Woodstock Disorganization

woodstock.73: Woodstock Disorganization

woodstock.73.0: WELL Woodstock Demo #1 (wstock1)  Sun 14 Aug 94 11:28

 HEres the deal.  We parked in the red lot in Rhinebeck.  We were not allowed
 onto the bus until we handed over our prized Woodstock tickets. We got off
 the bus here, and were told (a) there were no more bracelets, and (b) we
 would not be given our tickets back because we should have never surrendered
 them un the first place. We have no proof that we should even be here. IF WE
 LANG'S #*&@%!% DOOR UNTIL I GET MINE!!!!!!!!!

woodstock.73.1: Tom Mandel (mandel)  Sun 14 Aug 94 12:18

 At least you got in...some ticket holders apparently did not.

woodstock.73.2: Bulgur & Wheatgrass & Windham Hill Songs (mglito)  Sun 14 Aug 94 13:30

 Not to mention all the ticketless who *did* get in...

woodstock.73.3: Tom Mandel (mandel)  Sun 14 Aug 94 13:38

 Well, that's no big deal...I mean you had to expect that.  After
 all, we are talking about Woodstock.

woodstock.73.4: Jeff Mueller (wstock4)  Sun 14 Aug 94 14:02

   Hey, what about the fact that the dinks who designed this place decided to
 put the misters and water stations at the top of all of the major hills on
 the main trails?  I mean come on!  Is it just me or could they have put them
 off the beaten trail and spared us the hike through the woods to avoid the
 'mud people'?  Or maybe, (hold your breath for this one) dropped some hay on
 the hills to remove the slide effect!  I know it's a leap of logic, but for
 the money they made on this you think they could've hired one person with a

woodstock.73.5: Linda Morgan (oakleaf)  Sun 14 Aug 94 14:11

 Today's NYT reports a 2-hour wait for the loo. Has it been that bad 
 consistently or did the reporter just happen to pop by the latrines 
 during rush hour? 

woodstock.73.6:   (heynow)  Sun 14 Aug 94 15:38

 Why should they have expected to surrender their tickets, Tom.
 Apparently although it is not a big deal for you it IS a big
 deal for the person who started this topic.

woodstock.73.7: Stephen Grant Perrino - The F Minor Co. (fminor)  Sun 14 Aug 94 15:55

 	hey jeff:  re your last words, they did'nt.  few in this stage of
         the 20th century understand architecture and that there is no
         escaping it.  the form of 300,000 is just like it is with 2.  it's
         all about change and communication.  I saw the models and topo's
         before they departed the firm that did them for their presentaion
         and noticed an outstanding quality of a maze for the functional and
 	logistical purposes of the expected guests.  I managed to hold on to
 	some manners and just say "mmmmm, well you havee an awfull lot of
 	work in this I guess, don't you".  It also makes me wonder who had
 	the Ky in the Town too.  Sorry.  (for the medium of the industry).
 	You too Tom.
 	Behave yourselves...

woodstock.73.8: Canis Lupus (jpettitt)  Sun 14 Aug 94 21:01

 WTF did that mean?

woodstock.73.9: Rodeo Clown (mcassidy)  Tue 16 Aug 94 20:57

 At no time did I have to wait for a porta-pottie.
 Isn't it possible that the water stations were where they were because
 the site was a farm, and that's where the irrigation systems were?
 There were only two _real_ problems I'm aware of... the parking and the fact
 that many ticketholders were not allowed in.  I heard the former was caused
 by the way in which people parked their cars (somewhat haphazardly) and that
 the latter was ordered by state police.
 I'm not going to let a few little screwups and the people who whine about
 them convince me that I had a lousy time.  Fact is I had a great time.

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