco about four months ago to help with this initiative, and to begin
 to further manifest a multidimensional multimedia life poem.
 For myself, I see both a need to contribute something tangible to the
 world, as well as a need to incorporate and process my own particular
 baggage, to "work on myself" so to speak. Sometimes I think that it might
 be better to just go find a cave somewhere, and really practice coming to
 terms with myself, and all the unresolved issues that seem to be put on
 the back burner, owing to the many projects and just daily bullshit I seem
 to always have before me. And yet, at the same time, I acknowledge the
 importance of doing what seems to require my attention at this time, and
 the contribution I'm hopefully capable of making.
 As for raving, I have only just become aware of the scene, and am curious
 about the many individuals who seem to gravitate around the rave scene and
 the sense of community that seems to be evolving both on-line and off-
 line.  It seems that there is an aspect of my personality that has always
 been a "raver". And in the past few years that aspect has been coming more
 to the forefront.  Even before coming to San Francisco and learning about
 the rave scene, I was hosting a number of spontaneous "parties" for
 friends (usually in celebration of their birthdays), where I would bring
 out outrageous masks, musical instruments, decorations and gifts.  And
 while there wasn't necessarily the techno music associated with raves, I
 often supplied songs of my own...
 One such song, below, was written on such an occasion back in July of
 1992.  I have modified a few of the words to celebrate Ravers and Zippies
 wherever you may be.  The tune of the song is a single verse from the
 Quaker hymn "Lord of the Dance" made popular I believe by Aaron Copland
 (serious musicologists can correct and flame me).  If you know it, you can
 sing along!
 Hope you enjoy!
        A:-D~ Raving one-shoe riff to Zippies and Ravers galore
                                          -- 7 & 21 in '94!:-D~
                  Dance, Dance, wherever you may be
                  Dance Ah Deva, Rave Zippy!:-D~
                    Join, join, A magic mandala
                    A vajra dance with Out and with In!
                  Dance, Dance, wherever you may be
                  Dance Ah Deva, Rave Zippy!:-D~
                    Sprout, sprout, wherever you may grow
                    come to Life and the Tree we know!
                    Play, play, A subtle color game
                    through Mind, Mirror, passions tame!
                    Lose, lose, A precious lonely "i"
                    lose and you win, You, boundless Sky!
                    Win, win, whatever you may prize
                    in One state, now, All's a surprise!
                    Beat, beat, A catchy little drum
                    become the Instrument and the Strummed!
                    Laugh, laugh, whatever now may be
                    wrap great Sorrow in vajra Glee!
                    See, see, the A-chen mystery
                    A dance of One and A dance of Three!
                    Fly, fly, soar Garuda wing
                    this dance Alone will make you Zing!
                    Rest, rest, in Guru out of sight
                    rest in de' Dark and in Delight!
                    Mind, mind, wherever you may roam
                    mind the Guru, Teachings, your Home!
                    Base, Base, in folded common ground
                    wondrous Wisdom beckoning Sound!
                    Road, Road, however you may bend
                    Bend us dearly to the End!
                    Fruit, Fruit, the egg's golden Goose
                    may Dharma Phala soon rip loose!
                  Dance, Dance, wherever you may be
                  Dance Ah Deva, Rave Zippy!:-D~
                    Dance, dance, wherever you may be
                    this vajra song, A , you and me...
 Time to rave "Bye Bye",

woodstock.7.119: Tom Mandel (mandel)  Mon 15 Aug 94 19:05

 I miss hinging.

woodstock.7.120: gimme an E! (kwinb)  Mon 15 Aug 94 21:55


woodstock.7.121: we (justride)  Tue 16 Aug 94 07:26

 Re: #120, I believe that the Giants SYF shirts are available
 from GDM at 1-800-CAL-DEAD.

woodstock.7.122: Don't call me Mr. Jones (dewie)  Wed 17 Aug 94 12:38

 Just wanted to let everyone know I checked briefly in at the Well at
 Woodstock, but they were not quite set up yet. It was a great idea and good
 to see that bytes are thicker than mud.  I had a different perspective on
 Woodstock than most so let me briefly relate it here since I couldn't at the
 concert.  At the last minute I decided to take my kid, Chris, after other
 plans fell through.  I wasn't going to go at all, but Chris likes music a
 lot as do I.  Some of the bands appealed to him, some to me.  So we took off
 from South Carolina for New Jersey, where we quickly boarded a bus and were
 in Woodstock without any problems whatsoever by Friday afternoon.  We walked
 in not knowing what to expect.  My first reaction was this is insane,
 especially with a kid.  Get me outta here.  But we were stuck in the place
 for 3 days because my bus deal back to NJ only left at 9AM Monday.  My kid
 saw a lot of things he probably shouldn't have seen, but we had a real good
 time.  We talked openly about sex, drugs, and the commercialization of rock
 and roll.  We got to see groups he liked (Green Day, which led to a talk
 about anarchy) and some I liked (Dylan, which led to talks about poetry).  I
 could go on, but let me sign this introduction off with a lesson I learned
 from my son.  On Sunday morning during the last rain we were sitting safely
 and warmly in our tent.  I said I'd had enough, it wasn't worth getting wet
 and muddy to see any more of this thing.  Chris looked sad.  I said ok,
 we'll go back to see the concert, but I'm warning you: It will be miserable,
 and a real drag to get back there.  "This is going to be a lesson," I said,
 "you'll see that the music is not worth it."  Well, we slid and fell 
 to get to see the concert as the mud had become pervasive.  At one point
 Chris slipped on the mud and fell in a puddle.  He had tears in his eyes.
 But he said, "We came to hear music, not sit in a tent."  As it turned out
 we had a great day.  I would have given up, but because of my kid I
 learned a lesson.  We came to see the concert and a little (actually a lot)
 of mud should not deter us.  Because of Chris' positive attitude we had a
 great time.  Once again youth triumphs.  I'm 40 and I learned that this
 world's hope still lies with the energy and enthusiasm of the young.  For
 that, more than anything else, Chris and I will always remember Woodstock

woodstock.7.123: editorial comment (green)  Wed 17 Aug 94 12:43


woodstock.7.124: gimme an "F"! (reva)  Wed 17 Aug 94 12:51

 Thanks for that wonderful post!

woodstock.7.125: We must be in HEAVEN, man! (tnf)  Wed 17 Aug 94 13:31

 Great post!  Thank you very nice!

woodstock.7.126:   (bobpage)  Wed 17 Aug 94 15:10

 I liked that !!! Thanks.

woodstock.7.127: Ruler of the (cosmos)  Wed 17 Aug 94 16:02

 Now, what's that warm fuzzy feeling doing here?
 Nice story!

woodstock.7.128: Alan Turner (arturner)  Wed 17 Aug 94 16:57

 W O W.
 Thanks for posting that story.

woodstock.7.129: well's cargo (dlee)  Wed 17 Aug 94 20:55

 Alright, dewie!  Nice tale!

woodstock.7.130: Jeff Kaliss - Journalist (jefkal)  Thu 18 Aug 94 08:31

 Though old enough to have covered the original Woodstock --- at that time I
 was writing for the radical Golden Gater at San Francisco State ---, I'm
 relatively new to the Well, so I happened in here after returning from the
 new Woodstock. I was there as a subcontractor for Apple, doing backstage
 interviews for the "digital newspaper" which some of you may have seen
 projected on the Jumbotrons beside each of the stages. Now I'll be trying to
 find some time to browse through this conference, hold on to some of the
 glow, and try to make sense of it all, though I've already written a couple
 of articles about it which I modemed back to the Marin Independent-Journal
 and the Oakland Tribune. What I've been reading here is a welcome flashback
 which may help flake off some of the dried mud. Thanks.

woodstock.7.131:    (ernie)  Thu 18 Aug 94 09:25


woodstock.7.132: well's cargo (dlee)  Thu 18 Aug 94 11:07

 Jumbotrons are giant video screens, often seen in stadiums.  There was one
 on each side of the North stage (can't recall if the south stage had them).

woodstock.7.133: gimme an E! (kwinb)  Thu 18 Aug 94 22:06


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